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Dream Woodworking Workshop is a one-stop-shop for all of your woodworking needs and desires. From hand tools and supplies to full machine shops, Dream has everything you need to create your perfect project. Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned vet, we have the gear and expertise to help you get the job done. Today we are going to take an in depth look at our workshop and all that it has to offer.

We believe in providing high-quality products at affordable prices, along with top notch customer service. Our team of professionals can advise you on material and product selection, as well as assist you with troubleshooting any issues that arise throughout the life cycle of your product. Our employees have many years of cumulative experience between them, so no matter what project you’re working on, we’ve got someone who can help!

Our shop is equipped with everything from standard carpentry tools up through professional quality industrial woodworking machinery. No matter what type of woodworking project you’re trying to achieve ” from fine furniture building to custom cabinetry ” Dream Woodworking Workshop is here for you! We carry a wide selection of hardwoods as well as other related materials ranging from plywood to laminate. As far as machines are concerned we have all types: table saws, mitersaws, jointers & planers, routers & shapers; sanders & polishers; drill presses; band saws; plus many more specialized machines like mortisers & tenoners alongside necessary accessories like dust collection systems. In short ” if it involves wood and/or metal ” chances are good that we have it here at the Dream Woodworking Workshop!

To make things even easier for our customers, all orders placed online come with free shipping as long as they meet our minimum purchase requirements. This includes bulk orders or large projects such as custom made cabinets or beds! Additionally, we also offer delivery in certain areas for heavy items such as machines ” so if space is tight or transportation is an issue give us a call and see what kind of options are available for bringing your dream shop out to where it needs to be!

If this post has piqued your curiosity about what Dream Woodworking Workshop can do for your projects then don’t hesitate reaching out! Embedded below is a video showcasing some excited customers who trust our team at Dream Woodworking Workshop when choosing their shop supplies:

Historic Overview

The Dream Woodworking Workshop was first launched in 1990 by Mr. James Smith, a carpenter and woodworking enthusiast with a passion to make his dream of running his own business come true.

From the first shop in downtown Seattle, the business rapidly expanded over the years as local customers and national distributors began to take note of its exquisite craftsmanship and attention-to-detail projects. By 1995, the business had grown so quickly that Mr. Smith decided it was time to move operations to a larger facility able to accommodate greater demand for his services.

With this relocation came new milestones ” from winning numerous awards including several craftsman show awards in 1999-2000, to being recognized as one of America’s top workmanship companies by HGTV in 2004, Dream Woodworking Workshop has continued celebrating success with dedication and passion from its founder. Through interviews with Mr. Smith we have learned why he remains committed to building the best quality furniture possible no matter the cost or time constraint – which is something that is reflected throughout the entire organization’s ethos.

Today, Dream Woodworking Workshop is widely regarded as an industry leader offering a wide range of products spanning everything from traditional designs created using intricately detailed pieces of fine hardwoods all the way through contemporary eclectic innovation built upon reclaimed wood sources ” now encompassing six regional stores across America and two international partners respectively. Thanks to their combined growth and experience they look forward to continuing their journey towards future successes well into the next decade continuing their commitment towards delivering only the utmost amazing results backed up by 20+ years of service excellence.

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Workshop Culture

The atmosphere in the Dream Woodworking Workshop is vibrant and inspiring. Every employee is passionate about their work and fully focused on craftsmanship, accuracy, and attention to detail. Despite working with their hands all day long to create beautiful pieces of furniture, every worker maintains a cheerful demeanor that fills the air with joy and purpose.

The workspace is organized and clean, with each employee taking great pride in ensuring that shop tools are kept tidy and safe for everyone’s well-being. Furniture pieces still in progress sit atop large tables throughout the workshop, awaiting their finishing touches before being carefully transported to our customers’ homes for assembly.

When it comes to the actual woodworking process, every step from design to construction is approached with enthusiasm. Loud talk can be heard between employees who are discussing ideas or offering advice on how best to make a piece look its best. There’s always someone around who can help out when problems arise during creation or assembly.

At Dream Woodworking Workshop, not only do you find an attentive team of creators making beautiful pieces of handcrafted furniture; but also a fun culture that includes fierce competition during “wood carving Olympics” on weekends after a day’s hard work has been done!

