Learn Woodworking DIY by Getting Involved in Local Woodworking Organizations

    learn woodworking diy by getting involved in local woodworking organizations

    If you are a beginner and you are interested in learning about woodworking, DIY projects are the best way to do it. Why? Because by building things on your own, you can personalize the products that you make for yourself and give them unique qualities and more value. By adding the personal touch, the products become more desirable and are worth more. Plus you have more time to do what you really enjoy.

    woodworking diy

    For example, your neighbor bought a unique woodworking diy machine that he found online and thought it was great. So he decided to build his own version of it. He found several woodworking videos on YouTube that showed him step-by-step how to build a lathe with the machine and lathe seat. After he made the frame and seat, he put the wood together and attached the wheels to the frame. He also added a handle bar that he found online and attached that as well. Then, he used some decorative woodworking paper to make the stand and used nuts and bolts to attach the stand to the frame.

    Jim, your woodworker friend, decided to add a saw blade holder to his machine. After he made the stand, he attached the blade holder to it. Now he has one handy for when he wants to use his new saw. When he watched one of the woodworking videos, he saw how easy it was to make and that he should do this every time he builds something. So he took off to find the woodworking materials that he needed.

    Frank Howarth decided that he wanted to create a wooden phone case for his daughter. He went to his local hardware store but did not see anything that was to his liking. He decided to go home and do some online shopping. He discovered plans for a great wooden iPhone case on a woodworking forum.

    He purchased the materials and set to work. After only a few hours of reading through the directions, he built the phone case. He attached the case and immediately felt better about himself. He went back to his woodworking channel and shared his experience. Everyone was impressed with his level of detail and the way that he had built the iPhone case.

    What Tools Should Every Woodworker Have

    One of the men at the woodworking forum told Jimmy that he should create a channel on YouTube to show off all of his skills. He created a page in the video sharing site that showed off all of his skills. Within a day of creating it, hundreds of people began to view his videos. People were so impressed with his woodworking ability that they urged him to create a website on the site.

    Jimmy went to work and created a page called “I’m a Wood Whisperer.” It was designed as a place where woodworkers from all over the world could gather. On the site, woodworkers were able to post their photos and offer tips. Jimmy had to turn his phone into a platform so he could upload the videos, but he wanted a way for people to comment. He was able to create a YouTube channel on his woodworking website and he used it to create videos of his crafting techniques.

    On the website, he posted videos of his newest woodworking project: a woodworking cellphone stand. Within two months of creating the channel, he had built it and posted the YouTube videos. People were amazed with his craftsmanship and asked him questions about the process. Within three months, Jimmy built enough publicity that he received invitations to become the featured woodworking personality on YouTube. Today, he is one of the best known DIY stars on the site.