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Find Angle Woodworkings mission is to provide high-quality woodworking creations that are both utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing. We strive to make every piece a special one, as every customer has their own specficiations for what they’d like created. At Find Angle Woodworking we strive to create products which are both practical for use, but also visually stunning with the perfect combination of functionality, craftsmanship and design .

Our values guide our approach to creating quality woodwork so that we can continue to deliver exceptional results each time. We focus on using renewable resources where possible and sustainable methods in order to maintain ecological balance while minimizing impact on the environment. Additionally, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring each product made offers a degree of customization without sacrificing attention to detail or quality craftsmanship. Lastly, we value treating every customer honestly and fairly in order to build trustful relationships. With these values placed at the core of our work, customers can be sure that they are given the best experience when choosing Find Angle Woodworking as their preferred partner in customizations.

Behind the Scenes

Find Angle Woodworking is a modern furniture-making brand founded by two passionate woodworkers. Thom Rosenbaum and Melissa Grace co-founded Find Angle in 2019. Drawing on their years of experience crafting unique pieces, they wanted to create something that would appeal to contemporary tastes while still honoring traditional techniques and materials. Together, with their team of passionate workers, they strive to deliver designs that prioritize usability while never sacrificing style.

In this interview with the two co-founders, we explore what inspired them to start Find Angle Woodworking, their motivation for making high-quality furniture pieces, and how their brand is striving to make an impact both in the local community and beyond.

Thom: My passion for woodworking started when I was just a kid in school. I loved tinkering around making things out of scrap wood from my dad’s workshop. After high school, I enrolled in a woodworking program and that’s when I met Melissa. We quickly hit it off and since then have been working together ever since! We saw an opportunity to create something special using our combined skillset; that’s how Find Angle Woodworking was born!

Melissa: Although Thom had much more experience in the craft than me, his expertise inspired me to take up woodworking as a real career path instead of just an occasional hobby so I joined his program. Our experience in traditional furniture making gave us the opportunity to translate classic aesthetics into modern pieces while still keeping functionality top priority – which is ultimately why people seek Find Angle out.

We believe furnishings should be both beautiful to look at but also serve a purpose; maximizing space efficiency or simply filling up a room’s aesthetic value are all part of the goal when designing new products. Regardless of where people come from or what decor choice aligns with their personal preferences, we want everyone who chooses our pieces for their homes or businesses can connect on some level regardless and feel that same sense of pride we have when creating them!

Quality Craftsmanship

Find Angle Woodworking creates every piece that leaves its workshops with intricate attention to detail. They possess an in-depth understanding of the craft that they apply to each and every product that they design. Their skills include using tools, hardware, and other items in order to make any piece highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to the techniques used at Find Angle Woodworking, many products are designed by hand using a range of specialized tools such as planes, saws, chisels, sanders, block planes, sticksaws and more. This allows them to create highly detailed works of art that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In addition to cutting boards, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture, Find Angle Woodworking can also construct unique sculptures and toys from wood. The majority of their products are signed originals created by experienced artisans who have developed their skill set over decades of practice.

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The skilled craftsmen use a variety of materials such as high-grade woods finest hardwoods from domestic sources to give customers the quality assurance needed for truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Once the product is completed, each item undergoes a rigorous finishing process where stains or paints may be applied to ensure protection from water and moisture damage as well as UV rays that may cause deterioration over time. The result is a long-lasting and durable product designed with skillful technique providing beauty for years to come.

Unique Solutions

Find Angle Woodworking is an exciting company that offers a wide range of quality crafted wooden products. Their specialty is custom-built furniture and cabinetry, as well as ready-made pieces for immediate purchase. Its products are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, created with a blend of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern techniques. Hand-crafted from durable hardwood, Find Angle Woodworking’s furniture and cabinetry promise longevity, durability and unparalleled beauty.

The products offered by Find Angle Woodworking are unique due to the attention to detail each piece receives while being carefully constructed to ensure satisfaction in both quality and design. The wood used throughout production is specially selected with due consideration taken into account such as grain pattern and texture. Each piece of furniture is hand-sanded using 180 grit sandpaper, resulting in smooth surfaces that optimize the beauty of the wood and add extra flair in the finished product. Additionally, multiple layers of varnish are applied and professionally hand sanded between each step ensuring a smooth and glossy finish.

