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Woodworking jobs in Texas are among the state’s fastest-growing industries”a great opportunity for those interested both in working with wood and living in a friendly environment. Woodworking is an offering from traditional furniture-making to specialised cabinetry and everything in between. Texas has many woodworking companies who are seeking experienced woodworkers, as well as apprenticeships for those looking to enter the craft. The jobs range from small home renovations to large commercial installations, so no matter where you find yourself, there will be plenty of work available.

The popularity of woodworking has grown significantly over the last few years and is expected to continue. This growth is due to a range of factors including increased disposable income, technological advances that allow product innovation, and environmental awareness that encourages people to invest in better materials and construction techniques. Specialised products like custom cabinets, creative furniture pieces, and specialised installations are increasingly sought after. As Texas continues to offer more opportunities for woodwork related trade and services, this trend looks likely to continue for years to come.

The demand for skilled workers does not just encompass finished products; technicians working on sophisticated machining tools such as CNC machines are also sought after. These professionals possess strong technical knowledge combined with manual dexterity in order to operate the equipment safely and accurately while maintaining high production quotas. Further training may be necessary to gain certification or qualifications depending on the employer’s preference or industry requirements.

With increasing enthusiasm around job openings across the state, it is quite possible that travelling within Texas could also open up new opportunities should one choose update their experiences or participate in unique projects outside of their area. Additionally, this growth presents new possibilities for start-up businesses who may take advantage of lower competition by targeting niches that have yet gone undiscovered or underserved competitively”allowing entrepreneurs access into lucrative markets previously inaccessible before but now ready for those who wish to go bravely out into uncharted waters!

Major Woodworking Employers

Tiger Stop: This company has been in business since 1993 and is located in Grand Prairie. They specialize in woodworking machinery and offer a wide range of products, including saws, drills, planers, sanders, routers and more.

Foley Manufacturing: Located in Houston, this company specializes in the production of furniture and interior designs. They employ both design professionals as well as carpenters to produce high quality products for their customers.

Wood House Millworks: Located in San Antonio, this is a custom millwork shop that has been providing quality products to clients around the world since 1975. They have state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled employees that specialize in creating unique pieces for restaurants and homes throughout Texas.

National Wood Supply Inc.: Located in El Paso, this company manufactures custom cabinetry and architectural millwork from premium grade solid woods. They are a one-stop solution for all your woodworking needs offering everything from dovetailed cabinets to intricately engraved decorative panels for any type of building project.

C&D Solid Wood Designs: Also based out of El Paso, this company specializes in improving the quality of life through woodworking projects by crafting custom furniture that is both beautiful and functional. Their goal is to help create truly one-of-a kind pieces on time every time with precision craftsmanship no matter the size of the job at hand.. This ensures that they are able to provide their clients with pieces they can treasure forever.

Industry Growth

Texas is experiencing a surge in the provision and demand of woodworking services and jobs as an effect of several new construction, renovation and repair projects across the state. A large number of such initiatives have been undertaken in parts like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and more to develop residential properties and commercial complexes at a rapid rate. This has boosted the need for experienced woodworkers that can build attractive furniture, finishes, cabinetry, millwork and more for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, the increased demand for eco-friendly construction materials that are made from renewable resources has helped drive this growth trend further. The ongoing shift towards digitalization has also allowed for timely and efficient production of woodworking products with improved accuracy. With growing heritage buildings in Texas demanding careful and accurate preservation techniques from woodworkers experts in antique repair techniques, this industry is expected to see further expansion over time.

Job Opportunities in Texas

Texas is an ideal location for woodworkers to find job opportunities. The state is home to many major furniture, construction and manufacturing companies that offer interesting and lucrative positions in the industry. With its many sprawling cities, Texas has plenty of places for craftspeople and carpenters to find employment, from Austin to Houston.

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On the commercial end of the spectrum, Texas boasts a number of furniture-making corporations that require experienced woodworkers with backgrounds in furnishings design and production. These companies are looking for a range of candidates from general laborers to professional cabinet makers. Many offer competitive salaries as well as benefits packages that include 401K plans and health insurance.

Additionally, there are also numerous consulting positions available that allow skilled craftsmen and artists to pursue creative dreams while still earning an income doing what they love. Projects can range from custom cabinetry in homes or businesses to unique architectural works crafted out of reclaimed wood materials.

Lastly, independent contractors throughout Texas can benefit from working with homeowners on residential projects such as decks, fences and other outdoor structures to customized shelving and casework located inside homes. Such jobs provide both flexibility of scheduling and satisfaction when projects turn out just right!


Texas has many job opportunities for woodworkers, from cabinetmakers and furniture makers to skilled craftspeople. However, in order to secure these positions, one will typically need to have at least a high school diploma or GED, as well as any applicable vocational training and/or apprenticeship programs related to woodworking.

Experience is an important factor when competing for a Texas woodworking job, especially those with greater responsibility. Master Craftsmen are required to have the knowledge, skill, proficiency and certification standards associated with the highest levels of competency in woodworking. Typically earned through years of experience combined with advanced education or alternatively through obtaining a formal education such as an Associate’s degree in Wood Technology or Engineering Science related careers. It is important to note that some positions may require specialized certifications specific to the Texans’ state laws, so research into these requirements is strongly encouraged.

