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The American Woodworking Company is a family-run business dedicated to providing superior craftsmanship and quality in furniture, cabinetry, and millwork. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients by creating custom pieces that will last for generations to come. We take great pride in our workmanship and always strive to deliver the highest standards of excellence in both our products and services.

We specialize in woodworking projects such as kitchen cabinets, furniture design, custom millwork, bathroom accessories, mantels, library shelving and more. Our experienced craftsmen utilize traditional techniques combined with modern technology to create custom pieces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We offer a wide array of materials including hardwoods like walnut and cherry, softwoods such as cedar and pine, laminates, melamine and other composite materials. To ensure that each product exceeds the highest standards of quality we only use the best available tools and equipment including CNC machines and other state-of-the-art machinery.
Our goal is not just to provide superior products; but also reliable services designed to fully meet customers’ needs while maintaining affordable prices. We are available for consultations anytime whether online or at one of our showrooms onsite; allowing clients to design their own custom pieces with assistance from our highly trained staff members who have extensive knowledge about each type of wood we offer. Furthermore we have an expert team of installers who can be dispatched anywhere around the world for rigorous installation jobs for commercial projects or simple fixes for residential clients.

Historical Context

The American Woodworking Company was established in 1905 by the Hartwig family. In 1909 the company opened a new building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that could fabricate over two million feet of hardwood per day. During World War II, the American Woodworking Company supplied wooden parts for various military products and earned recognition from the government for its outstanding efforts.

In 1966, the Hartwig’s sold the company to Apex Industries and operations moved to Michigan. Over the next twenty years Apex Industries expanded their production capabilities and began manufacturing goods for large retailers such as Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward. Increased automation with new industrial equipment allowed them to produce large quantities of furniture at a much faster rate than before.

In 1992, Apex announced several major changes including closing two production facilities in Michigan and Wisconsin. The following year they began outsourcing their remaining production operations to China after purchasing a Chinese factory located near Shanghai.

In 1996, Apex Industries changed its name to American Woodworking Corp and once again became an independent company when they were purchased by private investors. The newly renamed American Woodworking Corp now focused on US-made goods only while working closely with local suppliers that met their high standards of quality and craftsmanship. This commitment ultimately allowed them to be very successful in meeting customer demands and staying competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Products & Services

American Woodworking Company offers a wide range of products and services that cater to both large and small businesses, as well as individual customers. Their product offerings span from ready-made items to custom-made projects like cabinets, furniture, millwork products, and more.

For larger commercial installations they offer full design services to meet any customer’s specifications. In addition to their finished wood products, they provide design consultation services if desired by the customer. The company has in-house designers who are experienced and knowledgeable about the available materials, space dimensions, lighting, etc., needed for customized installations.

Their restoration services consist of refinishing and re-purposing antiques or heirlooms of any kind into new pieces of workmanship with a modern touch using the highest quality finishes available in the industry today. They also provide contemporary furniture designs in all styles from traditional to modern. Staining and finish processes are undertaken with the greatest care so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

American Woodworking Company also offers interior design consultations for both residential or commercial spaces. With this service their staff will go through a client’s specific needs before suggesting options to fit their style and budget. All of their custom furniture pieces feature professional carving detailing, special finishing touches such as hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, embossing accents in various forms, gilding and other decorative adornments that add character to a room while providing years of aesthetic beauty. These details make American Woodworking Company one of the most sought after woodworking shops in the country today!

Crafting Processes & Techniques

The American Woodworking Company has a long history of handcrafting furniture, adding superior quality and timeless style to any home. With a clear commitment to craftsmanship, their tradition is noted for its effortless elegance and modern sophistication.

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The American Woodworking Company combines traditional woodworking techniques with the latest in cutting-edge technology to create tables, chairs, dressers, bookcases, storage units and more. Their techniques offer an unparalleled level of detail and masterful design that comes with years of experience. To ensure the highest quality product possible, each piece is hand-selected from sustainably sourced lumber and expertly joined using time-tested methods like dovetailing. Their craftsmen then employ unprecedented attention to detail when sanding each piece ensuring flawless results. Afterward, they finish their pieces off by making sure only the most durable coatings are applied to provide superior protection that lasts for generations.

Their skilled team also utilizes state-of-the-art machinery for precise cuts as well as automated processes that allow them to work both quickly and accurately. With these technologies at their fingertips ” from CNC routers to laser cutters ” they can scale production while maintaining the same level of excellence throughout each and every product they offer their clients.

Customer Service

The American Woodworking Company strives to provide an exemplary customer service experience to each of its customers. They understand that their success is reliant upon providing quality products and services, and they emphasize strong customer relationships in order to accomplish this goal.

To accomplish this, the American Woodworking Company employs a customer service staff that is knowledgeable about the woodworking industry and well-versed in the products and services offered by the company. Employees are trained extensively on product usage and customer assistance techniques. They go above and beyond with every engagement, providing honest answers to customers’ questions and thoughtful recommendations for additional products that could suit their needs.

When it comes to custom orders or complicated requests, the customer service staff at the American Woodworking Company puts in extra effort to ensure that each request receives special consideration. This team works with customers over various forms of communication: email, telephone calls, text messages, video conference calls – whatever form of communication works best for the customer – in order to provide timely feedback and solution-oriented guidance every step of the way. Additionally, they make sure any inquiries or concerns remain protected so they can be addressed confidentially while keeping sensitive information secure.

