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Community Outreach

At A&J Woodworks CA, we are proud to be an active member of the local community. We firmly believe in giving back and making a positive impact on our community. As such, we have implemented various initiatives to support those around us.

Our volunteer efforts include providing hands-on help with events arranged by local charities, helping out with clean-up projects at schools, and fundraising for specific programs or causes. We also recognize the importance of creating employment opportunities and have hired qualified individuals from the local area who demonstrate a commitment to excelling academically and professionally.

We have established a customer donation program whereby part of each sale is allocated towards a charity or cause that our customers select during checkout when making their purchase. This allows us to make meaningful contributions to charitable organizations and support those in need.

Finally, A&J Woodworks CA runs regular fundraisers themed around different social issues and creating awareness around them while also raising money for the cause. The proceeds collected through these fundraisers go towards non profits working in similar spaces in order to enable solutions that benefit our society as a whole.

Latest Projects

A&J Woodworks CA offers a wide range of custom woodworking and carpentry services for residential and commercial clients alike. Whether you need a custom set of kitchen cabinets or an entire staircase built from scratch, A&J Woodworks CA has the experience and knowledge to help. They specialize in creating custom designs that fit precisely into their clients’ needs so that they get the most out of their space.

The team at A&J Woodworks CA is dedicated to crafting the highest quality pieces possible and use the best materials available ” such as hardwoods, softwoods, laminates, veneers etc. The woodworkers also pride themselves on having excellent customer service skills to ensure complete satisfaction throughout the project.

The most recent projects featured by A&J Woodworks CA include bookshelves made from reclaimed barn wood, beautifully designed dining tables with intricate hand-carved details, sliding closet doors with internal mechanisms for easy access and storage, contemporary retail fixtures made from steel and exotic timber veneers, as well as staircases crafted using traditional joinery techniques. With a portfolio like this, it’s easy to see why so many turn to A&J Woodworks CA when they need work done quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality or design.

Coastal Woodwork

A&J Woodworks CA is the premier provider of custom coastal woodworking solutions. Our team of experienced artisans has over 25 years of experience designing and building pieces specifically made to enhance beach front living. We can create stunning outdoor furniture, intricate decking that is built to last and even row boat restoration made with old-world craftsmanship. From hand crafted garden trellises to latticework for porches, A&J Woodworks CA provides the perfect accent for outdoor spaces.

Lathe Woodworking

Our unique offerings aren’t just limited to outdoors either – we tailor all of our projects with a seaside aesthetic in mind, whether it be a kitchen renovation or an additional bedroom suite. Our expertise lies in woodworking and carpentry and how to skillfully combine traditional techniques to meet modern home trends while keeping your project as functional, aesthetic and durable as possible. We use locally sourced materials and finishes to ensure your projects will last through harsh weather conditions while still giving you a one-of-a-kind look that’s tailored exclusively for your home. Our commitment to providing superior quality craftsmanship, unrivaled customer service, and taking all size projects make A & J Woodworks CA the premier choice for custom coastal woodwork solutions.

Wood Collection

At A&J Woodworks Ca, we only source the highest quality woods from certified sustainable forests to use in our projects. Our wood collection includes a range of classic hardwoods such as oak, maple and walnut, as well as softer woods like cherry and beech. We use each type of wood for different applications and all with certified sources ensuring responsible forestry practices that ensure sustainability for both us and the environment.

Oak is a particularly popular choice for furniture making due to its durability, strength and attractive grain pattern. It also has the added benefit of being anti-static ” meaning it won’t store dust or mites. Maple works best for crafting cabinetry but can also be used to create stunning tables or chairs due to its ability to provide an even finish when sanded down. Finally, walnut is often chosen by craftsmen due to its rich color tone which will add warmth to any room décor.

To keep up with changing times we are always looking at new types of wood available on the market as well as researching ways of sourcing materials while promoting sustainability initiatives such as using FSC-certified woods in our projects. This means that our hardwood collections are sourced from forests that are managed in an environmentally friendly manner helping ensure their longevity for generations to come.

Awards & Accolades

A&j Woodworks CA has been widely recognised as a leader in the woodworking industry. The company has won numerous awards over its 30 years of operation, including a customer service award from Home Depot and several awards for quality in manufacturing from the American Furniture Manufacturers Association. The company also holds certifications from both the Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance for its sustainable forestry practices. A&j Woodworks was named one of the best furniture makers in the country by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and it was listed among the 100 fastest-growing woodworking businesses in North America by Inc magazine. Recently, A&j Woodworks received an honorary gold medal in innovation at the 2020 International Design Awards for its pioneering custom furniture design process which includes 3D scanning and computer-aided design tailored to individual customer needs.

How to Maintain Woodwork Machines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does A&J Woodworks provide?

A. A&J Woodworks is a full-service woodworking shop, providing design and construction services for custom cabinets, furniture and home improvement projects. We specialize in traditional craftsmanship, which allows us to offer unique custom solutions for any size project. We also offer refinishing and repair services for existing pieces of furniture or cabinetry.

Q. How long has A&J Woodworks been in business?
A. A&J Woodworks has been in business for over 30 years, with many of the same craftsmen being with the company since its founding. Our experience gives us the expertise and capability to tackle any woodworking project no matter how challenging or unique it may be.

Q. What materials does A&J Woodworks use?
A. At A&J Woodworks we use only the finest quality hardwood lumber available on the market today including birch, ash, cherry, maple, oak and walnut as well as sustainable woods such as bamboo and teak when requested by our customers. We also are able to work with reclaimed wood from older buildings or antique furniture if desired by our clients.

Q. Where can I learn more about A&J Woodworks’ products and services?
A: The best way to learn more about what we have to offer at A&J Woodworks is to take a look at our website where you will find photos of completed projects along with detailed information about all of our product offerings, services and prices. You can also contact us directly with any questions or inquiries you may have and one of our experienced craftsman will be happy to answer your questions!

Promotional Offers

A&J Woodworks CA is currently offering special discounts to customers who order in bulk. Customers can benefit from significant savings when they purchase products in larger orders — up to 25% off their entire purchase. This discount is an excellent opportunity for those looking to restock their workshop or create a new project. Additionally, A&J Woodworks CA is currently running a seasonal promotion that allows customers to receive additional savings on select items throughout their store. Be sure to take advantage of this great offer and save money when buying quality goods from A&J Woodworks CA!

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