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Diane had been searching for a new bed for months and was starting to become frustrated with the lack of options in her local stores. Then she found Maine Woodworks, an online shop headed by a small family business in Maine. She was impressed that they had handmade beds crafted out of high-quality materials that would last a lifetime. After doing some research and reading reviews, she decided to order one of their beds. It arrived quickly and gave her bedroom a brand-new look. She loves how sturdy it is and how the natural woodgrain stands out against the walls. Plus, she loves the idea of supporting small businesses like Maine Woodworks!

Company Profile

Maine Woodworks Beds is a family-owned business based in Maine that has been making handcrafted beds and mattresses since 2007. Founded by Mike Kinsley and Carla Traver, the company began as a small woodworking studio offering just a few beds to their customers. Since then, they’ve grown into one of the leading providers of American made beds and mattresses throughout North America. They specialize in creating beautiful and durable wooden bed frames crafted from cedar, maple, oak, walnut, mahogany, pine, cherry and poplar wood. Today Maine Woodworks Beds offers a wide range of styles including traditional designs as well as modern and contemporary styles for any bedroom. The company has also won numerous awards for their products, including the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum and FIRA Gold Winner at the 2020 International Furniture Show in London. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship truly sets them apart from other bed manufacturers. The company continues to focus on providing superior quality products while keeping sustainability in mind through practices like using sustainable materials and water based non-toxic finishes. With the continued growth of ecommerce sites like Wayfair and Etsy selling handmade goods online, Maine Woodworks Beds looks forward to bringing their high-end custom furniture to more people across North America.

In-depth Analysis

Maine Woodworks Beds offer a wide range of options for any bedroom. The beds come in twin, full, queen and king sizes with the designs ranging from classic country cottage to modern and sleek. All Maine Woodworks beds are made from pristine sustainable New England timbers that are sustainably harvested using eco-friendly practices. These materials create beds that will last for generations, as well as being resistant to rot and water damage.

The beds come in a variety of shapes such as four poster, sleigh style, framed or platform. All styles have unique design elements such as the simple lines in the streamlined four poster bed or the intricate carvings on a sleigh bed. In addition to aesthetic design elements there is also an array of material options such as pine, walnut or cherry woods that can be stained in various colors to meet individual preferences.

All Maine Woodworks beds incorporate state-of-the-art technology with traditional construction methods so they are both beautiful and highly durable. They are designed to hold up to 700 lbs., making them perfect for families with multiple children or larger adults who need extra support while sleeping. For added convenience they offer mattress platforms with 6” clearance from the floor ” perfect for those warm nights without crawling into an overheated bed! Beds are available with either a box frame option which comes ready-made for easy assembly, or using their tailored construction for more specific measurements and styles; allowing customers more freedom with their exact specifications when ordering their bed.

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Maine Woodworks pays close attention to detail when crafting each bed and takes pride in its reputation for quality, craftsmanship and durability; each piece is handcrafted with love, passion and care.

Industry Comparison

Maine Woodworks Beds are the perfect combination of quality, durability, and style. Handcrafted from locally sourced wood, their beds are made with skill and care to ensure durability for years to come. Their unique design gives you a classic look that adds beauty and elegance to any room in your home. And unlike many of their competitors, all of their beds are entirely customizable – so you can choose the right size, finish, and type of wood to best suit your needs. When compared to similar competitors, Maine Woodworks Beds stand out in many ways:

Firstly, they provide superior quality materials compared to most competitors; they source wood from high quality pine forests, making sure that each bed is strong and long-lasting. Secondly, their craftsmanship is unmatched by other brands – all components are cut and assembled with precision for a professional look that stands the test of time. Thirdly, their beds are affordably priced ” offering quality and style without breaking the bank. Finally, the customer service provided by Maine Woodworks is exceptional ” clients can customize beds online or with experts in person at one of their retail locations across the US! For these reasons and more, Maine Woodworks Beds offer an unbeatable combination of longevity, style and affordability ” making them the top choice among customers everywhere!

Maintenance Tips

1. Vacuum the bed regularly to remove any dust, dirt and debris.

2. Place a mattress protector/cover on the mattress to help reduce staining and wear.

3. Make sure to flip or rotate the mattress every 3 months in order to ensure even wear and tear.

4. Check for any loose screws or pieces that should be tightened or replaced on regular basis.

5. Spot clean stained areas as soon as possible with a damp cloth and gentle soap solution.

6. Take care of spills quickly and use a damp cloth lightly moistened with club soda to clean away any carpet stains quickly; avoid using harsh chemicals which may damage the fabric material of your Maine Woodworks beds.

7. Take time to condition and treat your wooden furniture at least once a year in order to prevent scratches, UV damage, fading and wood splintering over time; oils or waxes can be used for this purpose.

Social Engagement

Maine Woodworks Beds is committed to providing quality customers with quality beds made from Maine-sourced wood. As part of this commitment, they have embraced social media and would like readers to engage with them through their various social media accounts.

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You can connect with Maine Woodworks Beds on Facebook, where they regularly post pictures of their beds and stories about the families who’ve purchased one. They also have a Twitter account where they post news about their company and interesting conversations related to bedding and sleep health. Additionally, you can find images of their products and consumer reviews on Instagram and YouTube. For those looking for more detailed information about how their products are designed, manufactured, or a deeper look into the history of the company, they maintain a blog full of relevant content. Finally, if you want quick updates right in your newsfeed or direct messaging options, you can connect with them on LinkedIn as well.

Photo Gallery

Maine Woodworks Beds are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit any bedroom décor. A perfect addition to your home, Maine Woodworks beds provide the ultimate in comfort, quality, and style. With each bed crafted from solid hardwood, you can be assured of years of beauty and durability without compromise.

The photo gallery for Maine Woodworks beds will provide readers with a visual representation of the many different styles and options available for their dream bed. Different wood stains, such as cherry, walnut, and ash, can be viewed alongside upholstered headboards available in a variety of fabrics or leathers. Each bed is designed with its own unique mattress support system that promises superior comfort and support over time. The gallery will also depict detailed close-ups of higher end features like carving styles or shaped posts that help differentiate one bed design from another. With so many choices it gives readers the opportunity to gain insight into the look and feel that they have been seeking for their perfect bedroom.

Autonomous Shopping

Maine Woodworks Beds offers autonomous shopping, which is an easy and convenient way to shop online. Through the Maine Woodworks website, customers can browse through the various options of quality-crafted wood beds and place their order with just a few clicks. There are no additional fees or charges ” customers only pay for the product they place an order for. Customers can also take advantage of free shipping to lower the cost of their purchase. Autonomous shopping is a great way to get your dream bed delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle or time-consuming process of having to go out shopping in person.

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