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Rl Trotter Woodworking is a renowned furniture maker that has been operating in the same family since 1836. Since its inception, the company has carried out a legacy of producing quality furniture that is both sturdy and beautiful. Rl Trotter Woodworking combines traditional techniques with modern technology to create pieces that are highly sought after by interior designers, architects, and private homeowners alike.

The craftsmanship of Rl Trotter Woodworking focusses on precision, attention to detail and a deep understanding of wood materials. The craftsmen who work for the company use their skills to create unique pieces that are tailored to each customer’s specifications. In addition to custom designing of individual pieces for clients, Rl Trotter also offer collections of larger, coordinated sets ” perfect for an entire house transformation or update. The company prides itself on only using top-quality hardwoods grown in sustainable forests which makes them a leader in environmentally responsible woodworking practices.

Rl Trotter’s legacy extends beyond its furniture products: they have long been admired as one of the country’s leading experts in restoration work and have completed some large-scale projects such as historical renovations and large-scale public installations. Their commitment to fulfilling their customers’ desires is unparalleled; meaning that all projects ” no matter how small or ambitious ” are treated with the utmost care and attention. All of these elements combined make Rl Trotter Woodworking a leader in high-end furniture design and equal parts artistry and craftsmanship ” creating timeless pieces that any home can be proud to own.

A Fascinating History

Rl Trotter Woodworking has an intriguing history. Founded as a small craftsman shop in 1900, the company quickly became renowned and respected in the local community for its outstanding craftsmanship. With a steady stream of orders and consistent quality, the business started to expand rapidly.

In order to meet the growing demand for their products, Rl Trotter Woodworking moved into larger premises with more space for production. This move allowed them to invest in new machinery and personnel so that they could craft even more detailed and intricate pieces of furniture from different types of wood. As their reputation grew, so did their output in both quantity and variety ” from occasional tables, chairs and chests of drawers to more elaborate pieces such as bookcases, China cabinets and grand hallway armoires ” Rl Trotter Woodworking was becoming a formidable presence in the woodworking industry.

As the years went on, Rl Trotter Woodworking continued to take on new projects with an ever-expanding team of talented cabinet makers producing customized pieces that were truly works of art. Many customers would come to them with specific requirements, making all sorts of requests – from selected woods to intricate designs – which Rl Trotter Woodworking delivered perfectly every time, resulting in glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

Today, Rl Trotter Woodworking is still creating bespoke items crafted by its same team of experts who are now heirs of a long tradition dating back many generations. Their commitment to excellence takes pride-of-place alongside any piece leaving their workshop – ensuring each item is as beautiful and unique as it was when first dreamed up by its customer many years ago.

Cutting-Edge Service

Rl Trotter Woodworking has become a leader in the woodworking industry due to their cutting-edge services. They offer clients innovative designs, custom installations and repair services. They understand customer service is key and work diligently to exceed expectations with every job they undertake. Their commitment to creating high-quality products and services make them stand out in the industry.

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Each Rl Trotter Woodworking professional takes great pride in bringing clients’ dreams to life by providing top quality craftsmanship. They use the latest materials, tools, and technology available giving each customer a personalized experience tailored to their exact specifications. The team works with clientele every step of the way from concept design through installation, this ensures that all projects embody quality craftsmanship and timeless beauty from start to finish. Their attention detail and dedication create results that are beautiful, unique and sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

Moreover, Rl Trotter Woodworking provides ongoing support for all of their jobs after installation is complete. They offer training sessions which ensure customers feel confident about caring for and maintaining their projects for years to come. Additionally, if any repairs or maintenance is ever needed then customers can rest assured knowing they have access to expert guidance from trained professionals who put our customers satisfaction as their top priority!

Showcase of the Work

Rl Trotter Woodworking is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of San Francisco, California. Founded in 2010 by Ryan and Leslie Trotter, the company specializes in custom furnishings and interiors for both residential and commercial spaces. The Rl Trotter mission is to create special pieces that exceed their customers’ expectations for aesthetics and function.

