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Once upon a time, there was an old grandfather clock that had been passed down through the generations of a family. As the years went by, and the clock continued to chime with each passing hour, its beauty began to fade. It no longer looked as majestic as it had when it was originally crafted decades prior. That is when they called upon D & M Woodworking.

D & M Woodworking knew just what to do. Specializing in restoration work, they worked their magic restoring the antique clock back to its original state – complete with a shining lacquered mahogany finish that left everyone amazed at its craftsmanship. With attention to detail for every step in the process, D & M Woodworking took this classic treasure and made it look like new again so the family could continue to appreciate its charm for many more years to come.


D & M Woodworking has a rich history of creating beautiful wooden works of art, custom furniture and small-scale wooden creations that date back to the early 1900s. Founded in Wisconsin by Edward and Mary Degner, D & M is known for its mastery of the lost arts and craftsmanship in bringing to life the intricate details that make woodworking so special. From custom crafted bedroom sets to re-creations of old family heirlooms, D & M has been restoring the charm and quality of each piece they create while also introducing new designs. They even offer classes on how to channel your inner woodworker and explore the various techniques used in crafting different works out of wood. With attention paid to each detail and a lifetime guarantee provided for all products, D & M is dedicated to helping others find their own appreciation for the beauty and expression in Woodworking.

Products and Services

D & M Woodworking specializes in creating custom, one-of-a-kind wood products that bring beauty and functionality to homes and businesses. With years of experience crafting furniture, art, decor, and more with precision, they are experts in their trade.

The company offers a variety of customized woodworking projects, including kitchen cabinets and countertops, bedroom furniture sets, living room decor pieces like shelves and bookshelves, decorative accents such as mantels and wall plaques, accent pieces like wine racks or firewood boxes, entertainment centers for media rooms, items for the office such as desks and bookcases, outdoor furniture for the backyard or patio, custom bars for game rooms or man caves. In addition to creating custom builds from scratch without any templates or molds to rely on – D & M Woodworking offers staining and finishing services tailored to customers’ wants/needs of appearance. All work is done by experienced craftsmen who make sure that each piece is crafted carefully with attention to detail.

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It’s equally important to show off the high quality craftsmanship created by D &M Woodworking than it is to tell about it. The best way to demonstrate the woodworks creations is through pictures or videos that highlight exemplary projects created by the company. Some examples could include before/after builds with an emphasis on transformations achieved by their expertise; video tutorials that would explain how certain projects were created; comparison pictures of different staining jobs performed by the company; detailed photos featuring finished works of art; 360-degree views of constructed products showcasing every angle of a project (preferably with commentary).


D & M Woodworking specializes in providing custom services for all types of carpentry projects. Our highly skilled craftsmen are experts in a range of different tools and techniques, including:

• Cabinet making – custom cabinetry remains a staple of our craftsmanship talents, which can include designing and building any type of cabinets needed.

• Sanding and finishing – on every project we sand and finish the wood as carefully as possible to ensure a perfect, even surface for staining or painting.
• Joining – a variety of joining methods such as dovetailing, mortise-and-tenon, doweling and biscuit joining are amongst the jointing techniques we use.
• Turning – our team can turn individual components from wooden spindles to complex turned legs with precision, style and finesse.
• CNC routing – using computer numerical control (CNC) routers allows us to create shapes that would otherwise be prohibitively difficult to create by hand in an efficient way.
• Carving – we’re adept at carving all sorts of decorative features into furniture and cabinetry with skillful hand tooling as well as employing electric carving tools like dremmels when needed.
• Bending wood – our experience bending wood allows us to make curved furniture pieces or intricate mouldings that set our projects aside from your standard carpentry fare.


D & M Woodworking creates handmade pieces from the finest quality materials, designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship. Customers who have purchased items from them often have great stories to share about how their wooden items have made a difference in their lives. One customer, in particular, was a woman who had recently retired and wanted to create a unique item for her home. She chose an artisanal cutting board with intricate designs that she could use not only for preparing meals but also to display in her kitchen as artwork. She was so pleased with the final product and the fact that it was custom-made just for her that she said “I feel like I’ve been given a gift—a pleasant surprise of beauty, utility and love”. Another customer purchased bookcases to store his extensive collection of books. He found them so enjoyable to assemble and admire that he said “The entire process of assembling each piece filled me with a sense of pride and satisfaction”. A third client recently bought an outdoor patio set from D & M Woodworking. The furniture is solid yet stylish and fit perfectly on her deck; it felt as if these pieces were meant for this spot exactly as they are now She loves being able to entertain friends on her deck, making memories under the stars without having to worry about whether the furniture would last through these moments or not. Every time she does, she is thankful for D & M Woodworking’s high-quality products that make these special moments possible!

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Customer 1:

“I was skeptical about ordering furniture online, but the craftsmanship of my new table from D & M Woodworking was excellent. It arrived perfectly safe packed in a crate and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

Customer 2:
“My daughter absolutely loves her new bookcase, which was custom-made by D & M Woodworking. The quality is amazing and the design is beautiful. They clearly care about their work and the attention to detail is incredible.”

Customer 3:
“I recently purchased a dining room set from D & M Woodworking and it exceeded my expectations! Not only does it look exactly as pictured online, but the construction and durability are top-notch. Highly recommend!”


Thank you for considering D & M Woodworking for your next project. Our experienced team will strive to make sure that you are pleased with the quality and professionalism of our work. From custom furniture to renovations and remodeling, we will be there every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed successfully. To learn more about what we can do, please contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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