Gamaliel Woodworks

Client Stories

“Before we hired Gamaliel Woodworks to design and build our furniture, our living room felt uninviting. Our biggest challenge was combining functionality along with great aesthetics. However, the team at Gamaliel Woodworks went above and beyond our expectations and helped us create the perfect room that we could relax and gather in as a family! Not only did they create pieces that were solid, comfortable, and stylish – but also their customer service was exemplary! They always kept open communication with us for an amazing result.”

– The Smith Family

Behind the Scenes Look at the Workshop

At Gamaliel Woodworks, each piece of furniture created is a unique combination of craftsmanship, skill, and dedication. Starting with choosing the finest woods, every design is carefully considered for its aesthetics and durability. The team of craftsmen work together to provide individual attention to each piece of furniture at every stage of production.

The joinery process begins with marking and cutting the precise angles required for eased edges, dovetail corners, housing joints, and other details. Each joint is carefully examined for accuracy before proceeding to assembly. Once assembled, the grain is matched up where possible and beefy frame-and-panel construction creates a symmetrical look with precise measurements in place. The process is completed with shaping tools as needed on all exposed wood surfaces in order to create smooth curves that maintain a uniform style throughout each piece.

Finally, pieces are tested against rigorous standards in order to ensure maximum stability and robustness before finished off with multiple layers of hand-applied varnish or lacquer designed to protect the surface while maintaining an attractive glow that adds warmth and character to each design. With over 25 years experience producing custom woodworking pieces, Gamaliel Woodworks has consistently delivered unsurpassed quality items that not only last a lifetime but also become exclusive family heirlooms.

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Inspiration Gallery

Gamaliel Woodworks’ Inspiration Gallery is the perfect online destination for anyone looking for new ideas for their own projects. From glossy magazine-style photos of custom furniture and home décor to cleverly designed one-off pieces and handy DIY projects, our gallery provides readers with an inspiring range of ideas. We believe that you don’t have to be a professional woodworker or designer to create something remarkable – all it takes is a little inspiration! Our goal is to give readers the tools they need to start their own projects. Whether you’re looking for something ambitious or simple that you can undertake by yourself or ideas you can share with your friends and family, the Inspiration Gallery at Gamaliel Woodworks has something just right in store. Step inside and let yourself wander; we’re sure that a few projects later, you’ll be dreaming up your very own creations. Stay tuned for special virtual classes, tips, tours and much more!

Featured Artisans

At Gamaliel Woodworks, we are proud to feature four highly-skilled and experienced artisans who bring their own unique approach and specialties to the goods we create.

The first artisan is Bob, a seasoned woodworker who has been crafting custom furniture pieces for over 30 years. His unique style includes the use of hand-carved designs and inlays which gives each item an unmistakable character and charm. Bob also has a knack for combining traditional design aesthetic with modern functionality allowing his work to remain timeless yet completely contemporary.

Next we have Lisa, an expert joiner whose skill in furniture-making has earned her critical acclaim as one of the finest makers in the sector. Using only natural materials, she specializes in uniquely shaped pieces that blend seamlessly into any space while offering up originality — not seen anywhere else. One of her signature skills is the ability to combine contrasting woods to create stunning visual effects like no other designer can do.

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Following Lisa is Cliff whose passion for antique hardware keeps our shop ever abuzz with curiosity seekers coming to admire his work. With a wide selection of vintage fixtures ranging from knobs, pulls, and handles to both wooden and metal fittings that accentuate artwork from top designers all around the world, Cliff’s handiwork breathes life into any furniture collection.

Lastly we have Mark who believes in making every piece tell its own story through shaping and detailing poured out throughout every inch of his projects. With decades of experience under his belt he is able to detect even subtle nuances between grain patterns when selecting woods best suited for certain types of items. Each item crafted by Mark is delicately created enriched by nature’s unique touch transforming any living space into a one-of-a-kind sanctuary filled with beautiful furnishings meant to be treasured forever.

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