Architectural Woodwork Industries

Case Study Section

An example of a successful project involving Architectural Woodwork Industries is a renovation to the historic Phoenix City Hall building in Arizona. The project, which won “Best Project” in the 2018 Phoenix Business Journal Book of Lists Awards, focused on refurbishing the interior of three wings within the building. Working with joint venture partners, Architectural Woodwork Industries created custom doors and frames using walnut hardwood for each area within City Hall.

The results of this project are impressive, as Architectural Woodwork Industries met a milestone goal of 6 months ahead of schedule and earned recognition from local businesses for their efficient and just-in-time materials delivery process. For City Hall visitors and employees alike, this renovation has left an impact in terms of the beautiful quality work that Architectural Woodwork industries provided. The entire space has been revitalized thanks to improved acoustics and enhanced finishing detail from the skillful craftsmanship used to install all wood components. Additionally, thanks to their exceptional workmanship and attention to detail, Architectural Woodwork Industries was able to showcase authentic wood laminates for panelling; producing commercial-grade wood veneers on over 325 linear feet across seven elevators; and create standalone kiosks with durable door and drawer fronts made from solid Oak Hardwood or Plywood core laminate wrapped furnishings.

Testimonials Section

“I had the pleasure of working with Architectural Woodwork Industries on two projects and they could not have been more professional. Their team responded to our requests quickly and proactively, even when we had certain specifications that were outside the usual scope of their industry. We were blown away by the attention to detail in their craftsmanship and the top-notch materials used in every piece. I highly recommend Architectural Woodwork Industries for custom design and engineering work.” – Joe K., Architect

“When it comes to high-quality woodworking products, Architectural Woodwork Industries is a leader in their field. We’ve used them for all our furniture needs and have never been disappointed. Their team was able to create pieces that met all of our specifications without skipping a beat from start to finish–all delivered on time with exceptional customer service. While they are definitely worth the investment upon purchase, over time you will be saving money compared to having to continually replace subpar furniture over many years.” – Sam Smith, Property Management Professional

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Architectural Woodwork Industries. The quality and attention to detailing of their craftsmanship exceeds all expectations, making it nearly impossible to buy such luxurious wood products elsewhere. The processes are always seamless and efficient, while still keeping us in control at every stage of production. Thanks so much!” – Rachel B., Interior Designer

Variety of Projects

Architectural Woodwork Industries have been involved in a wide range of projects over the years. The scope of projects includes commercial buildings, retail spaces, hospitality projects, museums, libraries, office spaces and government buildings just to name a few. They specialize in custom-crafted wooden components such as cabinets and countertops as well as joinery items using both modern and traditional fine woodworking techniques. They are also able to create unique designs according to customer requirements and deliver them on time with exceptional quality. Their services extend to interior designing techniques for residential and commercial applications, including cabinetry manufacturing, installation, refurbishing and customization of existing architectural woodwork. Additionally they provide sophisticated mill-work solutions such as doors, windows and mouldings.

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The interviews with members of Architectural Woodwork Industries are an excellent way to gain insight into the world of this industry. Interviews should focus on everything from specific trade processes, what makes a great piece of architectural woodwork, the latest trends in the market and how to get involved in it or expand knowledge about it. It’s also an opportunity for viewers to gain an understanding of how this industry is adapting to changes in technology and staying current in terms of materials, design styles, and construction techniques. Interviewees should be asked questions regarding their journey within the business ” such as what inspired them to enter this field, their proudest accomplishments, and challenges they’ve faced throughout their career. These interviews provide valuable information not only to those who are interested in venturing into this line of work but also to seasoned professionals looking for new ideas or tips on how best to approach projects. The key would be to get a variety of perspectives from people representing a wide range of backgrounds and allow them tell their story ” sharing lessons learned along the way for others benefit.