Additionally having the technical expertise necessary for programming and working with sophisticated machinery such as computerized numerical controlled machines (CNC) is also becoming more prevalent due to advancing technologies within the industry. Many employers look favorably upon past work examples or experience developing creative projects as proof of proficiency in various fields of carpentry and joinery ” from dovetail joints used in cabinetmaking or hand-crafted detail work like carving or artistic expressions like patterns on banisters or spindles found on chairs and tables.


The salaries for woodworking jobs in Texas vary depending on the location and level of experience required. The average salary for a woodworker in Texas is $37,739. However, salaries for experienced or highly skilled woodworkers can range from $42,854 to as high as $63,322. The most common salary range is between $20,000 and $50,000. Location also impacts the salary of woodworking positions in Texas; those working in cities such as Dallas and Houston tend to have higher salaries than those in smaller towns such as Amarillo. The type of company a woodworker works with also affects their salary; if a woodworker specializes in larger projects such as home renovations they typically receive higher pay than those who specialize in crafting small wooden items. Salary levels are also impacted by experience; more experienced woodworkers receive higher salaries than entry-level carpenters. Workers employed at universities or research facilities often earn more than traditional workers due to the specialized nature of their jobs.

Skills Needed

Woodworking jobs in Texas encompass a wide range of activities, some of which are indistinguishable from more traditional categories like carpentry or cabinet making. This type of work requires precise technical knowledge and experience to ensure high-quality results.

Carpenters need to be well-versed in reading blueprints, measuring accurately, and using various machines such as saws, drills, routers, sanders, etc. Additionally they should possess an understanding of building materials and woodworking techniques. Experienced carpenters may also specialize in creating custom furniture pieces or interesting artistic works from wood.

People interested in cabinetry have to have strong hands-on skills and excellent craftsmanship as well. They must be able to measure accurately for precise cuts as well as being able to position doors and drawers properly. Cabinet makers must also understand how design affects the final result, taking into consideration the space available when planning the job accordingly. Cabinet makers will require knowledge of a wide variety of tools including saws, jointers chisels and routers.

Designers with backgrounds in woodworking may specialize in creating original chairs, tables or other furniture items or artwork from wood or metal components. Open communication with clients is paramount when conceptualizing projects that wil meet their desires precisely while staying within budget constraints. Designers must also have a specialty when it comes to fabricating their creations such as metal working, carpentry or welding experience depending on the job requirements. Any designer will also have a good handle on computer-aided design software which can help bring their dreams for clients into three-dimensional reality!

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Training Programs

The increasing demand for skilled workers in the woodworking industry has led to a greater number of job opportunities in Texas. To help meet this demand, various colleges and universities throughout the state have developed specialized programs designed to provide woodworkers with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure positions in fields that require expertise. Additionally, numerous trade schools across Texas offer programs which provide comprehensive training and certifications in multiple areas of woodworking. Furthermore, some of these schools also connect students with job placement services and internships upon completing their courses. By taking part in one of these training or certification programs, individuals can gain valuable experience while boosting their resume credentials and career prospects.

Job Outlook

The job market for woodworking in Texas is optimistic. The demand for woodwork and wood products has seen steady growth over the last several years; this trend is projected to continue moving forward according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In response, more businesses and companies are investing in woodworking operations in the Lone Star State ” meaning more jobs for people skilled in the field. Existing woodworkers should be able to find plenty of high rewarding opportunities, especially if they’re willing to work flexible hours or travel as needed.

The increased demand for specialized skills also means that lumberjacks, carpenters, joiners and other craftsman can acquire or hone their knowledge even without formal qualifications or certifications through on-the-job training with experienced professionals. Wood artisans have lots of options when it comes to finding employment around Texas; window makers and furniture creators are in high demand right now, but there is potential across a variety of other industries involving custom carpentry and cabinet making too. With an aging population comes a greater need for adaptable living spaces tailored to seniors’ needs; this implies that experienced carpenters have even more chances to grow their customer base and make pretty penny while doing so!

Benefits of Working in Woodworking

Working in woodworking is a great choice for anyone who enjoys working outdoors and likes to participate in a hands-on activity type of job. People who are fortunate enough to work in woodworking jobs in Texas have the opportunity to not just make an income, but also enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with finishing a project. Additionally, workers involved in woodworking are able to use their natural mechanic skills and apply them while they master techniques such as sawing and cutting wood.

Not only is the act of woodworking itself fulfilling, but the final product of one’s labor can be beneficial for an entire community. Services rendered from within these jobs may range from individual homeowners wanting a custom made piece of furniture in their home, up to much larger projects like building structures for public parks or schools. The final product also has practical benefits, as items like shelving units and tables offer greater function in local venues like retail stores or offices.

In conclusion, having access to these types of jobs helps benefit both workers themselves and communities by providing new opportunities and products created with precision and care.


Woodworking jobs in Texas offer a wide variety of benefits and opportunities for individuals of all skill levels. One of the biggest advantages is the low cost of living in much of Texas, as this allows for people to find more affordable housing and materials to use in their projects. Additionally, there are many skilled craftsmen from whom beginners can learn from, resulting in a high potential for growth and improvement over time. Woodworking jobs also allow individuals the freedom to explore their creative side while utilizing their skills in creating something tangible and beautiful. These jobs can provide independence, financial security, and satisfaction as woodworkers continue down their career paths. Overall, woodworking jobs in Texas offer great benefits and opportunities that appeal to woodworking enthusiasts at any level.

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