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The College of the Redwoods Woodworking program gives students a comprehensive overview of woodworking techniques and furniture construction. The program offers both classroom instruction, as well as hands-on courses to help develop students’ skills in this area. Through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and exercises, students learn the fundamentals of woodworking such as joinery and measuring tools. They also gain an appreciation for the different types of wood, how to use them effectively, and why certain techniques are best suited for certain applications.

In addition to learning about all facets of woodworking, the college offers specialized classes that teach more advanced topics. These include instruction on fine furniture making, cabinetmaking, timber framing tasks, finishing touches such as oiling and sealing finishes, pattern making from sketches or photographs, working with exotic woods from around the world, and small-scale repair work. In addition to teaching these advanced aspects of woodworking, the college also provides specialty seminars on topics such as using machines like jointers and thickness planers correctly. Students also benefit from discussing aesthetic aspects of their projects with seasoned professionals who offer advice on design trends and popular methods for creating functional designs for home projects. The college also hosts apprenticeship programs allowing students to take their woodworking knowledge beyond what is offered in the classroom.

Overview of College of the Redwoods Woodworking Program

The College of the Redwoods Woodworking program is an excellent resource for those interested in learning and refining their woodworking skills. This comprehensive program provides comprehensive, hands-on instruction from professionals with years of experience in the field. Students gain practical, technical knowledge and become proficient in their craft as they create unique projects from start to finish.

There are two separate degree programs available in the College of the Redwoods’ woodworking program: Associate Degree in Woodworking Technology and an Advanced Certificate Program in Woodwork Construction. The former is designed for those who want to work professionally as a designer or craftsman, while the latter offers specialized courses that focus specifically on construction, finishing and design elements. The degree covers topics such as: furniture design, cabinetry making, joinery techniques and cabinetmaking. Additionally, students explore topics such as special woods design, surfacing methods and edging profiling.

In addition to its course offerings, the College of Redwoods Woodworking programs also provides student workshops to help students hone their skills and practice their craft outside of classroom instruction. These workshops provide opportunities for students to develop a portfolio piece showcasing their newly acquired skillset or experiment with unconventional or traditional techniques not covered provided by teachers in a class setting. Furthermore, there are student standouts from each class who have excelled and may be given the opportunity to display their work at monthly showcased events which highlights woodwork creations by various undergraduate and graduate-level students of the school’s woodworking program.

Highlights of Programs and Courses Offered

The College of the Redwoods is highly respected for its excellent Woodworking Program. The program offers a wide range of courses that are designed to help students gain hands-on experience and understanding of the craft of woodworking. Students learn the fundamentals of design, joinery, finishing, and shop safety while also developing skills that can be used in the construction and repair of furniture, cabinets, and other wood products.

The College of the Redwoods’ Woodworking Program offers a variety of classes for different levels of knowledge and skill. Beginning classes provide instruction on basic tools, techniques and operations such as cutting, ripping, planing, and drilling. Advanced classes teach more advanced skills including jig making, router table use, mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailing joint techniques, furniture repair & restoration techniques plus cabinet building.

Students in the program can choose from many elective courses including wood carving methods & techniques; steam bending & lamination; hand plane & rasp tuning; use of non-conventional power tools; glazing & staining; intarsia (wood mosaics); sculpture carving; exotic & figured woods working; upholstery basics/stuffs; green/eco/environmentally friendly options in woodworking; joinery refinements; virtual studio visits with working professionals in furniture design/build or lumber mill contexts; plus much more.

In addition to learning skills that can be applied to professional applications such as cabinetry work or furniture repair and restoration technician jobs the College’s Woodworking Program also provides students with theoretical understanding which not only further enriches their own creative self-expression but also prepares them for future studies at potential University level pursuits if they wish to pursue higher education eventually .

