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Armstrong Woodworks is a premier woodworking shop specializing in custom furniture, cabinets, and other interior designs. Our team of highly-skilled craftsmen is dedicated to providing our clients with superior quality products that are stylish, innovative, and made from the finest materials available. In addition to creating exquisite handcrafted items that reflect the individual needs of our clients, we also offer a stunning selection of photo galleries that feature the end results of our projects. By showcasing the beauty of our creations through images, our customers can appreciate just how attractive their own woodworking projects could look when they trust us to handle the creation process. Browse through our photo gallery and see why Armstrong Woodworks is consistently trusted for stunning custom furniture and cabinetry creations!

Show Room Spotlight

Armstrong Woodworks offers premium furniture items at competitive prices. We specialize in heirloom and contemporary pieces that are handmade by our talented artisans in the United States. Our featured piece this month is a traditional cherry-wood bookcase, designed to bring timeless sophistication to any home office.

This sleek cherry-wood bookcase features a simple design combined with a highly functional style, making it an ideal accent for any space. The bookcase is crafted from solid cherry-wood with beautiful grain details visible throughout its construction. Its top two shelves offer ample storage for books and other documents, while its bottom shelf provides additional storage or display space. The sides have beveled edges and ornate carvings that provide visual interest while enhancing its unique style”giving the overall appearance of understated elegance.

To complete the look, detailed hand carving adorns each shelf edge, with custom brass pulls affixed to each set of doors completing the furnishing’s classic look and feel. Finished in semi-gloss varnish”the perfect mix of modern and traditional techniques”armstrong woodworks’ own techniques are integrated throughout the piece’s craftsmanship. Professional installation ensures that this piece will stand the test of time in any room for years to come.

Social Media Spotlights

Armstrong Woodworks can use social media to highlight customers and their stories of how they used their services. By creating a unique hashtag that customers can use and follow, Armstrong Woodworks can curate posts from happy customers who have used their services. These posts could include reviews of their products, testimonials, photos customers have taken of the product/service, or even quick video clips from satisfied customers. In addition to this, Armstrong Woodworks can share these customer posts directly on their own social platforms or even write blog posts featuring the customer stories. By creating content that highlights customer experiences with the brand and encouraging them to share it with others, Armstrong Woodworks increases visibility for their business and helps build loyalty among their target audience.

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Behind the Scenes

Armstrong Woodworks has been crafting beautiful and hard-wearing products out of wood since the 1920s. Every product that leaves the workshop is made with love, care, and attention to detail. To give you insight into their story, we recently got to know some of the people behind Armstrong Woodworks.

Their workers are individuals with a passion for creating stunning works out of wood that last for generations. Steve, an expert carpenter at Armstrong Woodworks, says: “I love making things by hand and giving them a quality finish that will last for years. It’s like being an artist in its own way.”

Seth, another carpenter with many years of experience, explains his work with great enthusiasm: “Being able to see what I have created from something as simple as wood makes me feel proud. I take great joy from seeing my projects come together day after day! It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Nearly all the staff at Armstrong Woodworks share this sentiment and it’s reflected in the craftsmanship that goes into every piece they create. It’s clear why they are such renowned makers of wooden products worldwide – it all boils down to their team’s passion for excellence in construction and design.

DIY Projects

One project that anyone can create using materials available at Armstrong Woodworks is a pallet wine rack. To make one, you will need wood screws, wooden pallets (or any other suitable wood material), and paint or stain of your choice. First, gather the desired number of pallets to serve as the base and side pieces for your rack. If necessary, sand down the edges slightly to avoid splintering. Next, start assembling the base by attaching pieces of wood with screws three inches apart along each side and 2 inches between layers for support. Now attach the sides in the same manner as before but be sure to leave some space between them for bottle storage. Finally, add a top board for a finished look and if desired paint or stain for decoration. Your rustic-style wine rack is now complete!

Local Events & Involvement

Armstrong Woodworks is proud to be an active member of their local community and constantly seek ways to serve and give back. For instance, each year they donate handcrafted wooden furniture as donations for the town’s annual silent auction fundraiser benefitting the local food pantry. In addition, every summer, they host a family-friendly block party celebrating their customer’s success stories. At this past years event, the team members at Armstrong Woodworks displayed some of their custom creations while sharing ideas with those in attendance that can help them make the most out of their DIY experience.

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The team at Armstrong Woodworks is always looking ahead for more ways to provide value to their local community. This upcoming weekend they will be taking part in a woodworking festival that showcases the work of established and aspiring woodworkers alike. The proceeds collected from this festival will benefit community projects such as building playgrounds, regenerating parks, and beautifying public spaces so everyone can enjoy them.

Armstrong Woodworks proudly strives to build lasting relationships with people throughout their community through events like these and countless others both now and in the future. As evidenced by their donation efforts and participation in local get-togethers, Armstrong Woodworks is passionate about giving back to bring positive changes in all parts of life for those around them.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Armstrong Woodworks prides itself on its commitment to the environment. Our products are made with sustainably harvested materials whenever possible and every step in the manufacturing process has been examined and optimized for sustainability, from sourcing raw materials to delivery of a finished product. We prioritize using FSC-certified hardwood lumber that is sourced from local forests and mills, as well as green certified paints and stains. All of our production waste is recycled or repurposed into smaller items like cutting boards and turned bowls. Finally, all our furniture is built to last generations in order to reduce landfill waste. Armstrong Woodworks is dedicated to creating quality wood products with minimal impact on the environment.

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