In addition to exemplary customer service from its staff members during product inquiries or complex projects, The American Woodworking Company goes above and beyond when it comes to post-sale experiences as well. Thanks to a wide selection of woodworking tools offered by the company, owners have access to online support materials such as detailed user guides and tutorial videos which help make use of those products simpler than ever before. They also offer extended warranties on select tools purchased through the company’s website; making sure their customers receive full value out of their purchases throughout ownership of tool items sold through them!

Awards & Accolades

American Woodworking Company is widely recognized as one of the leading professional woodworking businesses in the United States. The company has earned a string of awards and accolades from both industry professionals and customers alike for its excellence in quality, craftsmanship, and service. Each year, American Woodworking Company is presented with recognition from top leading players in the field of woodworking. These awards are given to show exemplary craftsmanship, creative ingenuity, and consistent service that surpass that of their competitors.

Customer surveys have also been conducted to assess customer satisfaction with American Woodworking Company’s products and services. Results indicate that customers are highly satisfied with the quality and workmanship of their custom pieces crafted by American Woodworking Company. The feedback from these surveys has been used to continually improve strategies for enhancing product quality and customer service experience overall. As a result, American Woodworking Company has been given numerous awards from customers for product excellence including awards for achievement in customer service, dependability, prompt delivery, professional installation, product satisfaction, design creativity and overall value.

Special Offers & Discounts

American Woodworking Company offers special discounts and offers for customers to save on their purchases. Customers can sign up for the AWC Rewards Program which gives them access to exclusive insider savings, including a 10% discount code valid on all purchases from the company. Customers also have the option of signing up for the AWC email list to receive notifications of upcoming sales and promotions as well as product previews before they are released to the public. Additionally, customers can follow American Woodworking Company’s social media accounts to stay informed of deals and discounts that may be available at any given time. To further save money, customers can purchase select woodwork items in bundle packages that offer reduced prices compared to purchasing each item separately. Finally, American Woodworking Company frequently posts coupon codes online that can be applied toward eligible purchases made through their website or in-store locations. With these many options available, customers of American Woodworking Company have no shortage of ways to save on their orders!

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Future Prospects

The American Woodworking Company is looking to expand their operations by introducing new products, investing in better equipment, and hiring more skilled workers. To keep up with the demand for wooden furniture and goods, the company has plans to create a larger manufacturing facility that can handle larger orders. Additionally, they plan to invest in sophisticated technologies such as CNC routers and 3D printers so as to improve the accuracy and precision of their final goods.

In order to remain competitive in the current market, the company is exploring various marketing initiatives such as social media campaigns and digital advertising. This will help them increase awareness of their business and promote their range of products directly to potential customers.

Lastly, the company is committed to developing new products sources from sustainable wood sources. They are introducing new environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo, cork and recycled wood into their product line which not only preserve natural resources but also makes for stylish sustainable furniture. Such materials also reduce wastage which ultimately leads to a healthier planet ahead.

Given these efforts, it is clear that the American Woodworking Company has set out ambitious goals for themselves on both short-term objectives such as increasing sales and long-term goals like reducing environmental impact. With continued investment in technology, focus on craftsmanship, innovation in sustainable materials and modern marketing techniques, there’s every reason why American Woodworking Company should be successful in its mission over time

Case Studies & Client Testimonials

The American Woodworking Company (AWC) is renowned for its top quality woodworking and carpentry services. With decades of experience, the AWC has developed a reputation among clients as being reliable, precise and trustworthy. Perhaps the best proof of their excellence can be found in testimonials from satisfied customers whose projects have been completed to exact specifications and deadline.

Looking at these case studies, it is easy to see why the American Woodworking Company has such a great reputation among both domestic and commercial customers. From highly intricate product designs to major structural refurbishments and renovations, each project is carefully managed according to client requirements. Their experienced craftsmen ensure that projects are completed on schedule, often utilizing innovative techniques tailored towards their client’s individual needs. Some of their well-known clients include luxury hotel chains, large universities, multinational corporations and leading home improvement stores.

The attention they give to detail is one of the main reasons customers keep choosing AWC over other companies in their field. Their master craftsmanship and professional attitude ensure that each client receives high-quality workmanship while being provided with an excellent customer service experience throughout the duration of the project. Furthermore, they strive to use only locally sourced materials whenever possible which allows them to maintain competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or style.

At AWC, they stand by their work from start to finish ” regardless of whether the job involves designing intricate furniture pieces or renovating an entire building structure. Testimonials from satisfied customers demonstrate this commitment ” showcasing their dedication for delivering high-quality results with exceptional customer service along the way! With such impressive examples of hard-works and craftsmanship on display success stories for both domestic and commercial jobs alike; it’s no wonder why more people are choosing AWC for their woodworking and carpentry needs!


The American Woodworking Company is a great example of a successful business. Throughout their years of operation, they have grown from a small shop into a full-service manufacturer and provider of high-quality wooden products, from furniture to architectural features. They are dedicated to the craftsmanship and quality of their products and have built up a good reputation in the industry. The company also provides helpful services like installation, restoration, and custom design services. With an experienced team of workers they deliver fast turnarounds and excellent customer service. The American Woodworking Company has shown that it is possible to be successful in woodworking by investing in quality materials and hard work. Their commitment to excellence professional results has won them many awards over the years including four awards in 2020 for their outstanding craftsmanship at the Custom Woodworking Business Awards ceremony. It is clear that this company will continue to thrive as it continues to bring quality woodworking projects to life!

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