Creative Woodworking Made Easy

Here are some of my top 15 creative woodworking ideas. While they may not be the latest and greatest, they are a good place to start. And if you are looking for something to build from scratch, I highly recommend these ideas. If you are looking for more coffee table ideas, click on the links below.

This is my favorite woodworking “how to” tip – for anything, but especially toys. Toy bins can become super easy storage units for any kid’s toys and can add a lot of value to any kid’s bedroom, especially for a bedtime activity. A toy bin can also serve as a beautiful desk organizer for an adult.

Here are my top 15 woodworking ideas for tables: A beauty station, coffee table or end table, coffee table with storage, jewelry box, shoe rack or shoe cubby. A beauty station is a super easy to make and super easy to assemble item that can provide the finishing touches to a beautiful piece. You can get creative here with color, size and shape.

An interesting idea for a coffee table is to make an attractive centerpiece display. Use craft supplies to create a flower garden, add some small rocks, pebbles or stones, and use miscellaneous wooden or plastic beads to fill in any gaps. You could also purchase small containers of clay or other material to use as borders around your coffee table or to line the base. Another creative idea for a woodworking project like this would be to line the base with pebbles or small stones.

A nice addition to a bedroom is a craft table. They give you something handy to do while relaxing. If you are looking for a super easy to construct woodworking project, this is it. You can find instructions on making beauty stations from lumber, craft foam or softwood, as well as online instructions and diagrams.

Woodwork As A Hobby

My teenage son loves anything and everything “woodworking”, so I decided to give him a “craft” coffee table. To make a beautiful woodworking coffee table, all you need is a plain table that can be used to hold any number of items. I found an old coffee table at a friend’s house that was in really good shape and used some inexpensive craft foam to cover the top and sides.

Next, I attached a magnetic surface to the top of the table. This was actually my first attempt at using magnets with a craft project. I used double-sided tape to stick the magnet strip to the table and to my homemade magnetic “solar panel”. It worked!

I covered the whole “crafted” beauty station in clear marine grade glaze. This gave it a very smooth and shiny look. The other nice thing about this item was that the “solar panel” was attached to the bottom of the table with double-sided tape and was easily removed. This made it easy to move it to where I wanted to place my flower vase.

I decided to use the beauty station for one special item in my house. My daughter’s favorite color is “icanican” pink. So, for her birthday, I got her this beautiful pink piece. Using a hot glue gun, I stuck a little charm onto the top of the item. Since it was supposed to be a heart, I did a little heart design on the charm.

Then I took the little heart I made and placed it on the front of her dresser. I also covered the front of the item with clear marine grade crystal paper to protect the crystal from damage. She absolutely loves this item. It’s such a cute and sweet item.

Quality Woodworking Plans

Now, I have this gorgeous bench in my office that I bought on ebay. It’s a beautiful bamboo-style bench that sits in my office facing my window. I love that item, because it’s functional as well as a beautiful object in my home. For some reason, creative woodworking has a way of bringing out the best in me.

I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have had designing and building these beautiful objects. As I finish up one project, another will come to me. It’s amazing how creative woodworking can be! My wife is amazed at how well everything seems to flow and how quickly I can complete such a simple task. It’s really amazing to think that all of these items came from doing nothing more than a few simple wood projects. Creative woodworking has certainly proved itself thus far.

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