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Welcome to the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade. If you’re looking for a saw blade that delivers on sharpness and accuracy, then look no further than the Forrest Woodworker 2. This durable saw blade is specifically designed for superior performance in cutting hardwoods and softwoods, ranging from oak to pine. Thanks to its unique tooth geometry, the Forrest Woodworker 2 provides smooth clean cuts with minimal tear out. And with its laser-cut expansion slots, it minimizes vibration and noise level without sacrificing power or accuracy. Furthermore, the Forrest Woodworker 2 has a thicker plate thickness which makes it more resistant to burning while providing enhanced stability while cutting through hardwood materials. Best of all its easy-to-install design ensures that you won’t have any trouble mounting it onto your table saw or radial arm saw within minutes. With its robust construction and top quality performance, the Forrest Woodworker 2 is sure to become an invaluable asset when it comes to all your woodworking projects!

Product Description

The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is a precision-crafted saw blade that combines superior cutting performance with a unique design. It features a double-sided, asymmetrical grind for optimal results in various materials, including hardwoods, softwoods, composites, and more. Its unique kerf design creates a chip-free cut on both the top and bottom of the workpiece”even when cutting at an angle. The saw blade also has fine grinding diamonds for smoother cutting. This makes it ideal for creating intricate designs that require precision cutting. Additionally, it has a thin kerf design which reduces wastage of material during each use. Its large gullets make it easy to clear chips away from the blade quickly and efficiently as you work. The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is one of the most reliable and durable saw blades on the market and perfect for any woodworker looking to create perfect cuts every time they pick up their saw!

Cutting Materials

The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is a high-quality saw blade designed to provide superior cutting performance when it comes to woodworking projects. This saw blade is made with TM-6 Titanium Coated Carbide teeth that are extra hard for better edge retention and longer life. Additionally, the saw blades’ symmetrical design allows you to cut easily in both directions with even results. In terms of materials, the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade can be used to effectively cut a variety of materials including: softwood, hardwood, plywood, particle board, plastic laminates, and non-ferrous metals. It also works well on crosscuts and miters or any odd cuts or angles needed for furniture making and cabinetry. When it comes to the quality of cutting produced by the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade, users can expect high-precision cuts that offer clean edges without leaving behind any tear out or burrs on materials like hardwoods. Additionally, the saw blade helps reduce splintering when working with plywood due to its superior tooth design. Thanks to the combination of quality construction and array of cutting materials that the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade offers it’s no surprise why so many professional woodworkers use this tool for their projects.

Making Detailed Cuts

When making detailed cuts, the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade provides precision angle adjustments and accuracy. Its laser-cut micro-grain carbide edge blades are designed to offer an unparalleled level of control for furniture makers and craftspeople alike. The micro-grain carbide tip ensures that each blade is created with a perfect sharpness, which produces a clean and smooth cut on all types of workshop materials.

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In addition to excellent sharpness, the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade also features precise angle adjustments. This allows users to easily adjust the blade’s angle without having to reset the saw or recalibrate it. The production table also offers a zero tolerance system, ensuring that every cut made is perfectly square. Furthermore, the material holding system controls flexing and vibration while making cuts, allowing for improved accuracy.

Overall, this saw blade is the ideal tool for anyone looking for detailed cutwork with greater accuracy than manual saws can provide. Its guaranteed overall excellence makes it an exceptional choice not only for fine woodworkers but also for professional craftsmen who desire ultimate precision in their projects. With its powerful motor and balanced design working in tandem, this saw blade helps guarantee accurate cuts as well as increased safety when operating larger pieces of woodworking machinery.

Maintenance Tips

It is important to keep your Forrest Woodworker II saw blade in good condition if you want to ensure that it performs properly for many years. Good maintenance practices for this saw blade includes regularly checking the mounting screws, making sure that the blade is clear of dust and debris, and regularly inspecting the teeth for damage. Doing these regular checks will help you identify any potential danger areas before they become a problem.

Good maintenance also involves routine sharpening. Keeping the saw blade’s teeth sharp can increase efficiency as well as extend its life span. You can use various methods such as bench or hand sharpeners, diamond plates or files depending on personal preferences. Sharpening your Forrest Woodworker II saw blade should be done at least once a year.

