Olivers Woodworking Marion Nc

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Mr. Smith wanted to build a unique bookshelf for his home office and turned to Olivers Woodworking for help. After consulting with a team of experienced professionals, Mr. Smith chose the perfect design that not only met his needs but also fit into his pre-established budget. The finished product was crafted from top-quality hardwood and crafted in their shop according to custom specifications. Mr. Smith was extremely pleased with the final result and still has the book shelf proudly displayed in his home office today.

Case Study 2:
Mrs. Bordon needed a small table made for her sunroom in order to create a space for entertaining friends and family occasions. She contacted Olivers Woodworking who expressed an interest in giving her exactly what she desired. Mrs. Bordon took part of the creative process by selecting the wood type and stain which fit perfectly with her decorating style while also providing enough room as desired to accommodate four people comfortably. The customized small table came out better than expected, allowing her friends and family plenty of space during get togethers without feeling cluttered or overcrowded in this special area of her home.

Before & After Images

Olivers Woodworking in Marion, NC is an experienced and reliable business that provides high quality woodworking products for all types of projects. Their products come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your individual needs. In addition to offering quality woodworking supplies, Olivers Woodworking also offers before and after images showcasing their work. This helps to give prospective customers a clear idea of the final look and feel that they can expect when using Olivers’ Woodworking products. Each before and after image displays a transformation process, showing how the project started off as bare wood, then gradually came together with each piece of equipment used throughout the process. Oliver’s Woodworking puts customer satisfaction at the forefront of their services, so by providing these types of visuals you can be confident in knowing that your project will be taken care of with expert craftsmanship when it’s completed.

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Customer Reviews

Oliver’s Woodworking in Marion, North Carolina has consistently received glowing reviews from customers. Through a combination of expert craftsmanship, commitment to customer service, and a wide selection of colors and styles, customers are consistently impressed with the high quality of workmanship that Oliver’s Woodworking provides. Online reviews of Oliver’s Woodworking emphasizes their passion for creating visually stunning pieces while maintaining a reasonable turnaround time. Customers applaud Oliver’s professionalism, noting that they are always available to answer questions promptly and respond quickly to messages or inquiries. People also rave about how accommodating and hardworking the staff is ” no matter the size or complexity of the project, Oliver’s Woodworking can help customers create the perfect piece they have envisioned. In addition to incredible customer experience, online reviews highlight how reasonable the rates are at Oliver’s Woodworking – both prices and turnaround times are found to be reasonable in comparison with similar shops and projects of greater complexity don’t require an unfeasible extra fee added on top.

Team & Staff

At Olivers Woodworking, we believe that every customer deserves the highest level of quality and service. That’s why we are proud to have assembled a staff of true craftsmen and experts in their fields. Our team is comprised of individuals who have an undeniable passion for woodworking, combined with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that each product crafted by Olivers Woodworking is done right the first time.

Our highly-skilled team has countless years of experience between them, spanning a variety of traditional and modern techniques. As each job presents its own unique set of challenges, they can draw upon their invaluable expertise to provide our customers with consistently outstanding results.

This same level of expertise extends beyond our physical workshop. Our professional staff offer honest advice on what projects best fit our customers’ needs and budgets as well as providing timely feedback so that any modifications or changes throughout the project can be taken care of without delays. All in all, our team is dedicated not only to creating exquisite pieces but also to fostering blooming customer relationships through individualized attention and excellent customer service from start to finish.

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Product Listings

Olivers Woodworking of Marion, North Carolina is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in custom woodworking projects. Established in 1995, the shop has been providing quality craftsmanship to its customers for over 25 years. With decades of experience combined with advanced machinery and technology, Olivers Woodworking can help you create unique pieces for your home or office.

The shop offers an extensive product listing including furniture pieces such as coffee tables, dining tables and chairs; beds, desks, bookcases and entertainment units; display and storage cabinets; shelving units; countertops and more. The orders are completed with utmost precision and care to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product. Olvers Woodworking also provides special services such as furniture repair, refinishing/repurposing work, staining/varnishing services, sanding/scaling services and more. They refuse no challenge when it comes to customer satisfaction. With their convenient online store, you can even order your desired item on the fly.


Oliver’s Woodworking in Marion, NC offers a wealth of resources for woodworking professionals. They have tools guides available to assist users with making the most out of any project. Safety tips and tricks are also provided to ensure maximum safety when using saws, drills, or other tools common in a woodshop. Their website posts step-by-step instructions for various projects and materials lists for customers who wish to shop for their own products. Regular store specials are advertised each month as well as instructional videos which can be accessed directly via YouTube. For those interested in workshops, classes and seminars are offered periodically throughout the year.

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