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Eastern Woodworks is a family-run, custom woodworking business that specializes in building unique and exquisite pieces of furniture and accessories to meet the needs of all our customers. Started in 2011 by husband-and-wife team James and Ruth Sparks, Eastern Woodworks has grown exponentially through its dedicated commitment to providing only the highest quality products with excellent craftsmanship.

Over the last eight years, Eastern Woodworks has steadily increased its presence in the market, expanding from a small, two-person operation to one with over 30 dedicated employees who specialize in many aspects of the custom woodworking process. We now offer everything from custom carpentry design services to finish work and carving for even the most intricate projects. Our capabilities also extend beyond traditional woodworking into other materials such as metal, concrete, glass and more. Our immense selection of materials allows us to create what our clients can’t find anywhere else – truly one-of-a kind pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Furthermore, we take pride in providing knowledgeable guidance throughout every step of the process so that we can ensure our customers receive precisely what they envisioned. In addition to creating timeless showpieces for our clients’ homes or businesses, we also provide educational workshops on woodworking basics geared towards children and adults alike so everyone with an interest in woodworking can learn properly utilize easy tools while also becoming well versed in safe practices.


1970: Eastern Woodworks is founded in the small town of Yatesville, Pennsylvania. A determined and skilled craftsman, Bill Henderson, decides to pursue his lifelong dream of creating beautiful works of art out of wood.

1980: After 10 successful years as a local business, Eastern Woodworks begins to expand. Bill and his son Andrew begin to explore opportunities for larger orders from customers outside their immediate area.

1990: With quickly increasing customer demand, Eastern Woodworks erects an expansive workshop where they produce highest quality wooden furniture. They use innovative craftsmanship and local hardwoods for superior results that become recognized far beyond their small town.

2000: Inspired by their success, the Henderson family further expands their workforce by adding several dedicated apprentices who help develop and deliver new product designs for a growing number of commercial clients.

2010: After four decades in operation, Eastern Woodworks earns a reputation for excellence in woodworking around the world, partnerships with renowned retails outlets being established worldwide while new members continue to join the ever-growing workforce.

Products and Services

Eastern Woodworks provides clients with unique and professional craftsmanship. They specialize in designing and creating custom pieces from the highest quality of materials, such as hardwoods, exotic woods, and metals. They offer a wide range of design services that include furniture making, joinery, finishing and coating solutions. Whether you are looking to restore classic antiques or modernize a piece with a contemporary style, Eastern Woodworks can help you achieve your desired results.

In addition to their design services, Eastern Woodworks also provides expert millwork for any project size. This includes extensive experience in manufacturing many types of cabinetry, furniture frames and accessories. The seasoned professionals at Eastern Woodworks will carefully review all the details of each project before beginning the job to ensure that you get exactly what you are seeking out.

Eastern Woodworks offers premium service throughout the entire product completion process – from initial concept development through installation of the final piece. Their designers have years of experience in crafting products that meet exact specifications while maintaining high-quality standards. Whether it is an antique restoration or industrial shelving system production, no job is too small or too large for the experts at Eastern Woodworks to handle! They even provide a 10-year warranty on all structural woodwork so that you know that your piece is sure to last years and remain as beautiful as it was when created by them they day they finished it!


Eastern Woodworks is a leader in woodworking and custom furniture construction. They are dedicated to providing quality products that exceed customer expectations. Their attention to detail is unparalleled, taking pride in producing only the highest quality of work.

At Eastern Woodworks, quality is of paramount importance. Every board is cut and fitted to the exact specifications requested by their customers. All woods are inspected for knots, bends or other imperfections before being used in production. Any material found with blemishes that are not acceptable are discarded and disposed of properly. All edge joinery used in their custom designs meets or exceeds professional standards and undergoes rigorous testing for structural integrity and soundness before being installed. The finishes applied to all projects use only the finest stains and sealers available, further enhancing the beauty of each item constructed. Customer satisfaction is always the top priority; any item lacking in quality upon inspection is replaced with an identical piece according to their no-hassle warranty policy.

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Every step taken by Eastern Woodworks ensures that their end product meets all requirements set forth by customers while maintaining an unparalleled level of craftsmanship expected from a premier woodworking firm. Nothing leaves their shop until it passes inspection and meets the most exacting standards set by themselves as well as customers’ wishes. To further ensure customer satisfaction, they provide an open line communication between themselves and clients at all stages of production allowing for changes during construction if necessary or desired, helping guarantee complete satisfaction when the final product arrives at its destination safe and sound. Eastern Woodworks takes extra steps to ensure customer satisfaction by offering limited lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects on all their products as well offering maintenance services for items that require it from time-to-time over the course of its life span.


At Eastern Woodworks, the design process starts with a consultation between the client and our team of highly experienced designer-craftsmen. During this meeting, we assess the customer’s space requirements and individual taste to create a unique vision for their interior space. We review size, style and material preferences to achieve desired results. Once the initial consultation is complete, we then begin sketching out models and drafting plans. We take into account balance, proportion, function and ergonomics at all stages of development when working on furniture designs. To ensure accurate measurements our designers also use sophisticated 3D software to construct virtual models for further analysis and perfection.

