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Include learning resources

Manayunk Woodworking offers a wide range of resources for aspiring woodworkers and professionals alike. Their website features tutorials, instructional blog posts on topics like furniture making, joinery and equipment usage, gift guides, step-by-step videos and project plans. The website also discusses safety tips and provides advice on sourcing materials and tools. They also offer an online shop filled with quality pre-made items as well blanks of lumber to craft yourself in addition to their full lineup of classes, in both virtual and in-person settings. All the resources available through Manayunk Woodworking are designed to help people learn the craft of woodworking from beginners all the way up to experienced professionals.

Feature products

Manayunk Woodworking designs and produces a wide variety of beautifully crafted furniture pieces for both home and business. Its popular furniture products include kitchen islands, armoires, bookcases, coffee tables, sideboards and display cabinets. Many Manayunk’s pieces feature unique details such as wood inlays, hand-painted designs or distressed finishes.

For instance, the Solidly Built Kitchen Island is a classic design made with sanded solid oak. Designed to suit any style of decor, this gorgeous piece offers plenty of storage room with two bottom drawers and four shelves on each side. It also has an open space in the middle where many customers add rolling carts for additional serving space.

The Rustic Accent Cabinet offers rustic charm with its distressed finish that conveys the true character of age-old wood. This exquisitely crafted piece with barbed wire edge detailing is perfect for stowing away all those cherished items that you want to keep close by like treasured books or antique photos. Featuring nickel cabinet hardware and a waxed topcoat finish, this beauty brings heirloom quality to any setting.

The India Antique Armoire provides an intriguing look thanks to its carved pine panels with dark red antiquing over a lichen-green wash base coloration. Handcrafted for antique authenticity, this stunning wardrobe features scalloped sides. From clothes storage to added extra shelf space in a home office area, this piece is sure to impress!

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Introduce the team

Manayunk Woodworking was founded by Dave and Julie Anderson, a husband and wife duo from Philadelphia. For over 20 years, they have been using their skills to craft furniture with the highest quality materials.

The main team at Manayunk Woodworking consists of passionate woodworkers including four full-time craftsmen.

Dave is the head of design for all Manayunk projects, ensuring that their furniture pieces are precisely crafted and perfectly finished. He specializes in the use of exotic hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, cherry, walnut and oak.

Julie is the head of operations in charge of running the day-to-day business activities. She makes sure that every customer order is done on time and according to expectations.

Raymond has worked with Manayunk Woodworking since its inception as a young apprentice and now spearheads production as lead craftsman. He manages a small workshop staff making sure projects are turned around quickly with no compromise on quality or detail work.

Tim works alongside Raymond managing cutting, sanding and finishing operations while overseeing quality control standards. He makes sure all furniture produced meets stringent Manayunk standards before being delivered to clients.

Finally, Joe was brought in several years ago to take on refinishing duties for Manayunk’s portfolio of custom orders. Joe has become an integral part of team due his dedication to perfecting every piece of wood he touches ” like an artist painting on canvas!

Industry awards

Over the years, Manayunk Woodworking has received several awards in the woodworking industry. In 2015, they received recognition from the Philadelphia and suburban chapter of the American Society of Furniture Designers for their intricate and masterful craftsmanship. Their unique woodwork and furniture design also earned them an honorable mention at the Arts and Craft Scholarship Competition in New Jersey in 2019. Manayunk Woodworking was also a proud winner of the Community Service Award from the Woodcrafters Guild of America in 2020, for their contribution to local schools to help teach furniture building techniques to young people. The combinations of curved hardwood, fine upholstered fabric, and hand-hewn surfaces have gained them considerable acclaim each year they have been showcased at various home shows across Pennsylvania. Manayunk Woodworking’s work has been lauded all across the Eastern Seaboard for its innovative approach to traditional woodworking construction and materials. Their dedication to creating high-quality pieces that show a second-to-none attention to detail continues to be celebrated throughout the industry.

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Design tips

1. Pick your materials carefully: Manayunk Woodworking works with a variety of hardwoods, softwoods, and exotics for your project, so make sure you pick the type of wood that best fits your needs.

2. Keep an eye on the details: You can add intricate details to your design using routing techniques or carving techniques. Small details can really make a big difference!

3. Think outside of the box: Manayunk Woodworking offers custom designing services, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative with your design options.

4. Work within your budget: Whether you’re working with a set budget or have some flexibility in what you spend, keep in mind that good quality woodworking doesn’t come cheap. But it will certainly be worth it in the end!

5. Have fun: Enjoy the process of creating something unique and special by taking into consideration Manayunk Woodworking’s expert advice and recommendations throughout the whole process.

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