American Woodworker Router Lift

Introduction to the American Woodworker Router Lift

The American Woodworker Router Lift is an advanced tool designed to make routing easier and more efficient. It helps woodworkers improve the accuracy and speed of their routing jobs. The lift features a simple, one-handed adjustment that accurately adjusts bit height from above the router table top. It not only makes changing router bits quick and easy but also allows for precise adjustments for improved results. Additionally, the lift works with almost all router models, accepts two wrenches for fast grip change, and has an oversized disc control knob for making ultra-fine adjustments with ease. With the help of its innovative design, the American Woodworker Router Lift makes sure you spend less time getting your job done and more time enjoying it!

Benefits of the Router Lift for Professionals and Hobbyists

The American Woodworker Router Lift is an ideal tool for both professional woodworkers and hobbyists. It offers a variety of benefits, including increased accuracy and safety when routing grooves, dadoes, mortises and other woodworking tasks. The router lift allows users to adjust router bits into multiple positions, providing better visibility and access to hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the variable speed control feature can be used to slow down the router bit for delicate cuts or accelerate cutting times for larger projects.

The router lift also helps increase the accuracy of results by keeping the cutting edges at a consistent height during each pass. This ensures reliable performance with each movement of your workpiece instead of slower progress due to uneven depths in the cut. Furthermore, its ergonomic design reduces fatigue as users can keep a comfortable position while controlling the lift’s movements.

Not only can this make intricate routing projects easier and more efficient but it also increases user safety by reducing potential kickback due to misfires or bit chatter. Since this router lift model is designed specifically for American woodworking tools, you know that you’re getting a product made with American craftsmanship that guarantees solid performance on your project every time.

How to Select the Right Router Lift for Your Woodworking Projects

The American Woodworker Router Lift makes it easy to precisely adjust the height of a router as you work on woodworking projects. With the added convenience of being able to make changes quickly and accurately, this device is ideal for anyone who needs to make any kind of precision work during their woodworking endeavors. It’s also great for trimming the edges off boards and panels, perfecting dovetail joints, or creating intricate inlays ” all tasks that require exact router bit depth adjustments.

When selecting a router lift, it’s important to consider a few key features that will suit your needs. First, keep in mind the size and shape of your router base. Many American Woodworker routers lifts are available with adjustable rails that fit most body sizes and shapes. Next, consider whether you need an extra platform to accommodate both hand-held and fixed-base styles of routers. And lastly, check out what kind of accessories come with your lift ” it could come with dust collection systems, control knobs and finger buttons, template guide adapters, or other custom-built parts specific to your machine setup. By keeping these considerations in mind when choosing the right lift model for your project requirements, you can ensure you’re getting a sturdy tool that won’t disappoint during heavy use.

A Comparison of Features in Different Router Lift Brands

The American Woodworker Router Lift is a great choice for those needing a reliable router lift. It features an accurate, easy-to-read micro adjustment system that allows for precise depth adjustment, allowing for greater accuracy in your routing projects. The solid aluminum lift plate has heat treated carbon steel knobs that provide strength and durability. The bright, clear ruler markings along the edge of the plate make measuring the depth of a plunge cut quick and easy.

This tool also has several other great features to offer. It includes an extendable fence with micro adjuster that allows for a variety of different widths when cutting shapes in stock or trimming out joints, making it a great choice for any serious woodworker. Additionally, there is a separate dust collection port located close to the work piece so that dust and debris doesn’t get in to your project, keeping it cleaner and more professional looking when finished. Last but not least, it comes with three adjustable leveling screws to ensure that the router is always perfectly aligned.

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Overall, there are many great features offered by the American Woodworker Router Lift. Its precision adjustment controls give added control while its adjustable fences and levelers make sure each cut is even and accurate. Its dust collection port keeps debris away from your project while its sturdy construction ensures years of reliable service. All these features combined make this router lift one of the often recommended brands among today’s woodworkers due to its versatility and performance qualities.

Tools Needed to Install the Router Lift

Installing the American Woodworker Router Lift requires a few basic tools to do the job correctly. You will need a Phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a drill and bit set, clamps, and a mallet or hammer. The installation process begins by choosing a location for the router near your work area where it can be secured firmly to the bench or work surface. Make sure that it is far enough away to accommodate your hand while you are operating the router. Attach the base of the lift to your work surface with the supplied screws. Once the base is secure, mount the router on top of it using either hardware included with the lift or any appropriate hardware you may have on hand. Use locking clamps to hold the lift firmly in place until all bolts are secure. Use an adjustable wrench for tightening any bolts as needed and make sure each one is snug before proceeding with use. Finally, finish up by securely attaching all wires from both units and test out your new American Woodworker Router Lift!

Tips for Using the Router Lift Safely

The American Woodworker Router Lift is a smart upgrade for any woodworking shop. This router attachment provides enhanced accuracy, control, and power for challenging tasks. To ensure safe operation, it’s best to follow the tips outlined below.