To really bring out the uniqueness of its products, Find Angle Woodworking also offers personalization options so customers can customize their orders for specific functions to meet their individual needs or tastes. These include customization of size, color, style as well as features such as drawers and compartments – making sure that no two pieces are alike!

Supporting Causes

Find Angle Woodworking is a woodworking company started by a father and son duo in 2019. Since their launch, they have been firmly committed to supporting a variety of causes that are important to them. They believe in spending more on people and less on marketing, so most of their donations go toward charitable organizations, educational programs, and research initiatives.

Some examples of the charitable organizations Find Angle Woodworking supports include developing local food banks to help those in need and volunteering at animal shelters to promote adoption. They also collaborate with other companies on constructive projects that provide hands-on learning experiences for career-oriented youth and underserved communities through workshops and training sessions. In doing so, they are helping young people gain work experience, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship skills alongside valuable resources such as mentorship from experienced professionals.

Additionally, Find Angle Woodworking has contributed significantly towards researching innovative ways to utilize sustainable materials and processes for their products as well as supporting research initiatives targeting climate change prevention and adaptation. They also sponsor programs that focus on developing green technology solutions for individual households as well as larger businesses to reduce carbon emissions from energy consumption.

Not only is Find Angle Woodworking providing valuable resources to organizations and individuals around the world but they are also committed to environmental sustainability through their renewable energy projects. The company’s CEO is passionate about creating better living standards for future generations by investing in renewable sources of energy such as solar power designs and wind turbines that generate clean electricity without emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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Worldwide Expansion

Find Angle Woodworking is a successful woodworking business that has been in operation since 1989. With a strong commitment to craftsmanship, their popularity has grown through word of mouth and online reviews. Recently, they have decided to take their success to the next level by exploring global expansion opportunities.

The first step of Find Angle Woodworking’s international campaign is identifying countries where there is an existing market for woodwork and researching the regulations on wood products in each location. They understand the importance of getting clear information about any import/export restrictions or taxes in order to maximize their profits while minimizing any potential pitfalls.

Next, the company is evaluating different strategies for entering those markets. For example, do they want to hire local staff or expand their current team? Do they need separate offices for each country or will one headquarters serve all locations? Are there cultural traits to consider when marketing their products?

Find Angle Woodworking is also exploring the different types of online stores and payment methods that are used in other countries so that customers have convenient access to their woodwork pieces. Additionally, solidifying strong relationships with logistic partners is essential to making sure orders arrive safely and on time no matter what continent they are coming from.

To ensure a smooth transition into worldwide business operations, Find Angle Woodworking must form well-structured long-term policies designed for sustainable growth and success. Alongside investing into technology for boosted productivity and communication between divisions, Find Angle Woodworking will look into creating smaller local businesses in respective countries’ markets to better serve localized demands such as tailor made requests for furniture or modernizing traditional designs according customers’s specific needs. Finally, its essential for them evaluate both cost cutting initiatives such as locally sourcing materials as well as finding sponsors that helps reduce upfront costs accompanying expanding operations abroad .

Looking Ahead

At Find Angle Woodworking, we believe that the future looks bright. We are excited to offer our services as professional woodworkers to customers in the local area and elsewhere, and we strive to provide them with ongoing value through our custom projects. Our goal is not only to provide exceptional craftsmanship but also to build relationships based on trust and respect.

As we look ahead and consider the future of Find Angle Woodworking, there are many potential growth opportunities we will seek to pursue. By continuing to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers, our expectation would be for continued growth. We will strive to continue improving both our products and processes through innovation and further refinement. Additionally, we aim to build upon our existing client base by marketing directly to new potential clients in print media and online. In order to accomplish this successfully, however, it will be important for us stay up-to-date on industry trends and advancements so that customers know they can depend on us for reliable services and products today — as well as into tomorrow. Finally, we plan on exploring potential partnerships with other locally owned businesses in order create more comprehensive service offerings. With these strategies in place, along with a commitment from all of us at Find Angle Woodworking, there is no telling how much success the company will achieve in coming years!

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