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Beams Woodworking is a trusted, family-owned woodworking business with over 40 years of experience in producing high-quality wood products. As the leader in custom woodworking design in Northern California, Beams has a long-held reputation for providing superior craftsmanship for projects both large and small, ranging from custom furniture pieces to design elements that require intricate and exacting details. They specialize in using a variety of hardwood species and reclaimed woods to create something truly unique while providing value and quality.

Beams sets itself apart from its competitors by taking great care to select specialized woods that will best fulfill their clients’ needs while avoiding possible future issues or complications like timber debilitation due to climate conditions. Their team of talented designers considers each customer’s needs thoughtfully and takes into account their timelines, budgets, design goals, end product use, and aesthetic desires when creating a custom solution.

Working with Beams has numerous benefits compared to competitors such as being able to ensure the highest grade materials are used for each project and having several experienced professionals who are willing to provide guidance regarding styling solutions and materials options. Additionally, customers have access to some of the most talented craftsmen available on the market today who deliver outstanding work within schedule constraints – an assurance not easily found elsewhere. Finally, Beams provides an extremely competitive pricing structure across all services offered; their commitment is known far beyond their local region due to exceptional attention detail backed by uncompromising standards of excellence.


Beams Woodworking began in 1996 when father and son duo Greg and Carl Beam decided to try their hand at making small wooden carvings, furniture pieces, and sculptures. Drawing inspiration from the local forests in Western Massachusetts they set up a one-room workshop to craft these items. Their craftsmanship quickly gained recognition within the local communities and before they knew it, they had expanded into the surrounding area.

In 2003, the company opened its first store near their home in Deerfield and started selling their line of custom kitchen cabinets and furniture made with North American hardwoods such as cherry and cedars. This success allowed Beams Woodworking to expand further into Western New England where by 2008, there were over ten stores within a 500 mile radius.

By 2014, Beams Woodworking had established itself as one of the top woodworking businesses on the East Coast. The company’s success is due largely to their commitment to quality handmade products crafted using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation within their family. Today, Beams Woodworking continues to strive for excellence in design, construction, materials sourcing, production capacity and customer satisfaction.

Services Overview

Beams Woodworking provides a full range of services for custom woodworking projects. We specialize in custom-made furniture and cabinetry. Our solutions can help you bring any vision to life, from kitchen cabinets and wardrobes to home entertainment centers, shelves, desks, and more.

Our woodworking process includes several stages that we have developed over time, refined through experience and perfected through dedication to our craft. These processes involve the selection, preparation, joinery construction, finishing and delivery of your project.

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We start by selecting the best sustainably harvested hardwoods available from a variety of reliable sources who share our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources. We hand-select every piece of timber with care to ensure its impeccable strength, durability and grain pattern is suitable for your project. After it has been sawn into planks which match your desired design dimensions, we then mill the wood into versatile sections before joinery assembly begins at Beams Woodworking workshop.

At Beams Woodworking we offer furniture in different types including traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery; dovetail joints; miter joints; biscuit joinery; brass hardware; contemporary styles like shaker furniture or mid-century modern pieces; as well as reclaimed materials or synthetics where appropriate. In addition we also provide various grades of finishes in a range of sheen levels – matte or glossy – all designed to enhance the natural beauty of quality woods while protecting them against wear and tear. Finally we deliver your projects personally in order to ensure perfection is reached with each installation or delivery.

Positive Impact

Beams Woodworking’s commitment to their customers doesn’t end with the product they sell. They firmly believe in creating a positive customer experience, from start to finish. Every member of the team works hard to ensure that the customer journey is a pleasant one and that their expectations are met or exceeded.

They provide personalized service for each customer and offer assistance throughout the buying process. They understand that customers want to feel heard and respected—which is why every customer gets individual attention and their questions are answered in a timely manner. Beams Woodworking also makes sure that customers know what kind of materials they use, how their pieces are made, and answer any questions they have before making the purchase.

Beams Woodworking always puts craftsmanship first, meaning they only create top-of-the-line furniture pieces. Their artisanal methods result in high quality furniture crafted with skill and care. Every piece is designed to last while also providing an aesthetically pleasing look that fits seamlessly into its surrounding environment.

At Beams Woodworking, it’s not just about selling furniture but creating a pleasant experience for their customers and building strong relationships. Through excellent customer service, dedication to craftsmanship, use of top-grade materials, and respect for each individual customer, the team at Beams Woodworking strives to make every transaction memorable—positively impacting everyone who uses their products.

Customer Testimonials

Beams Woodworking has earned itself a strong reputation for excellent customer service and the high-quality craftsmanship of their furniture pieces. Customers have left glowing testimonials about their experiences with the company, praising everything from the friendly and helpful customer service representatives to the stunning pieces of furniture they received. One customer said that Beams Woodworking provided them with a unique piece that perfectly suited their tastes, while another commented on how quickly they were able to get the perfect piece they were looking for and how blown away they were by its quality. Customers also noted how efficient and helpful the staff was when dealing with any challenges that arose. All in all, customers had nothing but great things to say about Beams Woodworking’s products and services.

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Beams Woodworking prides itself in bringing function and beauty to every project, creating exceptional furniture and woodwork pieces that bring a simple elegance to any home. Beams Woodworking features a wide selection of bespoke furniture including sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets, armoires, bookcases and much more. Their portfolio includes pieces crafted out of different types of wood, depending on the client’s needs and tastes–from classic mahogany to modern reclaimed woods. These high-end pieces are masterfully carved with detailed attention to the minute details and fine craftsmanship. Each piece is then finished with special oils or polishes that highlight the natural beauty of the wood while protecting from weather and wear. All of these luxurious creations have been designed to last for generations and will certainly add class and style to any home.


Beams Woodworking provides a range of resources to assist with woodworking projects. These include everything from tools and tutorials, to other helpful information and resources such as wood types, project plans, and finishes.

Tools: Beams Woodworking supplies an extensive list of tools necessary for successful woodworking projects. This includes basic hand tools, such as saws and chisels, power tools like router tables and band saws, as well as more specialized tools like bench grinders.

Tutorials: There is also an assortment of video tutorials available for those just getting started in the craft or looking to perfect their current skills. Tutorials cover topics on how to use different tools safely and efficiently, joinery techniques, woodworking skill drills and safety practices.

Projects & Plans: The team at Beams Woodworking ensures that customers get the most out of they’re woodworking journey by providing project plans – free downloadable designs which contain awesome projects suited specifically to beginner or experienced skill levels.

Finishes: In addition to comprehensive information about the selection and preparation of suitable woods for any project there is plenty of advice about finishing techniques including stain application methods and varnish processes which produce professional results every time.

Concluding Remarks

Beams Woodworking is passionate about creating beautiful custom pieces that our customers will love. We take pride in providing exceptional and reliable service on every project, no matter the size. Our goal is to provide remarkable creations that our customers can enjoy for years to come. All of our projects are handcrafted with the highest-grade materials and premium finishes that no other woodworking shop can offer. From custom furniture designs to detailed trim

work and cabinetry, we guarantee top-notch craftsmanship for each piece created. Our experienced leaders value customer satisfaction above all else and make sure that everyone who works with us is provided with a one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish. A unique approach to every project allows us to consistently deliver results that exceed expectations. At Beams Woodworking, we guarantee quality with every creation: something that cannot be found elsewhere in this industry.

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