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Old Goat Woodworking was founded by a family of four in 2009. They were avid DIYers and had a passion for woodworking. It all started when their father decided to turn his hobby into a business and the result was Old Goat Woodworking. With great support from their mother, the family set up shop in Portland, Oregon.

Since its inception, Old Goat Woodworking has been dedicated to providing quality wooden furniture at competitive prices. In addition, they take pride in creating one-of-a-kind custom pieces that are sculpted with care and craftsmanship. The company has crafted furniture for residential homes, businesses, and even resorts around the world!

The company’s success can be attributed to their commitment to excellence in every facet of production. They use only sustainably sourced wood in all of their products which ensures the longevity of their furniture and allows them to produce high quality pieces with unsurpassed beauty. Each item is carefully inspected and finished with precision before making it out of the door to ensure that it meets their standards for quality.

Not only do they craft beautiful furniture but also strive to be good stewards of the environment. They focus on reducing waste from lumber mills through proper disposal practices such as recycling scraps into usable materials or donating them back into local forests for wildlife habitat improvements . Furthermore, they use low-VOC finishes that have less impact on the environment than traditional finishes do .

Old Goat Woodworking has gained national recognition over time and continues to be a leader in quality handmade wooden furniture today! From their humble beginnings as a family of four to an award winning business , Old Goat Woodworking has come a long way in providing individuals with elegant finds that last many lifetimes!

The Crafting Process

Old Goat Woodworking is a small, family-owned business situated in the heart of rural Ontario, Canada. It was formed to honour the art of traditional craftsmanship and offer clients a range of one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes or businesses. Each creation is carefully crafted by hand using only the finest raw materials available.

Old Goat Woodworking primarily uses hardwoods from local forests and other unique materials that are not commonly found in woodworking projects such as stone, metal components and repurposed furniture accents. For example, clients may have their piece topped with a naturally shaped granite slab or feature metal accents made out of locally sourced materials.

The team at Old Goat Woodworking prides itself on its creative approach to woodworking while keeping true to the trade’s classic values such as precision and attention to detail. To ensure optimal quality all pieces are finished with an environmentally friendly oil blend applied by hand repeatedly until the piece achieves its desired finish. This slow but intentional process is what gives Old Goats’ works their lustrous patina and lasting impression. What makes Old Goats work stand out even more is that every surface effect was achieved using natural softwares and chisels without any fancy machinery; just plain old fashioned elbow grease!

Custom Creations

Old Goat Woodworking provides an exciting opportunity for customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces with hands-on guidance and expertise. For those looking to customize their woodworking project with unique touches and personal input, Old Goat Woodworking offers a wide range of services that empower customers to work alongside the shop in creating custom wooden items. Working on projects such as custom furniture or adding decorative trim or inlay designs to existing pieces, Old Goat Woodworking can help get the job done, while giving the customer a voice in the decision-making process. With years of experience and a high level of craftsmanship, Old Goat Woodworking proudly showcases how customers can be involved in achieving the perfect piece for their home or workplace. From helping select what kind of wood to use for a certain project, to developing one-of-a-kind handles for drawers, Old Goat Woodworking is committed to making sure that each customer’s creative vision comes through in their final product. No matter the project size or complexity, Old Goat Woodworking provides open communication about what is possible and is willing to go the extra mile until complete satisfaction is reached.

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Artistic Vision

Old Goat Woodworking is a small custom furniture business, created by a team of highly skilled artisans dedicated to creating unique and incredible pieces of furniture that bring beauty and comfort to any home. Their creations are exquisite masterpieces crafted from the finest materials sourced locally, and built with the utmost attention to detail that is visible in every product. Each piece of Old Goat Woodworking is a true original – hand-assembled with the highest quality craftsmanship that can only be found in small-scale fabrication.

