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Alpine Woodworks was founded in 2009 by master woodworker, Tom Johnson. Growing up in the foothills of Northern California – surrounded by towering trees and lush meadows full of natural beauty – Tom Anderson’s passion for working with wood began at a young age. With his dream to make something more than just furniture, he crafted his first project at the age of 19 and has never looked back since.

Tom quickly gained a reputation for building custom furniture that is both beautiful and durable. Even after ten years in business, Tom continues to design and build each piece by hand from many types of domestic hardwoods ” perfecting each piece until it meets his exacting standards. By mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, Alpine Woodworks specializes in hand-made furniture and solid surface countertops which enhance any décor in your home or commercial space.

Today, Alpine Woodworks serves customers across the continental United States while still having a presence in its hometown. The company also provides custom interior finishing carpentry work such as installing stone countertops or tile floors, replacing doors and trims, framing walls or installing trim windows or French doors. While much of the business is focused on residential construction projects, they are no strangers to light commercial operations either. In addition to their standard selection of natural wood pieces, they now offer reclaimed pieces as well as oil finishes which gives an extra touch of luxury to every piece created by Alpine Woodworks

For more than eleven years Tom has been dedicated to delivering customers exceptional quality products with quality designs steeped in local culture derived from nature that he grew up surrounded by. With years of experience mastering the craft, he’s built countless beautiful pieces that are both strong enough to stand the test of time yet remain classic in style even after years worth of use!

Quality of Craftsmanship

At Alpine Woodworks, our craftsmanship is unparalleled. Customers have lauded us for the care and precision we take when building beautiful wooden pieces that last a lifetime.

“The sun-drenched cabinets my wife ordered from Alpine Woodworks were exquisite: made of sturdy materials and with exquisite attention to detail, they formed the centerpiece of our new kitchen.” said Michael W., one of many satisfied customers with Alpine Woodworks.

Our experienced team employs time-honored techniques to make furniture and accessories that you can depend on. We take great pride in creating unique pieces that can withstand even the most demanding environments or demands for practicality.

“You could really see the care taken in constructing our custom storage unit from Alpine Woodworks, it has tremendous sturdiness without feeling too clunky or heavy” remarked Amanda L., another happy customer from Alpine Woodworks.

Every item we craft comes with a guarantee of superior craftsmanship, so you know you are getting trustworthiness and elegance that’s built to last ” now, and for years to come! Don’t take our word for it; read what thousands of customers have said about us and be assured you’re investing in furniture crafted with time tested know-how by experienced artisans who understand quality.

What Sets Alpine Woodworks Apart

At Alpine Woodworks, we believe in taking a collaborative approach to the customization of fine furniture, cabinetry, and other home décor products. Our experienced professional designers work collaboratively with each customer to create one-of-a-kind pieces that integrate perfectly into their living space. We take pride in our unique design process that is focused on an individual, hands-on approach.

Dovetails Woodworking

At the core of our custom project process is an initial conversation with each customer. This allows us to gain an understanding of your vision and preferences for the end product. We may subsequently meet with you at your property or in our studio to discuss options, materials and inspirations prior to the commencement of our design work. An extensive research phase follows which involves exploring shapes, textures and color palettes that are suited to the expected result before producing a detailed moodboard as a visual aid for further discussion of concept and styling details.

Following agreement from both parties on design elements, measurements will be taken and a set of working drawings prepared on which all details relating to dimensions, timber board sizes, construction methods etc., are noted for production. All woodworking pieces are then crafted using select sustainably sourced timbers by skilled local craftspeople using traditional joinery techniques ” no adhesives or assembly aids such as dowels or screws are employed as part of this craftsman-like construction process which means turn around times can typically be one month or less depending upon size and detail involved. The finished products are sanded smooth before being colored by hand using natural oils applied but trained handworkers who use very subtle brush strokes so as not to influence the natural beauty of each piece’s inherent grain variations.

