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Introduction to Sauder Woodworking Hr

Sauder Woodworking is a leading North American manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture and wood products. Since 1934, the company has been driven to produce well-crafted, quality products that are “made with integrity” and enables customers to “Create something beautiful” in their homes. With a commitment to excellence, Sauder creates multi-generational furniture collections in styles ranging from traditional to modern, offering style, function and affordability.

At Sauder Woodworking, our mission is to provide products that exceed customer expectations through innovation, impeccable craftsmanship, reliable service and value that’s second to none. Our values are rooted in honesty and integrity while recognizing the beliefs and importance of family heritage. We believe that an exceptional customer experience starts from the moment employees engage with them and continues throughout their journey as a valued partner.

We strive for sustainability throughout all of our operations by continually implementing green practices into our production processes including energy conservation systems; water recycling programs; natural resource management; paper usage reduction and pollution prevention measures which further our commitment online firstly towards supporting a healthy environment.

Ultimately we strive to create beautiful living spaces that honor individuality”spaces through which people can find comfort in their home life no matter where it may lead them.

A Brief History of Sauder Woodworking Hr

Sauder Woodworking Co. was founded in 1934 by Erie Sauder and his two sons, Eldon and Ervin. From their humble beginnings in Archbold, Ohio, they began making small wooden possessions such as sleds and toolboxes in a one-car garage. In 1944 the company’s first catalog was released introducing craftsmanship quality products like bedroom furniture, bookcases and other living room furniture.

The 1950s were marked by an expansion of its manufacturing prowess with the introduction of advanced machinery that allowed the company to quickly produce larger quantity orders while maintaining quality. Over the next decade Sauder Furniture continued to grow its distribution range, being sold in major retail stores across the United States. In 1964, Mel Thiessen was appointed President of Sauder Woodworking Co., ushering in an era of unprecedented growth whereby production leapt from 3800 pieces per week to 21000 within a few years time due to massive capital injections for automated machinery and imported woodwork technologies from Europe and Asia.

Throughout 1980s and 90s Harvey Hillmer took over as President until he retired in 2003 after 50 years with Sauder Woodworking Co., at which point Christian Yoder’s tenured of 35 plus years saw him become CEO bringing further international expansion outside North America with business deals secured in Japan, South Korea and China now making up a considerable portion of the company’s total income. To date Sauder Woodworking Co is entirely family-owned spanning four generations with headquarters still based out of Archbold, Ohio ” where it all began!

The Art and Craftsmanship of Woodworking at Sauder Woodworking Hr

Sauder Woodworking Hr is one of the premiere woodworking companies in the world. The craftsmanship put into its products is something to be admired and desired. From furniture pieces to case goods, every piece is crafted with great precision and unparalleled care. It takes a special type of skill to be a great woodworker, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Sauder Woodworking Hr.

At Sauder Woodworking Hr, all the projects are designed and fabricated by a team of experienced specialists, who have many years of combined experience in their craft. Each sawyer, lathe operator and joiner has mastered their trade through extensive practice and dedication to the art of woodcraft. The team works together with an immense level of skill, meticulous attention to detail and pride in their work. Any imperfections are quickly recognized and corrected without delay – for every single product manufactured meets an exacting standard for quality assurance before being shipped off to customers worldwide.

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This high level of expertise allows for projects such as custom bedroom sets, dining tables, and bookcases to be created with near perfection. Various techniques including mortise & tenon joints; dovetailing; laminating; steam bending; turnings; resawing; planing and much more enable unique designs that reflect the highest level of detail possible in each individual piece. This commitment to excellence isn’t limited to finished products either – they continue down to every last nail or screw used along the way!

The experts at Sauder Woodworking Hr promise quality craftsmanship on each piece no matter how small or large it may be ” because at this company there’s only one attitude when it comes down creating beautiful woodwork pieces: Do it right!

The Unique Sauder Woodworking Hr Products

Sauder Woodworking is one of the largest manufacturers of ready-to-assemble furniture in North America. The company derives its name from the founder, Edward Sauder, who started making wooden furniture pieces in 1934. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading international furniture maker and trusted source for outstanding manufacturing quality and innovative design solutions.

One of their most noteworthy product lines is their Home & Office Collection. Their Home & Office Collection features an array of desks, hutches, bookcases, and more that stand out for their unique design and material selection. These modern pieces are crafted with a mix of walnut, cherry, or oak veneers that provide a classic feel alongside contemporary accents such as brushed metal hardware; tempered glass components; and engineered wood surfaces with richly stained finishes. Many of these pieces also have built-in storage options like drawers and cabinets to accommodate all your needs ” be it for working from home or storing your favourite items.