1. Wear appropriate safety equipment: Make sure you’re wearing protective eyewear and hearing protection before operating the router lift. Covering your skin with gloves or clothing is also recommended.

2. Securely fasten the lift: The router should be firmly attached to the lift using the supplied screws and nuts according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also check that all other components are secure before use.

3. Use wooden templates: Whenever possible, create a template of your workpiece out of thick hardwood like maple or oak so that there is less chance of it becoming damaged in case of contact with the spinning bit or lift mechanisms.

4. Test run before cutting: Before making any cuts on your project materials, make sure to test run the bit by slowly raising it from a low position and then back down again just above your project’s surface. This will confirm that everything is properly aligned and ready for use on your actual material.

5. Keep hands away from moving parts: Never reach over or place hands anywhere near moving parts during use, as this could pose safety risks such as electrocution due to contact with exposed wires or lacerations from contact with fan blades or other sharp edges on machinery components.

Examples of Router Lift Projects

An American Woodworker Router Lift offers a versatile tool for cutting intricate shapes and joining two pieces of wood with beautiful joinery. The Router Lift allows for precise adjustments so that the router can cut precise angles for edge joins and other projects such as mortise and tenons, dovetail joints, box joints, finger joints, raised panels and curved rails. Additionally, the router can be used to produce round pegs or plugs, dadoes and rabbets as well as create decorative inlays or carvings. An American Woodworker Router Lift is a great addition to any hobbyist or professional’s workshop allowing them to create beautiful woodworking projects with ease.

Pros and Cons of Different Router Lift Models

The American Woodworker Router Lift offers a unique and convenient way of effectively adjusting the height of your router. Depending on which model of the American Woodworker Router Lift you have, there can be varied features and benefits associated with it.

The first type is the Aluminum Router Lifts. These are great for woodworkers who are looking to save time on their projects, as they can easily adjusts the height without having to worry about things like screws or bolts in order to mount it securely onto their workbench. Plus, they usually come with a range of preset heights so you can quickly find the perfect spot for cutting or routing your material. The downside is that these lifts can sometimes be quite loud when adjusting into place due to their metal construction.

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The second type is the Plastic Self-Adjusting Router Lifts. This model offers the same convenience as an aluminum lift but with added shock absorption and quieter operation thanks to its plastic construction. In addition, many models feature adjustable pegs which let you make fine adjustments to suit any project’s requirements. The downside here is that although this model provides quieter operation and more protection against wear, it often takes longer to adjust compared with other more traditional models.

Understanding which Router Lift will work best for you may require trial and error depending on what projects you do most often and how quickly you need to adjust heights while working on them!

Where to Buy the Router Lift

The American Woodworker Router Lift is a professional grade router accessory specifically designed for home woodworking shops. It allows users to safely and accurately adjust their router quickly and easily. This makes it an essential tool for any serious woodworking shop, because it increases precision and reduces the time spent setting up projects. The Router Lift also prevents damage to materials by allowing users to adjust the height of their router without having to remove the bit from the table.

The American Woodworker Router Lift can be purchased online through websites such as Amazon, Woodcraft, Rockler, Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot. Each of these sites will vary in price and some may offer discounts or special deals. Additionally, many of these retailers offer free shipping when you buy an entire set or bundle with other items such as routers or router bits. It’s also worth noting that many popular YouTube channels have reviews and instructional videos on how to use the Router Lift properly so viewers can get a better understanding before investing in one of their own.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with the Router Lift

If the American Woodworker Router Lift is not functioning correctly, there are several basic steps that should be taken to troubleshoot it. If no power is being sent to the lift, make sure all connections are tight and the power switch on the router or the router table is flipped to “On”. If that does not work, check for any physical obstructions in the area around the lift that may prevent it from operating properly”such as table saw dust near the bottom of the lift or a vacuum hose brushing up against it. Finally, if all of these things check out, it may be necessary to check inside of the lift itself. First check for any loose wires or broken/frayed cables connecting components. Additionally, ensure that all moving parts are well oiled and free from corrosion. Use an approved cleaning solution to scrub any corrosion away and lubricate all of its components with light machine oil. If these steps do not work then you may need to contact American Woodworker directly for more technical support.


The American Woodworker Router Lift is an innovative piece of equipment designed to simplify the process of changing router bits and making adjustments to router height. It features a clamping system along two sides, and is adjustable up to 1/64th of an inch. This allows for more precise cutting, resulting in cleaner results overall. Plus, it’s easy to install and use, with a smooth sliding action that ensures that the router doesn’t move when using it. It’s perfect for those who want to streamline the process of their woodworking projects. All things considered, the American Woodworker Router Lift is a fantastic tool that will save you time, effort and improve your work quality significantly.

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