Unique Tools and Machines Used in Courses

College of the Redwoods Woodworking courses offer a wide range of tools and machines to ensure the very best in woodworking craftsmanship. From hand-held power tools and basic saws, to more specialized machines such as joiners, cutters, routers, planers and shapers, students can expect to be introduced to both vintage and modern machines used in carpentry and cabinetmaking. Students will also explore traditional hand-tool techniques as well as digital design methods like Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Each course offers an opportunity to experiment with different types of woodworking equipment while establishing good workmanship habits. Safety is of utmost importance during the use of all woodworking tools. All College of the Redwoods Woodworking instructors have plenty of experience using these tools allowing them to pass on invaluable knowledge about proper tool handling and operational safety procedures for any project participants may choose to take on in the future.

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Faculty Specializations and Expertise

The College of the Redwoods Woodworking program has an impressive faculty, each with their own specializations and expertise. Professor Francois Gervais is the primary instructor, teaching courses in woodturning and carving, along with instruction on finishes, scrollsawing and joinery. Hollis Lowe heads up the furniture design class and teaches joinery as well as workshop safety procedures. Sean Slavin specializes in steam bending as well as 3-Dimensional Design. He focuses on sustainable construction techniques. Richard Hawk teaches students foundational woodworking skills, such as dimensioning lumber, sharpening tools, and hand-tool use; he also provides guidance in sharpening techniques for achieving the highest quality results. Paul Hoch engages his students in projects involving box making, intarsia work, veneering and marquetry. Finally, Mitchell Dillman instructs luthiers in the fundamentals of stringed instrument building such as bracing pattern design as well materials selection. These instructors bring a wealth of experience to teaching classes at College of the Redwoods Woodworking program and provide terrific opportunities for learning longstanding skills in crafting wooden works of art.

Examples of Student Projects Spanning Different Eras

College of the Redwoods Woodworking is a well-established program that has been educating students in woodcrafts for decades. The program has helped to shape the woodworking industry, with alumni producing furniture, cabinetry and other products of art for both commercial and residential customers. It offers a variety of classes that focus on different wood techniques, including carving, marquetry and hand-tooling.

The college emphasizes the traditions and methods developed over hundreds of years by master craftsmen from around the world. Throughout the years, students have produced pieces of furniture from various eras utilizing materials such as walnut, cherry and oak. Examples include classic Shaker-style cabinets with dovetail joints that are popular in homes today; 18th century French-style armoires with painted scenes on their doors; contemporary Mid Century Modern chairs crafted in teakwood; Arts & Crafts style tables made from exotic woods like Brazilian rosewood; Arts Deco executive desks consisting of marquetry designs; hand carved Shaker cupboards embellished with metal drawer pulls; modern end grain cutting boards made with reclaimed hardwoods; rustic ladderback chairs created from beechwood or hickory poles; and ornate 19th century style Chinese Chippendale chairs constructed using intricate joined construction techniques. Each student’s projects are uniquely crafted replicas that have become cherished heirloom pieces of fine furniture by homeowners across the country.

Events, Exhibitions, and Experiences t Learning Woodworking

College Of The Redwoods Woodworking offers a range of events, exhibitions, and learning experiences related to woodworking. Events often include demonstrations from local professionals, lectures from renowned woodworkers, and hands-on workshops for those interested in learning various techniques. Exhibitions feature pieces of custom furniture crafted by College Of The Redwoods Woodworking’s students and faculty. Meanwhile, the Learning Woodworking program provides classes for adults on topics such as basic joinery, finishing techniques, hand tools, advanced milling methods and cabinet making. Lectures are also offered on topics such as wood identification, design principles and project management. All classes focus on using traditional carpentry tools and rely on focus rather than technology. Additionally, personal consulting services help individuals develop custom projects that they can build with guidance from students and instructors. College Of The Redwoods Woodworking also host events such as conferences throughout the year to share knowledge about contemporary trends in the field – further deepening people’s understanding of the craftsmanship behind woodworking.