Forrest recommends that you lubricate and clean your saw blades after each use to prevent rusting and improve their performance. Use a petroleum-based lubricant or light machine oil on the outside surface of the saw blade and wipe it off afterwards with a soft cloth. For the inside bore and set-screw channels, apply a thin layer of beeswax or other compounds specifically designed for ease of cleaning to reduce buildup of sap and resin from woodworking projects.

When not in use, store your Forrest Woodworker II saw blades in a secure location away from extreme temperatures as well as dust, dirt and water exposure which could cause water stain marks or rusting to form over time. Additionally, keep all protective guards which come with the saw blades in place when not in use to protect them from damage during transportation or storage.

Safety Features

The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is designed with safety as its primary focus. The circular saw blade offers a number of safety features that protect both the user and the equipment. One of the most useful safety features on this saw is its anti-kickback design. This design prevents the saw from becoming unstable while cutting and reduces the risk of user injury during use. Additionally, the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade has an integrated lower guard that helps protect against debris flying around during operation, preventing potential injuries to nearby bystanders or property damage alike. Furthermore, it boasts an oversized riving knife for enhanced control and stability; thus, ensuring smooth cuts and preventing kickbacks as well as binding. The Forrest Woodworker2 also includes an integrated dust collection system which ensures a clean work site and reduces excess dust in the air that can be hazardous to workers near by. Lastly, a noise dampener fitted around the blade’s outer circumference helps greatly reduce sound output from a maximum of 84 decibels down to 75 decibels (an amount much closer to a normal conversation). All of these features combined make using a Forrest Woodworker 2 Sawblade safe for all users at any skill level.

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Pros and Cons


1. The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade offers superior cutting performance. Featuring a thin-kerf design, it cuts quickly and cleanly to reduce wasted material and maximize yield when used for professional woodworking.

2. The blades are designed to be exceptionally sharp, with a special hardened alloy steel body and teeth that can maintain sharpness over time even with frequent use. This makes them an efficient long-term choice for professionals who need dependable performance day after day.

3. The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is coated with a special heat resistant ceramic for protection against heat buildup during operation, ensuring consistent performance over longer cuts or multiple projects without risk of damage from heat stress.

4. Each blade is laser-etched with its diameter so you never have to worry about guessing which size blade you are using. This prevents mistakes that can lead to costly repairs or subpar results on the job site.


1. The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is more expensive than other saw blades due to its high quality construction and materials, which can make it out of reach for some budget-conscious woodworkers or hobbyists not aiming for professional results in their work.

2. Carbon streaking is still possible on certain woods if the blade isn’t stabilised properly during use, so extra care should be taken when making long cuts or working with denser timbers where this risk often increases.


When comparing saw blades, the Forrest Woodworker 2 stands above the rest when it comes to precision and performance. This premium saw blade features an ultra-thin kerf which is perfect for extremely accurate cuts that don’t require a lot of chipping. The unique beveled teeth offer smooth and silent cutting, as well as consistent cutting depth for effortless use in a variety of projects. Additionally, the C-4 Micro Grain Carbide Teeth are sharper than those of other saw blades, which gives users a cleaner cut with minimal tear-out. With the predictable chip-free finish, this blade makes it easy to switch between hardwood, softwood, and plywood materials without worry. In addition to its long life expectancy due to its anti-friction coating, the Forrest Woodworker 2’s advanced heat venting technology ensures optimal temperature operation so your tool won’t overheat with continued use. By looking at all of these features side by side with other electric saw blades available on the market, it’s clear that Forrest Woodworker 2 is an outstanding choice that offers exceptional accuracy and ease of use.


The Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is an ideal choice for woodworking projects thanks to its robust build, accurate cuts and extended lifespan. Thanks to its fine-toothed blade construction from C-4 carbide steel, the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade is exceptionally strong and capable of withstanding heavy use. The large number of teeth designed into the blade offers incredibly precise clean cuts that are perfectly straight. Lastly, its carbide material guarantees a long lifespan while providing impressive resistance against chipping, damage, and wear. All these qualities make the Forrest Woodworker 2 Saw Blade a great option for any type of woodworking project.

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