Teds Woodworking Complaints

Introduction to Teds Woodworking

Teds Woodworking is a company that offers customers various woodworking products and plans. The company was founded by Ted McGrath in 2006 and has become one of the most popular go-to websites for woodworkers around the world. Teds Woodworking offers over 16,000 plans and projects for all levels of experience, from novice to experts, including detailed instructions on how to build them. They also provide helpful tips and articles with advice on the best tools to use when working with wood, as well as tutorials on how to get the most out of your materials. The website also has an extensive library of videos showing expert craftspeople demonstrate their techniques, helping you develop confidence in your projects. On top of this, customer service is available 24/7 via email or phone if anyone needs help or advice when building their project. Unfortunately, there have been some complaints about Teds Woodworking such as slow customer service in responding to customer inquiries and discrepancies between what is advertised and what customers are actually receiving.

Why Choose Teds Woodworking

Teds Woodworking is a well-reputed company in the woodworking industry. Their products are of high quality and believe in providing customers with reliable service and support. They are committed to helping customers find the best possible designs for their projects. With Teds Woodworking’s extensive collection of detailed plans, projects can be completed with confidence and ease. There’s also an online help desk which can provide guidance and assistance if needed during the project. Additionally, with their large selection of woodworking supplies, customers are sure to be able to find everything they need for any job.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, using Teds Woodworking has several distinct advantages over working with other companies. For one thing, Teds Woodworking offers lifetime customer support ” something many companies do not offer ” meaning that if any questions arise or help is needed while completing a project, customers can reliably get assistance from experienced professionals quickly. Furthermore, they offer step-by-step instructions on how to complete projects and access to a library of high-quality video tutorials. This makes it easier for new customers to get up to speed on how to use specific tools or create different designs successfully. Moreover, all plans that customers purchase come with clear diagrams so it is easy for them to understand what materials and techniques are needed in order to get the job done correctly. Finally, Teds Woodworking accepts credit cards as payment for orders as well as various other popular payment methods such as PayPal and Amazon Pay making it easy for customers to securely pay for their orders online without worry

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Common Teds Woodworking Complaints

Teds Woodworking is a popular woodworking resource boasting of 16,000 plans for various projects. Despite its popularity, many customers find the resource to be unreliable. Common Teds Woodworking complaints include low-quality plans, limited access to customer support and incomplete instructions.

Many customers are disappointed with the quality of projects included in the product. Woodworkers report that Teds plans are frequently too basic or incomplete, and as a result, they often require additional information or materials in order to successfully build their project. Many customers also find that there is no technical support to answer questions regarding specific plans.

Another frequent complaint of customers is that many of the projects do not include clear instructions on how to construct the piece. This can prove difficult for those without extensive woodworking experience who rely solely on provided instructions. Even those with good carpentry skills often run into trouble when attempting to complete a project according to Teds instructions. Finally, there have been complaints that subscribing members sometimes encounter difficulty canceling or renewing their membership before it expires automatically after one year of payment.

Steps to Resolve Teds Woodworking Complaints

1. Read the Online Documentation: Often, many of the issues people experience with Teds woodworking can be fixed simply by reading the online documentation provided on Ted’s website. A thorough review of all product information should provide a better understanding of how to properly use and maintain the products.

2. Contact Customer Support: If a problem arises and cannot be solved with online documentation, customers can always contact customer support directly via email or phone to get additional assistance. To ensure quality customer service, it is important to explain any existing problems in detail and include any images that may illustrate the issue better.

3. Try DIY Solutions: Depending on the problem, customers may also want to try fixing the issue themselves using basic tools such as sandpaper and saws or through more advanced options such as drilling or precision cutting equipment. Trying DIY solutions can save customers time and money in the long-run if done correctly.

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4. Check Warranty Terms & Conditions: Depending on where Teds Woodworking’s products were obtained from, some come with warranties that help protect customers should any issues arise through no fault of their own. Customers should familiarise themselves with their warranty´s terms & conditions to check what services are covered before attempting any repairs or seeking further assistance from customer service providers.

Alternatives to Teds Woodworking

Other companies and products that might make better choices than Teds Woodworking include Woodcraft, Rockler, Wood Magazine and Homeshop Machinist. Woodcraft is an online store that carries everything a woodworker needs from tools and supplies to how-to articles and project plans. Rockler is a great resource for beginner and expert woodworkers alike offering top-of-the-line tools and accessories. The magazine Wood Magazine offers DIY tips, tricks, expert advice, project plans, videos and much more. Lastly Homeshop Machinist provides step-by-step students with patterns, techniques, tool reviews and projects from the most experienced machine experts in the world. All of these provide excellent alternatives to Teds Woodworking complaints.


In conclusion, Teds Woodworking can be a great resource for those who are exploring woodworking as an option for building and creating furniture, décor, and other objects. It offers users access to a vast array of plans and ideas that can help them get started on their projects. It also has an easy-to-follow system, which includes tips and helpful videos. Nevertheless, there have been some complaints about this service. One of the most common criticisms is lack of accuracy in the diagrams included with plans. Additionally, some customers have stated that the customer service team could be more responsive to their inquiries. To avoid any potential issues with Teds Woodworking or any similar type of product, consumers should look for reviews from past and current customers before making a purchase decision. They should also make sure that they read all of the terms and conditions associated with their order as well as any exclusive offers from Teds Woodworking beforechecking out to ensure that their purchase is secure and accurate.

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