Benefits and Opportunities From Studying at College of the Redwoods

The College of the Redwoods Woodworking program offers a ton of benefits and opportunities for anyone seriously considering gaining entry into this dynamic and challenging field. Within the program, you will learn how to accurately measure and cut timber, join boards together using traditional methods, and understanding the principles of design that go into crafting quality furniture, chests, cabinets, boxes, and more. You will also be exposed to more modern techniques such as carving with digital CAD software or building frames by welding. In addition to woodworking skills acquired at College of the Redwoods Woodworking, students can expect exceptional level of individualized attention from instructors who are deeply knowledgeable in their fields. During your time studying in this program you’ll have access to industry mentors and internship opportunities that will help you put what you’ve learned into practice. Not only that but there are invaluable networking connections available from attending this school with fellow students who could potentially become life-long friends or future business contacts. Furthermore upon completing your time at College for the Redwoods Woodworking you could find yourself well on your way towards lucrative career opportunities within a wide range of internships in furniture construction, architectural organizations, industrial lumber production / management firms among many others.

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Career Opportunities and Resources for Graduates

College of the Redwoods Woodworking Program prepares its graduates to excel in the field of woodworking, equipping them with industry knowledge and technical skills. The program focuses on teaching best practices, safety protocols, and popular techniques while incorporating a range of traditional hand tools, contemporary equipment, and technology-driven processes. College of the Redwoods woodworking graduates gain an understanding of lumber processing, joinery construction, shop setup and operation, cabinet-making and furniture design.

After graduating from the program at College of the Redwoods Woodworking, students can find career opportunities in furniture production for architectural casework companies or larger home-furnishings companies; wood product manufacturing such as boatbuilding or other custom vehicles; and design work such as custom cabinetry or even industrial installation projects. In some cases, graduates may specialize in restoring antique furniture pieces for private clients or auctions. For those who prefer working with their hands rather than business administration duties associated with running a shop on their own, there are plenty of job opportunities available in professional workshops across a variety of mediums including metal fabrication and finishing.

For those who are looking to start a business after they graduate from College Of The Redwoods Woodworking Program there is plenty of support available. Many universities have programs that offer courses specific to business acumen like accounting principles (especially relevant to understanding company finances), marketing fundamentals (which teaches you how to find customers and promote your services) plus strategic pricing methods that provide value to your clients. Additionally, various organizations exist whose purpose is to help new businesses access funding by providing resources such as grants or loan funds to bridge the gap between success and failure for many new entrepreneurs just getting started marketing themselves in their respective communities.


The College of the Redwoods Woodworking is an internationally acclaimed institution renowned for its dedication to providing an outstanding program in all areas of woodworking. As a leader among professional training and educational programs, it focuses on developing basic, as well as complex skills in the use of machinery, tools, materials and techniques associated with the craft. Through hands-on instruction, advanced courses and apprenticeships, potential students are given challenging opportunities to study under world-renowned instructors from diverse backgrounds. With workshops around the globe and representation from some of the best woodworking schools in all types of academic settings, College Of The Redwoods Woodworking offers superior instruction at every level for anyone interested in pursuing a career or hobby in this timeless craft.

Students may take part in full-time study programs or apprenticeships to hone their skillset while making valuable contacts within the industry. Many learning resources can be accessed too ” such as events like panel discussions featuring professionals offering insights into various aspects of woodworking, reading materials and videos that discuss best practices and tips on various projects. The diverse team of tutors creates an engaging environment where people share mindset and questions beyond direct instruction topics. Students also benefit from internships wherein they are placed with experienced professionals allowing them to apply their classroom knowledge in real time scenarios and further refine their practices confidently. With state-of-the-art facilities that include plasma cutting machines, digital computer controlled equipment and dedicated sanding rooms, the college strives to stay ahead of new technologies ensuring each student gets exposure to the required equipment before graduating. Having provided world-class education programs and awarding excellent apprenticeship opportunities since its founding over four decades ago, College Of The Redwoods Woodworking continues to be a space for inspired learning by providing access to top quality resources for students seeking knowledge about lumber artistry at any skill level ” from novice amateurs to experts looking for more guidance or even certification upon completion. Whether you dream of building furniture or exploring bigger projects like boats or house frames, College Of The Redwoods Woodworking has something available to help you meet your goals through dogged determination and a passion for understanding one’s craftsmanship better!

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