Next, detailed drawings are created for materials list generation. Following these drawings our team intentionally procures only carefully selected hardwoods from appropriate sources in order to guarantee quality products that will stand up over time. Each piece is handcrafted by one of our experienced woodworkers who work meticulously to create precise form around original specifications. After all elements of the project have been built, they undergo extensive quality control checks prior to wrapping and delivery preparation—guaranteeing full satisfaction upon arrival of product at designated location. In order to finish off each piece just right our craftsman apply premium top coats with added protective layer enduring longevity without compromising beauty or classic charm synonymous with high-end furnishings


Eastern Woodworks has been a prominent name in the woodworking industry for nearly four decades. Established in 1981, they’ve made their mark pioneering innovation and delivering unparalleled customer service. From their inception, Eastern Woodworks led the way with inventive products and solutions that set them apart from their competition. They’ve expanded over the years, developing an extensive line of custom woodworking items from entertainment centers to store fixtures and even outdoor furniture. With their commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative designs, exceptional customer services and proactive distribution channels, Eastern Woodworks continues to be a leader in providing tailored solutions for every individual or business needs.

Eastern Woodworks has created a plethora of inventive design solutions as well as crafted products from start to finish. From traditional wood construction techniques such as dovetailed joints and finger jointed frames for furniture, to modern technologies such as 3D printing for intricate parts and laser cutting for complex elements; Eastern Woodworks is consistently staying ahead of the curve when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through woodworking innovations. They have also designed furniture that requires minimal assembly time while still providing durability and longevity including custom glue-together kits allowing customers to assemble entire pieces quickly without sacrificing style or function. Moreover, they excel at designing multi-functional pieces such as desks which then convert into dining tables so that customers have more versatility out of fewer items. They also use computerized machinery capable of producing a wide range of highly detailed patterns and textures suitable for both interior decorating applications and structural reinforcement purposes. Lastly, Eastern Woodworks ensures delivery with no delays via carefully planned distribution schedule working hand-in-hand with freight carriers and manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. Customers can depend on receiving exactly what they need when they need it with minimal effort on their part ensuring that customer satisfaction always remains high.

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At Eastern Woodworks, we strive to make sure that our customers get the best possible outcomes when they come to us for woodworking services. To ensure this, our team is made up of some of the finest woodworking specialists around. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we are able to tackle any project – no matter how big or small it may be. Our on-staff custom woodworking experts can create furniture and cabinetry from scratch using the highest quality materials available. They know how to turn a vision into reality, turning dreams into breathtaking pieces that will captivate anyone who enters the room.

In addition to having custom woodworking professionals on staff, each of our team members also has their own unique experience in the field of woodworking that makes them a valuable asset to any project they embark upon. All of our specialists have worked with various hardwood species and possess both traditional and modernized techniquesto ensure that each project is completed with excellence. Their years of experience give them excellent problem solving skills in order handle any issues that may arise during the development process. Furthermore, their understanding and appreciation for fine craftsmanship allows them to tackle large scale projects whilestill creating truly stunning results.


At Eastern Woodworks, our customers are the number one priority. We value everyone’s input and opinion, which is why we love hearing people share their experiences working with us. Here are what some of our customers have to say about their experience:

1. “I had the pleasure of working with Eastern Woodworks on my kitchen renovation project. From start to finish, they were professional and knowledgeable about their products and services. The craftsmanship was impeccable and the customer service was outstanding.” – Patrick K.

2. “I recently worked with Eastern Woodworks on a custom furniture piece for my office. I was able to communicate my exact design needs to the team and together we created exactly what I envisioned it would look like! The quality of material used was top-notch and it fit perfectly in my space.” – Shawna S.

3. “Eastern Woodworks understands the needs of their clients! They walked me through every step of the process, ensuring that all of my questions were answered promptly and efficiently. Every piece of furniture they made for me was crafted with such skill that I can truly admire the results!” – Andrew T.

We are thrilled that our hard work is paying off and that so many customers leave satisfied with the outcome of their projects. It’s a testament to how passionate we are about making sure everyone who works with us has an amazing experience! Whether it’s a large-scale renovation or a small custom piece, we put in every effort to ensure nothing short of perfection!

Final Thoughts

At Eastern Woodworks, we have long been committed to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and quality within our products. We take pride in the precision and care we put into each piece we create. On top of that excellent level of dedication, Eastern Woodworks goes the extra mile by offering stellar customer service. From personal consultations with experienced craftsmen to helpful tutorials, guidance is always available.

This shared passion and commitment from both Eastern Woodworks and its customers have led to a relationship of trust that sets us apart from other woodworking companies. Our customers know that when they come to us for their woodworking needs, they can count on us for timely solutions combined with an attention to detail that is second to none. We realize this trust is one of our biggest assets and continue to strive everyday to provide excellence above all else. As such, we appreciate every opportunity given us by valued clients like you!

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