Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc

Future Projects

Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc is at the forefront of the woodworking scene. They excel in crafting unique and beautiful furniture pieces that last for years. Their work brings life to homes, businesses, and public spaces with their expert design and craftsmanship.

At Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc they believe that every project starts with an idea, which they use to collaborate on creating something truly special. Through extensive research, excellent customer service and commitment to quality, their team works hard to bring those ideas to life no matter how big or small the project may be.

Current Projects: Right now Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc is focusing their efforts on several projects including a custom headboard for a local bed store, an executive office made from walnut boardroom table for a financial firm, and turnkey cabinetry for a restaurant renovation as well as many other projects throughout the city.

Future Projects: As talented professionals in the custom woodworking field, Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc is always looking ahead to exciting opportunities. Some of these include the creation of large scale sets used in film production finishings, replicating period-style mouldings for historic restorations and creating custom furniture collections ranging from rustic farm house chic to modern minimalism styles.

Special Features

Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc specializes in creating custom wood furniture and cabinets. Their unique joinery techniques provide the customers with truly one of a kind pieces that are built to last. The company also offers a variety of finishes for their products including wax, varnish and staining. They have access to the finest selection of woods such as mahogany, oak and teak, allowing them to create furniture of the highest quality with rich coloration. Additionally, they can expertly undertake any repairs or refinishing work on existing pieces. As experienced craftsmen, Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc is committed to creating beautiful bespoke works of art that will not only be pleasing to look at but also add value to homes for years to come.

Premiere Woodworking


Customers often comment that Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc produces the highest quality pieces and upholds standards of exceptional customer service. Testimonials from these happy clients serve as evidence that Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc is committed to producing beautiful, well-made custom pieces, tailored perfectly to their client’s needs.

“The level of craftsmanship we experienced was extraordinary! The finished product exceeded our expectations in every way. We would highly recommend Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc to anyone looking for the highest quality work.”

At Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc, staff are dedicated to helping you create a unique piece of work that you will cherish for years. Whether it be creating a custom sofa table or designing built-in cabinets for your kitchen, their attention to detail and dedication guarantee lasting satisfaction through all phases of the process ” from initial consultation right through to delivery and installation of your perfect custom piece. Not only is the final result beautiful, but customers can also feel confident in knowing they were taken care of without fail throughout their entire experience with Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc. Therefore, it comes as no surprise why so many customers leave testimonials raving about the finished product and service provided by this reputable team!

Awards and Recognition

Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc. has been the recipient of several notable awards and recognitions for their superior craftsmanship and inspiring design. In 2018, Lloyd’s won the Gold Award for Excellence in Design from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). This prestigious award was a testament to Lloyd’s commitment to consistently delivering cutting-edge excellence in woodworking and cabinetry.

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Subsequently, they also won recognition from the Interior Design Institute, with an International Design Merit Award for their outstanding work on a custom entertainment center. This included intricately detailed cabinetry, with glass shelving and built-in lighting fixtures to create an impressive visual impact.

Lloyd’s has established itself as one of the leading woodworking companies in the United States through rigorous dedication towards perfection in craftsmanship and attention to detail in every project they undertake. Their numerous awards stand as testament to their ongoing commitment towards excellence every step of the way.

Photo Gallery

Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc offers people the opportunity to see a wide range of furniture pieces crafted to perfection with its photo gallery. Each piece is designed and carefully constructed by master woodworkers, giving customers a selection of exceptional works. Everything from home decor to outdoor furniture is available in the Photo Gallery, showcasing beautiful furniture that combines form and function. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a simple bench for your patio, Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc has something unique for everyone’s taste. Every item has been made with quality craftsmanship in mind from woods gathered from the local area in Michigan, ensuring each one of Lloyd’s offerings will stand out in any modern home or outdoor space. So come explore Lloyd’s Custom Woodwork Inc in all its glory and discover your dream furniture today!

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