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Mb Woodworks have a meticulous process they follow when crafting each individual piece in their collections. All of the pieces are made with high-quality materials that emphasize sustainability and durability. They begin by hand selecting hardwood planks based on grain and texture, ensuring only the best timber is used to craft their designs.

The boards are then carefully cut, jointed, shaped and sanded to create various parts of the piece. Mb Woodworks will apply the additional components such as hardware and finishings at this stage. Depending on the type of hardware used, this could include handles, hinges or other metal elements made from recycled aluminium or bronze for example.

After all components have been applied, the expert craftsmen work to carefully polish and finish each piece to create a range of textural effects. At times woodburning or “branding” can be used as a finishing touch or signature mark. As a final step before shipping out the pieces, Mb Woodworks adds coatings like waxes and oils which protect against environmental factors and make sure that each product reaches its maximum potential in terms of longevity and beauty.

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Q: What services does Mb Woodworks provide?

A: Mb Woodworks specializes in creating custom, high-quality wood furniture and interior design elements. We offer a comprehensive range of services including design, fabrication, installation and finish work. Our expert craftsmen utilize traditional skills as well as modern technology to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Q: What material types does Mb Woodworks specialize in?

A: We specialize in crafting pieces from a variety of hardwoods such as walnut, cherry, maple, oak and mahogany. In addition to these woods, we have experience working with reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials for unique projects.

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Q: How does the process work at Mb Woodworks?

A: After discussing your project with one of our designers, we will work together to create a detailed plan for the space or piece you have in mind. Depending on the project’s complexity and size, this could take anywhere from one to four weeks. Once the design plan is finalized, our craftsmen will begin constructing your custom piece using their years of experience combined with modern technology. The final product is delivered directly to your door beautifully finished and ready to enjoy!

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Mb Woodworks is a family-owned custom woodworking business located in Northern Virginia. The company was formed in 2005 by two brothers, Mike and Ben, who identified a need for quality custom woodwork in the area. Since then, Mb Woodworks has provided high-quality craftsmanship to both residential and commercial customers across Northern Virginia.

The company has become renowned for its attention to detail and willingness to work with clients to create the exact look they desire. This passion has resulted in thousands of furniture pieces and projects ranging from cabinets and vanities, built-ins, staircases, custom furniture, mantles, wainscoting and much more over the years. Mb Woodworks takes pride in paying close attention to each project’s specific requirements while executing precision workmanship every time.

Mb Woodworks is committed to continuing their heritage of superior customer service by providing superior quality products at competitive prices. As experts in their field, the team at Mb Woodworks continues to innovate new techniques and strives for excellence with each individual project they complete.

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Mb Woodworks is proud to announce that their team of craftsmen has been recognized on the international level for their work. They recently received the ‘Excellence in Craftsmanship’ award from the International Woodworking Fair, presented to them by industry experts. This recognition has reaffirmed Mb Woodworks’ commitment to creating only the highest quality and unique pieces of furniture for its customers.

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In addition, Mb Woodworks was honored with a Gold Recognition Award from the Designers Council which praised their designs as “representing true innovation and excellence in modern furniture making.”

These recognitions are a testament to the superior quality and dedication their team brings to every project they take on—from custom-made furniture pieces to full kitchen remodels. It’s no wonder then why Mb Woodworks has become an industry leader and continues to stand out amongst its peers!

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In the video, take viewers on a tour of Mb Woodworks. Show off each area of the workshop where different items are made, from the tools to the saws and finishes. Introduce viewers to the expert artisans who work in this space, and showcase some of their favorite pieces they’ve created. Highlight any special projects or successful collaborations that have come out of Mb Woodworks. Talk about quality, precision and attention to detail while showing off some of the amazing pieces they craft daily. Finally, end with an invitation for viewers to come experience Mb Woodworks in person and see what they can create together!

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