They have produced luxurious furniture for high-end boutique hotels, as well as custom dining pieces for private homes. Their exquisite collection of furniture includes cabinets, chairs, tables, media centers, bookcases, desks, armoires and more. They work with carefully selected hardwoods such as black walnut and cherry to bring warmth to every space they design.

Rl Trotter also offers interior design services to help create a balance between form and function within a space. Combining classic styling with modern elements, their designs will transform any room into an inviting atmosphere. They offer a complete range of interior design services tailored for individual tastes including window treatments, flooring installation, artwork selection and lighting consultation. From a single room update to an entire home renovation ” Rl Trotter experts deliver comprehensive solutions that respond to individual style objectives ensuring elegance without compromise.

The team ensures quality control from start to finish ” from attentive concept development through detailed implementation and project management until custom furnishings are delivered onsite ” resulting in products of impeccable quality at all times regardless of scale or complexity catering to all budgets.

Community Pride

Rl Trotter Woodworking is a proud member of the local economy. They are a family-owned business, and believe strongly in giving back to their community. They create powerful relationships with their customers by providing quality crafted and handcrafted furniture, using eco-friendly materials that help sustain our environment. Every piece they create is individually made with care and attention to detail, taking into account the customer’s preferences in every step of the process.

Rl Trotter Woodworking has a strong focus on supporting the local economy by keeping jobs and resources in their community. They only use locally sourced wood from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that all of the materials used to craft their furniture were produced within a 200-mile radius of the small business. This helps stimulate economic activity and provides economic opportunities for other small businesses in the area.

In addition to supporting the local economy directly through sourcing materials and creating job opportunities, Rl Trotter Woodworking also offers ways for customers to contribute to their community as well. Customers can purchase custom pieces with proceeds going towards local charities or support community projects that benefit those in need. Rl Trotter Woodworking also donates furniture to different charitable organizations throughout their region and will work with organizations to provide them with any kind of specialized furniture they may need. Through this work, they hope to make sure that everyone within the community receives benefits from their contributions and have an opportunity for growth and development.

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The Future of Rl Trotter Woodworking

At Rl Trotter Woodworking, we are dedicated to crafting the finest handcrafted furniture pieces. Founded over 25 years ago, our family-run furniture studio has grown from just one craftsman to an entire team of innovative artisans and managers. We have a commitment to quality, comfort, and beauty that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our current success has paved the way for us to consider expanding our business even further. In order to get ready for this momentous occasion, we are in the process of reassessing our operations and putting into place processes that will help us achieve greater efficiency and growth. We have invested in new technology and increased training for staff members to give them better tools for their craftsmanship. Additionally, we are exploring ways to increase accessibility with our customers by introducing more custom options and diversifying our collection offerings.

In the future, we plan on broadening our reach by expanding into new markets and offering products to global customers. We are dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service experience while continuing to bring innovative designs and build quality pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. Delivering excellent customer service will be key as we work towards building lasting relationships with loyal clients worldwide while growing Rl Trotter Woodworking into a long-lasting business that can stand out amongst an ever-competitive industry.


Rl Trotter Woodworking has become a leader in the woodworking industry through its commitment to craftsmanship and excellence. For more than 30 years, the business has built a solid reputation for creating unique and beautiful wooden products with an attention to detail and quality not found elsewhere. Its dedication to upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship allow works of art to be created that are “handcrafted, one-of-a-kind” pieces with lasting value. Each product is made with an eye towards classic style, functionality, and durability so that it will stand up over time. As such, Rl Trotter Woodworking is committed to continuing its tradition of honoring the art and science of high-quality craftsmanship by using only the best tools and materials available today. The company’s commitment to providing top-notch customer service is also reflected in their affordable prices which give clients access to exceptional workmanship at any budget level. Through these practices, Rl Trotter Woodworking’s legacy will live on even as new generations enjoy their exquisite products for years to come.

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