The company also offers StudioEdge Furnishings which are designed specifically for today’s home office environment — offering creative modular designs that can be used to customize your office space according to your tastes. At Sauder Woodworking they understand the importance of staying up to date with evolving styles while also making sure their product line stays within budget. To meet this goal they offer many items at competitive prices that feature modern designs fused with premium craftsmanship to ensure enduring satisfaction. With studioedge you can easily customize your workspace both physically and aesthetically allowing you to create not just a desk but a personalized expression off yourself through thoughtful design choices.

Sauder Woodworking Hr Cutting-Edge Technology

At Sauder Woodworking, we are proud to boast of having world-class cutting-edge technology. This technology allows us to create innovative, high quality pieces that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our team of industry professionals use state-of-the-art woodworking equipment and processes to manufacture exceptional furniture pieces ranging from bedroom sets to entertainment centers. Our machines use the latest computer numerical control (CNC) technology which enables us to automate complex procedures and guarantee precision accuracy during production. We also utilize 3D scanning and printing technologies which allow us to visualize product design concepts with greater detail than ever before. Moreover, we strive for efficiency with our automated machinery giving us fast production flow times and fewer errors during assembly processes. The software included in our systems simplify the designing process by providing efficient templates and easy customization options as well as minimize labor costs by automating redundant tasks when applicable. Meanwhile, our robotics and automation solutions allow us to further increase productivity while ensuring quality workmanship in each finished product. These cutting edge technologies have led Sauder Woodworking HR to become a leader in the global furniture market with unparalleled attention to quality construction, trendsetting designs, and superior customer service standards.

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Worker Experiences at Sauder Woodworking Hr

Sauder Woodworking is a company committed to delivering quality products and services with some of the most talented workers in the industry. The work environment at Sauder Woodworking encourages collaboration, innovation, and growth. Employees have the opportunity to hone their skills and become highly trained professionals that produce amazing products that make their customers proud.

The company is committed to creating a workplace culture where employees are empowered to be creative, take initiative, and think critically about issues. Employees experience an atmosphere of respect and open communication with their manager and colleagues. They work as part of a team and can rely on support when needed.

At Sauder Woodworking Human Resources department provides employee training resources, including access to online seminars, webinars, and workshops. Additionally, employees may participate in leadership development programs or mentoring events provided by the company. In addition to these opportunities for professional growth, the company offers competitive salaries, benefits packages including health care coverage, flexible scheduling options and generous vacation time ” all reflecting its commitment to its worker’s happiness and success.

Employees are also encouraged to stay engaged through social activities such as monthly happy hours or volunteerism within their local community which fosters positive connections outside of work relationships among colleagues. With frequent recognition awards given for outstanding contributions or achievements it shows how much Sauder Woodworking values its workers and how important they are to the success of the business.

Customer Service and Satisfaction at Sauder Woodworking Hr

Sauder Woodworking HR is known for providing superior customer service and satisfaction. The company ensures its customers receive the best experience possible with every purchase they make. For starters, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on all products, so customers can be certain that their investment is secure. This policy also allows customers to return any pieces not suited to their home decor or lifestyle, without any hard feelings. Not only do they offer a wide selection of woodworking furniture, but they also provide design services as well. With this service, customers can turn their vision into reality by working alongside Sauder Woodworking HR’s experts and craftsmen; allowing them to have one-on-one guidance through the process every step of the way. What truly sets Sauder Woodworking HR apart from other companies is their commitment to fair trade practices. Its respect for sustainability and ethics has attracted customers from around the world looking for quality solid wood furniture in the most ethically sourced manner possible – something that cannot always be said about other big brands in the industry today.


Sauder Woodworking Hr is an excellent choice for those looking for quality woodworking projects. The company has a long-standing tradition of excellence in craftsmanship, and they use cutting-edge technology to provide their customers with the best products and services. Their attention to detail and customer service stands out, providing customers with everything they need for high-quality woodworking projects. They offer a wide range of woodworking materials and tools, along with helpful tips on how to create the perfect piece. Whether you’re looking for simple finishes or intricate designs and carvings, Sauder Woodworking Hr will help make your dream project a reality. For quality woodworking projects that are sure to impress, Sauder Woodworking Hr should be at the top of your list!

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