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Beautiful Tree Woodworks is a family owned and operated business that has been in existence since 1994. The mission of the company is to create unique, artisan-crafted wooden furniture and home décor items that bring beauty and timelessness into people’s lives. Every piece of furniture or décor created by Beautiful Tree Woodworks is crafted with a focus on quality, attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship.

The business began when the owners, John and Mary Davison, started a small woodworking shop in their backyard. The workshop was stocked with carpentry tools developed by John’s grandfather, who was an expert craftsman himself. From there, the Davison’s developed the skill set they needed to pursue their mission of creating beautiful woodworks inspired by nature’s own design forms.

Today, Beautiful Tree Woodworks embraces their roots while innovating processes to take woodworking to higher levels of artistry. All pieces are crafted in house using locally sourced materials such as oak, ash, walnut and cherry woods. Special techniques like etching and marquetry allow them to create truly one-of-a-kind products that can be passed on for generations to come. Each bespoke product carries with it a story about the people who designed it and those who purchase it – lending pride and meaning to each piece of furniture or home décor item from Beautiful Tree Woodworks.

Showcase of Skills

Beautiful Tree Woodworks is an artisan woodworking business located in a small rural town. The company prides itself on its unique techniques that bring out the natural beauty of wood and its craftspeople who are dedicated experts in the field of furniture-making. Their portfolio is comprised of handmade, high quality pieces that they make using traditional joinery techniques and antique tools. They also specialize in creating custom designed pieces that can include anything from standard tables and chairs to display cases, beds and hand-carved sculptures. They have even been known to take on more challenging projects like fretwork or inlaid marquetry designs as requested by clients. Beautiful Tree Woodworks are highly committed to their work and their customers, ensuring all pieces produced reflect superior craftsmanship and a distinct style of design only they can provide.

Style and Design

Beautiful Tree Woodworks is more than just another woodworking business. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, custom furniture and home décor pieces that reflect each customer’s individual style and design needs. Whether you are looking for something simple and classic, or something unique and eye-catching, our team of experienced professionals has you covered.

Using high grade materials and techniques to ensure the quality of our products, we offer a range of options for customers to choose from. Our variety includes collections that feature classic styles ideal for traditional home décor selections or something more contemporary with modern twists – all customizable to exactly your preferences.

From tables and desks to benches, hutches, cabinets, beds, dining sets – whatever it may be – our dedicated craftsmen make every piece from furniture from scratch using superior tools and materials. Every single item is crafted by hand with a vision of elegance that speaks volumes about the style and attention to detail behind it.

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Let us take care of your woodworking needs with the passion that we put into every order. Visit our showroom today to find out more about what beautiful tree woodworks can do for you!


Beautiful Tree Woodworks specializes in high-quality woodworking creations for customers who want something unique and tailored to their needs. They strive to create beautiful yet functional pieces that are sure to be cherished for generations. Customers have the option of working closely with their team of experienced woodworkers to customize their furniture, from selecting the materials to selecting finishing styles, stains and texture options.

Customization offers customers an array of benefits. First, they get exactly what they asked for – something designed to fit them and their home or space perfectly. Making almost any kind of furniture can seem daunting, but Beautiful Tree Woodworks makes it easy by helping them every step of the way. Not only are there limitless design possibilities, but customers know that every single detail matters and that the craftsmen take care in creating a product that will last a lifetime.

Another advantage is being able cost savings due to production volumes – smaller batch customization usually costs less than large-scale production, so you can save money while still getting exactly what you want. In addition, furniture made out of natural wood has unique characteristics in inspection and feel that cannot be replicated any other way. When customers choose customization, they know they are getting piece made with heart and will look wonderful in any space.

Community Impact

Beautiful Tree Woodworks is committed to not only producing quality handmade furniture, but also giving back to the community. A key part of the company’s mission is philanthropy and making a positive impact through social responsibility.

Beautiful Tree Woodworks makes it a priority to give back to their local community by donating a portion of their profits each month to local charities and non-profit organizations. These donations are aimed at helping underprivileged children and families in need, by providing them essential supplies such as food and clothing. Furthermore, the company ensures that their donation money supports organisations whose mission resonates with its own goals and values, such as sustainability and environmentalism.

The company also actively encourages its staff members to get involved in fundraising efforts by organizing various campaigns throughout the year, such as bake sales, car washes, bowling tournaments, silent auctions and more. Employees often dedicate their free time to volunteering with these organizations they support in order to provide direct aid where needed. Beautiful Tree Woodworks also hosts workshops for at-risk youth or those wishing to learn woodworking skills, offering students an opportunity for mentorship from experienced business owners who take pride in teaching them about craftsmanship.

Beautiful Tree Woodworks exemplifies a genuine commitment towards building stronger societies through philanthropic outreach that reaches local communities through education and resources. Their contribution has made a real difference in the lives of many lives across the world.

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Behind the Scenes

Beautiful Tree Woodworks is a company that specializes in custom woodworking. From cabinets and furniture, to intricate crosses and other religious artifacts, the company has earned a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. But what goes into constructing these pieces of art?

Behind the scenes at Beautiful Tree Woodworks is a world of saws, chisels, planes, clamps and other tools that make their creations come to life. Every step of the process from selecting materials to creating joints can be photographed. For example, as raw timber is cut into boards and sheets, expressions on the craftsman’s face may reveal his enthusiasm for quality work. Photographs of how various components are joined together or glued up show how each piece incorporates unique design elements and structural strength.

The creation of custom projects also involves some level of trial and error. Challenges such as understanding grain patterns, joining pieces without visible seams or finding an ideal surface finish can be captured through close-up shots showing the woodshop under construction. Images of mistakes made while working on one particular component can illustrate the importance of taking time to produce excellent results.

Photographs have become an invaluable tool for Beautiful Tree Woodworks in accurately depicting their process in producing each one-of-a-kind creation. The photos allow prospective customers to appreciate the skill and artistry involved in crafting each piece with precision, durability and beauty – ensuring that every product released by Beautiful Tree Woodworks will both impress and stand the test of time.


Choosing Beautiful Tree Woodworks for your custom woodworking needs guarantees the utmost quality and satisfaction. By entrusting your project with them, you’re in the secure hands of experienced woodworkers who work with dedication and pride to make sure that every single piece is crafted just how you want it. Beautiful Tree Woodworks uses only the finest materials, ensuring that every finished product meets their high standards as well as yours. Their reputation speaks for itself; they are respected throughout their industry for consistently producing exceptional pieces at reasonable prices. Furthermore, if at any point you experience any issue take comfort knowing that Beautiful Tree Woodworks offers an unmatched customer service policy, meaning you can always count on a speedy solution from knowledgeable professionals. Ultimately, choosing Beautiful Tree Woodworks over the competition gives you the peace of mind that comes from hiring an established company with a proven track record of excellence in customer satisfaction and craftsmanship.

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