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Woodworking is a very rewarding hobby that can potentially last a lifetime, and be handed down through many generations of offspring. And, it takes little more than a battery of hand tools, basic woodworking skills, and a bit of inspiration (which are always where coming from) to get started. Woodworking as a hobby has been around for thousands of years. It can be enjoyed by the whole family. But how do you go about getting started learning about woodworking?

Woodworking can be a daunting task to embark on. There is a whole world of woodworking out there and just as many woodworking projects. But, I have found there are certain things that beginners should avoid when trying to build a project. Here they are.

When starting on woodworking, I would suggest avoiding the obvious, like a cutting board. A cutting board seems like the easy part of the project. You cut a board to the size you want and use a jig saw to cut the wood, right? Wrong. Here’s why.

A wood cutting board is a simple woodworking project that only gets built once. The wood cutting itself is not particularly challenging woodworking project, however, when building the project, cutting a board to the exact size you need can be a challenge. It is typically a long process and often times a person will over cut or undercut the board which will either make the piece too small or too big. I’ve seen several woodworkers build simple woodworking projects that were simply not complete and ended up ruined because the cutting board was too small.

One of the easiest woodworking projects that is usually done by beginners is building a DIY headboard. The reason I recommend this over other projects is the fact that it is typically just as rewarding and takes very little time to complete. Another reason I recommend this over other woodworking projects is that it doesn’t require any tools and is a simple woodworking project that anyone can do. Now, I know some woodworking beginners are intimidated by the sheer amount of woodworking equipment available and think that building a simple woodworking headboard is beyond their skill. This may be true for some, however, I’ve seen many people successfully build a diy headboard using just a few tools and their level of experience with woodworking.

There are some woodworking projects that are more challenging than others. For example, I’ve seen multiple people try to build simple woodworking bookshelves without any sort of woodworking plans or directions. However, one of the most popular woodworking items that people build without plans is the wooden bookend. A wooden bookend is a great addition to any room in the house and there are thousands of different bookend patterns that you can find online. The pattern that I would recommend for any wooden bookends is one that consists of long horizontal boards connected to each other at both the bottom and top.

You can build woodworking cabinets, shelves, bookcases, and even wooden planters all with your own handcrafted woodworking tools. The key to making woodworking items like these items is to have a detailed plan with step-by-step directions on how to do everything. Without a woodworking plans this would not be possible because it would take you forever to try to piece something together without a plan. As you progress in your woodworking journey you will learn which pieces of wood you prefer to work with depending on what type of woodworking item you are trying to make. Once you have selected your woodworking tools, you’ll be ready to start your first project.

Another woodworking beginner woodworking project that you can do is a small woodworking piece such as a wine bottle holder. To make something like this you will need a couple of tools: a hot glue gun and wood shims. You’ll also need some screws and bolts to attach the wood shims to the bottom and the top of your wine bottle holder so you can easily screw the wood parts together. Before you begin your project, you should try it out at an open space because if you do it in an enclosed area then you might get too close to the wall and not be able to finish your project. After you’ve successfully completed your small woodworking project you can proceed to more complex woodworking pieces such as a birdhouse or even a bench.

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