The high quality craftsmanship delivered by Alpine Woodworks forms the basis of everything we do here while we strive to remain true to form over time maintaining the timeless character of traditional craftsmanship while adapting it where appropriate utilizing modern tools and technologies such as CNC machining where permissible within our processes

A Look at the Process

At Alpine Woodworks, we believe in utilizing a wide range of materials to craft our custom furniture pieces. From exotic woods and earth-friendly engineered wood products to alternative metals and alloys ” we strive to create pieces that stand out from the rest in terms of aesthetic appeal, quality construction and superior customer service. Each piece is carefully inspected for quality and beauty, so you can be sure your piece will last for years to come.

We have a highly specialized team who utilize their diverse skillset to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect our customers’ unique style and design choices. We pride ourselves on being able to take an idea, no matter how challenging or complex, and turn it into beautiful, durable furniture that stands the tests of time. Whether it’s a custom coffee table with intricate inlays made of several different species of wood or a set of metal shelves that seem to defy gravity with their unique shape – our hands are deftly crafting each piece with precision and loving care.

Our process begins with selecting the right material for the job; depending on factors such as durability, weather resistance or aesthetics – we make sure to match each project with an appropriate material from recycled metals like zinc and steel, sustainable woods like walnut and cherry, or composite boards made from natural fibers like jute or bamboo just to name a few. From there you enter the world of joinery where dovetail joints meet mortise & tenorto make way for uniquely shaped patterns ” the possibilities are endless! After all is joined together sanding begins before finishing off deep layers of protective runs ensuring your masterpiece withstands regular use & wear over time.

Showcasing the Results

Alpine Woodworks specializes in creating pieces that start with an aged and weathered look, but can be transformed into something truly magnificent. Every piece begins with a strict selection process to make sure the wood is sound and doesn’t require too much of a renovation. Once the right piece is found, it goes through a meticulous restoration process before finally being painted, glazed, and finished. To showcase the unique transformation that Alpine Woodworks is able to achieve, they often display before-and-after pictures of each piece on their website and in their store. This allows visitors to see how extensive work can change the exterior of an object from something worn down to something vibrant and new. These images also serve as a testament to Alpine Woodworks’ craftsmanship as customers can plainly see what has been achieved with each individual piece by comparing the before and after photos.

Learn To Woodwork

About the Artisans

Introducing the prominent artisans from Alpine Woodworks: Eric, a master carpenter with over 25 years of experience crafting exquisite furniture from one-of-a-kind hardwoods. He has a passion for creating functional works of art and prides himself on the quality of his products ” those that stand out for their craftsmanship and are built to last.

Next is Ingrid, who specializes in handcrafted woodturning and woodcarving. Her intricate designs capture the beauty found in nature, while still representing her style and tastes. From intricately carved figures to unique spinning tops and knick-knacks ” whatever she creates looks just as impressive at home as it does in a museum!

Finally, there’s Daniel, an experienced cabinetmaker who loves designing and fabricating custom furniture pieces with attention to detail, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether he is building solid hardwood cabinets or handcrafting beautiful bookshelves ” seeing a finished product made according to his vision always brings Daniel joy.

At Alpine Woodworks, these three artisans come together to create fine woodworking pieces that you will cherish forever! From full dining sets to wall units and accent pieces ” whether you’re looking for something classic or contemporary ” let their expertise guide you through obtaining your perfect piece of furniture masterpiece!


At Alpine Woodworks, we use resources solely dedicated to crafting quality furniture. All materials used are sustainably harvested and come from sources known for their excellence in forestry management. We also make sure that all of our woodworkers have been certified in the craftsmanship of creating bespoke wooden furniture.

To facilitate an efficient yet crafty process, we use the latest technologies such as CNC machines and laser cutters for precise accuracy. Additionally, when it comes time to assemble each piece, we still utilize traditional methodology and tools to ensure a quality result that stands up to rigorous inspection.

From selecting quality wood to the details of hand carving each item, every step along the way is held accountable by our skilled staff who pride themselves on delivering world-class workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to using only top-grade materials and applying techniques proven through centuries of artisan practices gives Alpine Woodworks an edge in being able to create furniture that stands out from competitors while elevating the customer’s experience as well.

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