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David Finck Woodworking is a family-run furniture and luxury goods business with a focus on quality craftsmanship. It is the passion of the three generations of David Fincks, from grandfather to father and son, that has enabled them to create finely crafted products that have become highly sought after around the world.

The family has been in the woodworking business since the late 1800s and they continue to honor their craftphilosophy—to use ethically sourced materials, handcraft each piece with an attention to detail, and maintain exceptionally high standards of quality. Each piece is given individualized attention throughout its entirety, always prioritizing craftsmanship and functionality over mass production. Their pieces feature both classic and contemporary designs, using an encyclopedic knowledge of woodworking techniques to bring together traditional elements into today’s modern style.

Due to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, David Finck’s products have been featured in some of the finest galleries, museums, and retail stores around the world. In addition to selling handmade pieces directly from their showroom located in Ferndale, Michigan, they also collaborate with interior designers offering custom built pieces for residential or commercial projects. They’ve made custom furniture for world famous architects such as Richard Neutra and Frank Lloyd Wright. With an impressive portfolio ranging from reproductions of historical antiques to contemporary cutting edge designs, it’s no wonder why this company is so valued in today’s market.

History of the Company

David Finck Woodworking has been a staple of the furniture craftsmanship and carpentry industry for over century. Founded in 1911 by David Finck, the company was initially established to provide quality home furnishings to customers in and around his hometown in Bavaria. As time went on, it became clear that David Finck’s commitment to quality and attention to detail had earned him a reputation as one of the premier furniture makers in Europe. In 1929, David’s son, Ferdinand, joined the family business and along with his brother-in-law, Martin Brunsman, they began producing truly unique pieces of heirloom-quality furniture.

The company continued its success through the 60s and 70s under Ferdinand Finck’s guidance who expanded production into custom furnishings and cabinetry that included intricate carvings and wood products with innovative designs. At this time, the now second-generation company introduced their signature piece: a substantial armoire with 11 drawers carved from solid walnut, designed with ornamental accents throughout. It soon became their trademark product known for quality craftsmanship that would stay with them for years to come.

As the 80s rolled around so did new challenges as modern tastes began shifting away from more traditional styles. Once again adapting to customer needs while never sacrificing quality or attention to detail, David Finck Woodworking launched a line of contemporary pieces while continuing to offer timeless classics including their original hallmark armoire design. This allowed them not only continue their long history but also bring a breath of fresh air while still delivering on their promise – providing only top-tier furniture crafted with respect to tradition but built for modern living. Today their collections include bespoke kitchens cabinets and one-of-a kind unique pieces made possible by two generations passed down knowledge coupled with advanced processes that ensure every last detail is tailored perfectly for each individual client’s needs. They continue to operate out of their same workshop where it all began over 100 years ago and use many of the same techniques that cemented them as true masters of European furniture craftsmanship and design which will see no end in sight from David Finck Woodworking anytime soon!

Superior Craftsmanship and Precision

David Finck Woodworking is a company that has gained immense notoriety for their commitment to excellence in all of their products. Finck’s impressive portfolio features traditional woodworking alongside modern designs, utilizing both traditional and cutting-edge technology to bring every piece of craftsmanship up to the highest standard. From finely detailed hand carved works of art to complex 3D designs and CNC router precision machine operations, no detail is overlooked when crafting entirely original pieces.

Beyond taking advantage of specialized tools and processes, one thing that has really allowed David Finck Woodworking’s products to stand out among its competitors is their keen eye for quality control and assurance. Quality is built into every product they produce by closely reviewing individual steps taken during the creation process. This means only using the best materials, allowing ample time for drying, sanding and finishing work, in order to obtain a flat, stable surface ready for paint or stain. Strict adherence to finishing guidelines results in beautiful products with an unmistakable sheen and finish. Lastly, it’s the use of multiple layers of protective coats on most projects such as polyurethane lacquer or waterborne finishes ensure longevity even with challenging environments such as high humidity ocean air or subfreezing temperatures up north. Ultimately, delivering product with lasting beauty and value to customers is always at top priority.

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Client-Centric Approach

At David Finck Woodworking, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of craftsmanship and service. From start to finish, we make sure that each client’s needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. We believe that every project should be undertaken with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The key to success for David Finck Woodworking is our focus on always providing exceptional customer service and care. We recognize that our clients have unique requirements and preferences, so no two projects are ever exactly the same. Therefore, we take the time to sit down with each client individually in order to fully understand their needs and desires for their custom project. Through careful question-and-answer sessions, concept sketches, renderings and detailed plans we work together with our clients every step of the way – ensuring that their final product will not only look beautiful but will also be something they can proudly show off for years to come!

In addition to taking an individualized approach to each project, we also prioritize ongoing communication throughout each job. Our customers always know what is happening at any given point and can feel confident that progress is being made on their piece of furniture or cabinetry in line with their wishes. To further ensure quality end results, we back each product we create with a full guarantee – meaning any issues can be taken care of quickly so that inconvenience is minimized for all parties involved. In this way David Finck Woodworking strives toward ensuring maximum customer satisfaction from beginning to end on every job!

