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Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking is a family-owned business that has been providing high-quality woodworking services for over two decades. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced artisans who have the knowledge, capabilities, and expertise to provide an impeccable finish in any size or scope of project. Our passion for providing our customers with one-of-a-kind pieces featuring generations of craftsmanship combined with modern designs has earned us a glowing reputation throughout the entire industry; this positive recognition continues to fuel our enthusiasm to provide you with only the best possible end product. We take great pride in ensuring that all of your expectations are not only met but exceeded – regardless of your needs.


Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking started in 1993 as a small wood shop with only two members of staff. Since then, they have grown to include almost 20 specialists and craftsmen that have many years of experience in the field. They are now renowned for their precision in custom furniture making, bespoke joinery and detailed construction services. As a testimony to their skill and craftsmanship, Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking has provided unique pieces for various marquee projects around London and the United Kingdom over the years such as luxury hotels, leading restaurants, prestigious offices and heritage homes.

In addition to mastering carpentry techniques from around the world, Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking also works towards improving their services through technological advances. Thanks to this endeavor, they employ modern equipment such as computerized carving machines for intricate detailing on all work orders along with CNC milling capabilities that help maintain accuracy without compromise. Furthermore, they have invested into software tools that help them create 3D digital models of potential projects before undertaking any full-scale production runs.

The commitment to quality is exemplified by the fact that Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking makes it a point to use sustainably sourced wood materials with chemical-free finishes so they stay close to nature even while producing high-end cabinetry systems or home decors. As a result, clients get hard wearing yet aesthetically pleasing pieces without affecting the environment adversely thus making them more satisfied with every purchase.

Design Philosophy

Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking is a company known for their commitment to creating stunning and unique pieces of woodcraftsmanship. Their design philosophy centers around exploring what makes each type of wood unique, applying the highest standards of craftsmanship to bring out its natural beauty and character.

The first step in the process is obtaining quality materials from around the world, selected for their distinct characteristics. Each material chosen has been carefully evaluated for its grain patterns, texture, color, strength, and ability to take detailing as well as durability over time.

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Once a selection is made, Chris Tribe’s experienced carpenters employ a variety of traditional and modern creation techniques such as steam bending, hand carving, dovetail jointing, cupping joinery and vacuum pressing to ensure each piece meets the highest levels of structural integrity while maintaining artistic attention-to-detail.

Every one-of-a-kind piece created by Chris Tribe’s team embodies a certain finesse that cannot be replicated by conventional means making it timeless; both in design and quality construction. By seeking out unusual woods often not seen in conventional settings combined with years of accumulated knowledge on hand-crafted details doled out graciously; Chris Tribe’s work is unrivalled in today’s landscape of mass manufactured furniture products lacking integrity.


Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking Services provides superior carpentry, construction and woodworking services. They specialize in custom furniture, cabinetry and millwork such as kitchen cabinets, mantels, custom closets, built-ins, staircases and other unique projects.

Some of Chris Tribe’s successful past projects include a whole house renovation for a customer that included full cabinetry upgrades, new trim, ceiling treatments, tile flooring and wainscoting; the craftsmanship of this project was breathtaking. Another highlight is their built in cabinet/entertainment center they created for another customer; the staining options provided incredible depth to the wood while the storage compartments added elegance and functionality to the work.

Chris Tribe also has experience constructing high end furniture pieces such as bed frames with crafted details and fine finish coats. Their expertise includes precise joinery techniques including mortise & tenon, dovetail joints and biscuit joinery for added strength. They also provide full panel modifications like raised panels or routed edges for a sophisticated look to their creations.

Chris Tribe has an eye for detail which shows in every project they undertake; from concept building to finish installation, it’s always done to exact specifications using only quality materials and craftsmanship for a lasting impression on each client’s living space.


Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking is known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Chris takes the time to carefully select and source the finest materials for each project, seeking out only the best quality hardwoods like red oak, cherry, and maple. As a master woodworker, Chris pays careful attention to the smallest details when crafting furniture pieces such as tables, chairs and bookcases. He uses traditional joinery techniques such as dovetails, mortise-and-tenon joints and pegged joints to ensure that his pieces remain sturdy over time. Hand tools like a hand saws, chisels, gouges and planes are used in combination with power tools like routers and sanders to achieve precision results. Each piece is finished off by hand rubbing with natural oils or waxes to bring out the beauty of the grain while also protecting it from moisture damage. Other techniques he uses include staining, polishing and carving to add unique touches and accents to his furniture pieces. With this attention to detail, Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking is able to provide clients with beautiful pieces of bespoke furniture sure to last a lifetime.

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Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking has been helping customers with their woodworking projects for over 10 years. Every one of our satisfied customers has attested to the quality craftsmanship, sustainability and fast service that makes us a top-tier provider in the community.

As part of our commitment to you, we have collected photographs, videos and quotes from those who have used our services. These testimonials allow viewers to have a better sense of the trustworthiness, reliability and efficiency that Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking has consistently provided.

John Johnson is just one of many happy customers who can’t speak highly enough about his experience using Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking. “The attention to detail they provided was impeccable. I am so happy with the outcome!” he says in one of our many customer videos testimony.

Customers also enjoy being able to clearly see photos and videos that show other projects created by Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking ” giving them a tangible understanding of the level of expertise they come to rely upon with every job they take on.

Whether it’s through written testimonials, pictures or even video clips, clients leave feeling confident in their choice when utilizing Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking for their next project: one of kindness, professionalism, timeliness and unmatched quality work all at once.


Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking offers customers numerous advantages when it comes to their woodworking needs. Customers can expect to receive exceptional craftsmanship, reliable results, and outstanding customer service. With years of expertise in the industry, Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking is dedicated to providing each customer with the highest quality products and services. Utilizing advanced technology and modern techniques, their experienced staff guarantees that each project will be customized to fit the customer’s exact specifications. Additionally, the team is available for ongoing support should customers need help with installation or other related tasks. Customers will benefit from reliable results whether they are renovating an existing space or constructing something new. By choosing Chris Tribe Complete Woodworking, customers can have confidence that they are receiving a superior quality product that will last for many years to come.

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