Workshop Traditions

The Dream Woodworking Workshop has been a staple in the community for many years. It’s an institution where students of all levels, from beginners to apprentices, can come to learn the art of woodworking. The workshop passes down knowledge that was taught by master woodworkers from different eras and backgrounds, from medieval to contemporary styles. Those who attend can learn various techniques such as joinery, sawing, chiseling and carving, and how to use various tools including lathes and routers.

The workshop also encourages its students to keep traditions going including the preservation of antique furniture through conservative restoration practices. Students learn how to identify, refinish, or repair various types of antiques like cabinets, chairs, tables and bookshelves. Through their instruction in the workshop, students gain an understanding for historical relevance and value when it comes to more modern pieces.

In addition to antique furniture restoration techniques, Dream Woodworking Workshop also educates students on a variety of materials used in modern furniture-making such as plywood versus particle board construction methods as well as techniques required for successful fabrication of cabinets using different types of veneer or laminates while using traditional handcrafted milling processes.

Through this comprehensive approach to teaching the craft of woodworking at Dream Woodworkshop Workshop students leave with increased confidence when tackling more challenging projects and have created memories that will last them a lifetime!

Team Building

Team building activities such as regular team outings and socials have been incredibly successful in creating a strong workplace culture at the Dream Woodworking Workshop. The best example is the annual ski trip that the entire company takes together. All the employees stay at a cabin in the woods and take part in various snow-related activities, games, and competitions. At night, there’s bonfires, conversation, and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm. Each employee’s contribution is valued and celebrated over this trip – from making meals to prepping for upcoming events at work. Employees often return home with many fond memories of their time spent together away from daily routines.

The team spirit brought out during these retreats endures past the short getaway. It helps remind each employee of what they mean to each other and serves as a reminder of their commitment to the growth of Dream Woodworking Workshop as well. One story told by employees was that on top of learning more about each other’s life stories, anecdotes, fears and goals, they were also able to bring that sense of bonding back into the office when it came time to tackle more serious issues such as objectives or certain tasks that need completing in order for morale to remain high throughout any work day within their shared workspace after taking part in these activities and initiatives together as one family.

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Highlighted Projects

Dream Woodworking Workshop proudly showcases its most ambitious and impressive projects in their virtual tour. Some of these completed creations include custom furniture pieces, luxury cabinetry, as well as sophisticated corporate office interiors. Their masterpieces have been featured in publications both nationally and internationally for their exceptional craftsmanship and high-end materials used. The workshop also offers custom design services for homeowners who need to personalize their project specifically for their needs.

No matter the size, the Dream Woodworking Workshop is prepared to take on any challenge and craft extraordinary pieces. For corporate clients, the workshop offers unique experiences that make any space stand out while still being highly efficient. This includes creating integrated shelving units with desktops that can be customized to provide additional storage or innovative conference tables with creatively carved base designs that make a statement in any boardroom! Furthermore, they specialize in both modern and classic techniques to make sure each piece proves its timelessness over the years with minimal upkeep necessary.

Making A Difference

The Dream Woodworking Workshop has had a significant positive social and economic impact on the community. The workshop focuses on providing job skills and interviewing opportunities to people who otherwise wouldn’t have them. Many individuals in the community are now able to provide for their families due to the increased opportunity from being employed at the woodworking shop.

The shop has also engaged with local charities, providing furniture donations and resources for those in need. Interviews with individuals whose lives have been changed for the better are abundant. Each of these stories provides a unique glimpse into how Dreams Woodworking has actually put words into action and given back to their greater community.

Comments from some of those who have expressed gratitude toward the Dream Woodworking Workshop include: “Dreams Woodworking helped me get my life back on track,” “I was down on my luck until I got a job here, now I’m one of their best employees,” and “This place gave me an opportunity that would not otherwise be there.” All of these sentiments express just how much Dreams Woodworking is appreciated by so many in their community and how they’re truly making a huge difference.


Dream Woodworking Workshop has been an exciting venture, and we have accomplished a lot in a short span of time. We are proud of our success, and look forward to expanding in the coming years. With our workshop classes and extensive range of tools and materials, we aim to help people explore their passion for woodworking while learning new skills. We believe that with continued hard work and enthusiasm, we can provide unique experiences for all of our customers. As Dream Woodworking Workshop grows, we promise to stay true to our mission: providing quality instruction, tools and supplies that bring your dreams to life.

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Thank you for being part of the Dream Woodworking Workshop community – let’s keep building something great together!

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