The commitment to craftsmanship displayed by the team at Old Goat Woodworking is nothing short of outstanding, with elaborate designs and stunning finishes that enhance each piece’s beauty as well as its versatility. From beds and nightstands to tables and chairs, each item reflects their dedication to honoring the traditional wood working practices while pushing the boundaries of modern furniture design. The touch of an Old Goat artisan can be seen in every aspect of their craft, from the selection of fine hardwoods used in construction, to the intricacy of its joinery or finishing techniques–each element coming together to create a piece that radiates warmth and pride throughout your home.

Not only do they strive for excellence in terms of aesthetic appeal but also stand behind promoting sustainability within their work. They use timbers harvested responsibly from managed forests where re-planting happens for future generations to enjoy whilst still appreciating unique characteristics from hardwood collecting such as colour shifts & natural imperfections. This creates an individual one-of-a kind product each & every time showing their sincerity in their values for both tasteful interior design & environmental consciousnesses – pioneering an entirely new standard in fine custom furniture making today.

Varying Styles

Old Goat Woodworking offers a vast selection of varying styles in order to meet each customer’s individual need. From traditional and classic, to more modern and bold designs — Old Goat Woodworking has something for everyone. Customers may choose from handcrafted pieces that have been carefully assembled from rough-sawn wood, or opt for a pre-fabricated option that are just waiting to be painted and decorated. Additionally, Old Goat Woodworking offers stunning and eye-catching finishes such as high gloss varnishes, diatomaceous earth glazes, and distressed paint finishes which can be used to add character and beauty to any project. Furthermore, these unique materials can help create an entirely new look or simply enhance an existing one. From furniture to decorative items or house accents — let Old Goat Woodworking help you design just the right piece that suits all of your needs!

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Attention to Detail

Old Goat Woodworking is renowned for paying great attention to detail in every piece of furniture manufactured. Every piece is crafted with loving care by experienced artisans and is designed to bring both beauty and accuracy to its customers’ homes. Each creation starts with the selection of high-quality lumber in either a walnut, maple, cherry, or mahogany finish. After being hand sanded and expertly stained in a perfect hue and tone, each component is delicately joined together with stainless steel hardware. The final product looks, feels, and smells as if it had been crafted centuries ago.

The attention to detail doesn’t stop there though; Old Goat Woodworking also makes sure that all pieces are created with an eye towards durability and function as well as aesthetics. Mortise-and-tenon joints are used throughout the designing process to ensure strength and structural stability while dovetails offer dramatic visual effects without compromising the piece’s solidity. Finishing touches like French polishing add finesse to any project while multiple layers of epoxy seal the beautiful wood grain for longer use. Finally, each finished piece goes through extensive quality control testing to guarantee absolute perfection before it leaves the shop floor. It’s this unremitting devotion that sets Old Goat Woodworking apart from other furniture makers.

National Presence

Old Goat Woodworking has cultivated a strong national presence over the years. Through their creative and reliable woodworking, they have earned the respect of customers all over the United States who seek quality craftsmanship for their remodeling needs. They have optimized their online presence to effectively showcase and provide access to both products and services for customers nationwide. With production facilities located in seven U.S. states including California, New York, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Michigan, Old Goat Woodworking is able to reach nearly every region of the US with limited shipping timeframes. Thanks to strategically placed warehouses across the country, supplies are always readily available for large scale projects which require quick fulfillment times. Furthermore, Old Goat Woodworking employs hundreds of experienced craftspeople around the United States to ensure that orders large and small can be delivered in excellent condition with extraordinary quality built into every piece.


Old Goat Woodworking provides exceptional, one of a kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Every piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring high quality and strong durability. Whether you’re in search of an heirloom-quality dining room set, custom shelving to spruce up a living room wall, or whimsical woodwork for your porch or garden, Old Goat Woodworking has something for every taste and style. Not only are their creations truly breathtaking, but you can also rest assured knowing that every piece is affordably priced and quickly delivered right to your front door. With such stunning pieces at reasonable prices, there’s no doubt that Old Goat Woodworking is the clear choice for quality furniture and signature pieces.

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