Cutting Edge Designs and Technologies

David Finck Woodworking is a fine carpentry and woodworking business that has been providing quality craftsmanship to customers for nearly three decades. Finck Woodworking utilizes cutting-edge designs and technologies to produce furniture and cabinetry of the highest standards. Through their commitment to topnotch craftsmanship, they have earned an enviable reputation as one of the leading woodworkers in their area.

The team at David Finck Woodworking takes great pride in using industry-leading materials and practices. They use only quality hardwoods such as cherry, walnut, walnut veneers, mahogany, oak and maple. Their talented craftsmen employ traditional techniques like dovetailing and hand crafted joinery to create strong joints that last a lifetime. The furniture pieces are finished with advanced lacquers, stains and sealants to ensure every piece will be durable yet beautiful for years to come. Additionally, the team incorporates modern technologies such as CNC routing and precise through tenons into many custom pieces. This combination of time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art technologies produces results that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to producing exquisite furniture pieces, the team at Finck Woodworking is highly adept at millwork details such as decorative cabinet doors, mouldings and casework designs. Their passion for woodwork means each piece they make is designed with care, attention to detail and a commitment to client needs. Overall quality control is achieved by implementing detailed checkpoints along their production process; ensuring pieces meet or exceed their exacting standards prior to delivery or installation.

It should come as no surprise then that David Finck Woodworking has become renowned for its attention to detail and high levels of craftsmanship throughout the region. Whether crafting stand alone furniture from hardwoods or creating stunning built-ins from exotic materials, this business puts forth a level of creativity and artistry unrivaled in their market segment

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

At David Finck Woodworking, ecological preservation and sustainability are at the heart of our mission. We believe that conscious manufacturing practices not only positively benefit the environment, but they significantly improve the quality of craftsmanship and output. That’s why we strive to lead the industry in terms of responsible resource management. Our commitment to sustainability can be observed in several areas:

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1. Water Conservation: All our woodworking equipment is equipped with water-saving fittings that reduce the amount of water used for cleaning and sanding operations. This system saves an average of 70 percent of water resources annually, drastically reducing the amount of wastewater discharged into local environmental systems.

2. Power Efficiency: We use advanced energy-efficient motors for all power tools employed in production processes. Additionally, we regularly monitor energy consumption levels to ensure equipment is operating correctly and within efficiency standards.

3. Green Materials: As a woodworking business, we recognize the importance of using responsibly sourced timber products that come from environmentally friendly sources such as sustainably managed forests or reclaimed lumber left over from other projects. This helps us promote regional biodiversity and reduce logging activities on endangered forests around the world.

4. Project Waste Reduction: As a reflection of commitment to sustainability practices at David Finck Woodworking, all efforts are made whenever possible to reduce any excess materials or debris arising from production processes by efficiently recycling these items for use in future projects instead of disposing them as waste. To do this, large quantities of wood chips and sawdust from previous works are collected and reused where optimal results can still be achieved while using fewer raw materials overall

Awards and Accolades

Since its conception in 1983, David Finck Woodworking has become one of the best-known and highly revered woodworking enterprises in the world. With an impressive portfolio of projects and a commitment to craftsmanship second to none, the company has earned several awards and accolades from both industry leaders and customers alike. The most notable of these achievements include:

1) The Gold Medal for Exceptional Craftsmanship at London’s International Furniture Design Show for their bespoke table suite in 2015.

2) The Vrije Uitleveringsprijs Award – the highest honour awarded by the Dutch Association of Fine Artisans – for their distinctive window display cases in 2018.

3) Five consecutive international awards at Paris’s Modern Artistry Trade Fair for their chairs, tables, and lighting fixtures year after year since 2009.

4 )Qwapsline Magazine’s coveted Woodworking Pioneer Award for “Innovative Designs Shaper Than Time” in 2020-2021.

5) Several commendations from commercial clients across Europe for whom they have created custom furniture pieces over the last four decades; many citing them as clear choice for high-end hospitality and showroom pieces.

These achievements have solidified David Finck Woodworking as a major name in global woodcraft artistry, firmly establishing them an exemplary figure within the industry while opening doors to even more innovation opportunities worldwide.


David Finck Woodworking is a woodworking business established over 50 years ago. Founded by David Finck, the company has had a long history of providing quality woodworking services to clients in the local area. Today, the company still stands as one of the most trusted woodworking establishments in the area, noted for its skillful and experienced craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and superior customer service.

Over the years, David Finck Woodworking has earned a reputation for working with clients to create customized pieces that bring their vision to life. Projects range from small rustic furniture pieces to large industrial cabinetry units. All work is done with top-of-the-line tools and under strict industry standards to ensure that customers receive products that meet their expectations exactly. The team’s commitment to detail and exceptional attention to detail gives clients piece of mind and encourages them come back again and again.

When customers choose David Finck Woodworking they can rest assured knowing they are getting one of the highest quality products on the market today. Each project undergoes a rigorous inspection before shipping out to confirm it meets every technical requirement and is free from any defects or imperfections. The company also offers timely delivery, installation, refinishing services if needed–allowing for seamless integration between different stages of production. Whether it be custom millwork or something more involved like a staircase or large entertainment center, customers can count on David Finck Woodworking’s expertise to see whatever project they have in mind come together quickly and perfectly every time!

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