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Kensons Woodworks is an up-and-coming woodworking business based in the heart of the United Kingdom. Established in 2019, Kensons is quickly gaining recognition for their high quality and sustainable craftsmanship, focusing on bringing people beautifully crafted pieces of furniture built to last. Here are some benefits of why you should choose Kensons:

1) Durability – Every item that Kensons creates is designed with durability in mind, ensuring that their customers will receive products that will stand the test of time and be able to enjoy for years to come.

2) Quality Construction – All of the items created by Kensons are made from high quality materials and carefully crafted with skill and precision. This ensures that each item looks beautiful and can withstand everyday wear and tear while remaining aesthetically pleasing

3) Eco-Friendly Practices – Not only do they strive to make every product as durable as possible, but they also focus on using eco-friendly practices whenever possible, including utilizing sustainably sourced wood and non-toxic finishes.

4) Exceptional Service – Along with providing great products, they also offer exceptional customer service. From custom orders to personal consultations, they are dedicated to helping clients get exactly what they need without any hassle or stress.

5) Unique Designs – Each piece you buy from Kensons Woodworks has been carefully designed and tailored towards each individual customer’s wishes and needs, so you know you’re getting something truly unique that no one else has.

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality wooden product, made from sustainable sources with unmatched customer service then look no further than Kensons Woodworks!

History of Kensons Woodworks

1987: Kensons Woodworks is founded by Ed and Lucy Kenson in their family’s backyard. They begin offering custom furniture-making services out of their home workshop.

1995: With increasing demand, Ed and Lucy move to a dedicated storefront in the nearby city of Smithfield. This allows them to serve the local community and increase their production capabilities with the latest woodworking equipment.

2002: Recognizing continued success, the Kensingtons expand their service offerings within their store by providing woodworking classes for children and adults alike.

2005: After years of saving, Ed and Lucy purchase a plot of land for an official factory that allows them to meet the ever-growing demand for their products whilst also employing more workers.

2009: Understanding the importance of technology in business, Kensons Woodworks launch their online shop as a way to reach markets they otherwise couldn’t through traditional channels.

2012: Seeing yet another opportunity for growth, Kensons Woodworks open up showrooms throughout various neighborhoods in Smithfield to cater directly to customers in those areas.

2015: Following sustained success over 10 years, Kensingtons Woodworks is named one of the fastest-growing companies in the state.

2019: Recognizing past successes with expansion and new product lines, Kensons® debuts an exclusive line of custom furniture design called “Kensons Classics” offering unique pieces that team up classic designs with modern stylings .

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Products and Services

Kensons Woodworks is proud to offer custom woodworking solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our products range from traditional furniture pieces to unique installations. Whether you are looking for a custom-built table or decorative wall accents, Kensons Woodworks can help bring your designs to life.

Our products include:
• Tables – We offer a variety of tables including coffee tables, dining tables, console tables, side tables and more. Details of each table include measurements and material specifications along with any customization options available.
• Wall Accents & Artwork – Enhance any room with our selection of wall accent pieces designed to match any interior style. Each piece is made from high-quality woods like mahogany, pine and oak. Customization options for these items include carving, edging and paint colors to match your home or office perfectly.
• Custom Projects – Sometimes you just need something a bit different to make your space unique. For these occasions Kensons Woodworks offers a unique line of handcrafted custom woodworking projects in various shapes and sizes. Our talented team will work with you one-on-one to create the perfect piece that fits both your budget and needs perfectly!

We also offer shipping/delivery details on all our products if needed. We want our customers to know all the necessary information before making their purchasing decision so they can make an informed decision that makes sense for them!

Unique Design Process

At Kensons Woodworks, we understand that furniture must be designed thoughtfully and carefully to reflect the person using it. This is why we go through a comprehensive design process to help create bespoke pieces for each of our clients.

The first step in this process is understanding what type of furniture our customers need. Are you looking for bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, or perhaps something for the living room? We will talk with you about your desired function and aesthetic preferences, so that we can plan out a piece that works best for your space and needs.

Next, we move on to concept drawings. Using a combination of computer-aided design (CAD), skilled sketching techniques, and invaluable customer input, we develop detailed images that help visualize what your piece will look like when it’s complete. We will then revise these sketches until you are completely satisfied with the design.

After finalizing the design concept, our team of experienced woodworkers utilizes quality hardwood materials to craft each piece from scratch according to those sketches and specifications. Our talented finishers apply various finish techniques and colors to achieve a magnificent finish that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Throughout each stage of the process – from concept drawings to completion – we ensure transparency so you will feel confident in knowing exactly how your unique creation is being made as it progresses through our workshop. Once completed, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece created just for you!

Customer Experiences

Kensons Woodworks is dedicated to providing their customers with a great experience. To ensure this, they have implemented a program of video interviewing customers and sharing their stories to celebrate their successes. This allows Kensons Woodworks to get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and provide a tailored experience for each customer. Customers can share stories about their experiences with Kensons as well as information regarding any current projects they are working on. In addition, the video interviewing process provides useful feedback and insight on how the products or services that Kensons provides can be improved upon in order to create an even better customer experience. By implementing the practice of regularly interviewing customers, Kensons Woodworks is able to show appreciation for their loyal customers and help promote customer loyalty by understanding what makes each individual customer unique and special.

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Competitive Advantages

Kensons Woodworks Other Competitors

Quality of Materials High Quality Low Quality
Price Affordable Expensive
Customer Service Responsive Unresponsive
Expertise Experienced Inexperienced
Delivery Fast Slow

Giving Back to the Community

Kensons Woodworks is proud to have partnered with the local Animal Shelter in order to give back to their community. Kensons has been donating time and supplies to help the shelter build new enclosures, provide much needed housing for their residents, and help get the animals adopted into forever homes. All of the staff at Kensons take pride in being able to use their knowledge and craftsmanship to help those who are less fortunate and unable speak up for themselves. Furthermore, Kensons Woodworks recently made a large donation to fund vet bills for numerous animals that were brought into the shelter in need of medical attention. The shelter’s director was so pleased with Kensons’ unmatched generosity that she agreed to be part of a special unveiling of the newest adoptable pup’s enclosure at Kensons’ custom woodworking studio. At the unveiling, they spoke fervently about how much this gesture meant not only to them but also their entire extended family of adopters who got furry friends despite having limited financial means.


Kensons Woodworks is an independent business specializing in creating beautiful, custom wooden furniture and home décor pieces. They are passionate about the craft of woodworking and love to create one-of-a-kind items that delight their customers. To show off their work and build customer trust, they should showcase a photo gallery of all the completed projects they’ve worked on, as well as include reviews from other customers who have purchased products from them. This will not only help them win new customers but also demonstrate the quality of their work to prospective clients. Additionally, if Kensons Woodworks posts any customer photos on social media or their website featuring one of their pieces, it will further elevate both their reputation and portfolio. By taking these steps, Kensons Woodworks can effectively market themselves to potential clients and reinforce customer loyalty through showcasing the artistry behind the custom pieces they have crafted.

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