Architectural Woodwork Industries is embracing innovation to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern woodworking. The company has implemented a wide range of advanced techniques and practices that are revolutionizing the field. Through specialized machinery such as computer numerical control (CNC) routers, they are able to cut materials with much greater accuracy and efficiency than previously possible. They’ve also embraced automated sanding technology which can quickly smooth curved surfaces and details with much greater precision than manual methods. Additionally, the company is using advances in laser cutting technology to create intricate designs in wood like never before, allowing for increased flexibility in their work. By staying on top of emerging technologies and trends, Architectural Woodwork Industries is setting a new standard for modern woodworking.


At Architectural Woodwork Industries, we work hard to create beautiful and functional woodwork products. Our team consists of expert designers, craftsmen, installers and project managers who are dedicated to their work and genuinely care about our customers. Our designers use advanced software programs to bring the customer’s vision to life. Our craftsmen employ traditional woodworking techniques for perfect precision and quality. Our installers receive specialized training so that even the most complex products are installed without a hitch. Above all, our experienced project managers deliver projects on schedule with a level of customer service that is second-to-none. We all view ourselves as part of the same team working together with one common goal: creating beautiful, high-quality architectural woodwork pieces with exceptional skill and accuracy for each and every customer.

Artistic Impact

Architectural Woodwork Industries is revolutionizing the art and design industry. With its innovative and creative products, such as pre-finished wood panels, doors, crown moulding and window frames, AWI has become a leader in the field of architectural woodworking. The vibrant colors, unique shapes and textures of these products can take any space from ordinary to extraordinary. From corporate offices to residential homes, AWI’s creations have had an immense impact on interior design. The company is constantly pushing boundaries with custom pieces that are both functionable and visually appealing. Architects have come to rely on AWIs products as they have used them to set their projects apart from the rest. By utilizing their extensive selection of woods, finishes and designs to create aesthetically captivating pieces, architects have been able to elevate any interior design project with a one-of-a-kind look that will be remembered for years to come. Whether through fine craftsmanship or cutting edge technologies, Architectural Woodwork Industries is transforming how art and architecture go hand in hand in creating inspiring environments that truly stand out from the rest.

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Interesting Facts

Architectural Woodwork Industries (AWI) was founded in 1956 and is now the largest provider of fine architectural woodworking products in the United States. As one of the oldest companies in the woodworking industry, their longevity is attributed to the high quality craftsmanship and customer service they provide.

One interesting fact about AWI is that they have been a major supplier to many high-profile projects including national historical sites, museums, casinos and airports across the US. Another fun fact about AWI is that hand-crafted trusses and arches made from white oak, olive ash burl, Caribbean ebony, Louisiana cypress and other hardwoods are among their unique offerings. The company is also known for its distinct finishes on products such as custom doors and fireplaces mantels. In addition, AWI can cut any type of lumber into different dimensions for manufacturing precision products like bent materials or curved components for projects with intricate designs. Lastly, AWI provides clients with access to virtual designing platforms so that customers can view 3D renderings of their creations prior to production.


Architectural Woodwork Industries is set to continue innovating with the latest technologies and materials to create attractive, high quality woodworks. This can involve expanding upon current projects such as luxury apartments and resorts, to exclusive private residences. The company will also be researching ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their manufacturing process, such as using FSC-certified woods, eco-friendly adhesives, formaldehyde-free glues and more energy efficient machinery. Additionally, they plan on exploring 3D modeling techniques to better design and fabricate intricate patterns while maintaining precision accuracy. Finally, Architectural Woodwork Industries intends to expand its services to a global market. It hopes to collaborate with top-level architects from around the world so they can create works of art that meet the highest standards of designing and craftsmanship.


Architectural Woodwork Industries has earned a stellar reputation among professionals in the architectural woodworking industry. These reviews come from people who have worked with them and their products, noting the high quality materials and workmanship that goes into every piece they create. Many experts point out the attention to detail in their craftsmanship, as well as their commitment to customer service and project satisfaction. Furthermore, they note that designers and craftspeople appreciate their superior attention to detail and professionalism when dealing with larger projects or custom orders. All of these attributes have established them as a leader in the field of professional equipping and furnishings for commercial installations.

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