Milwaukee Woodworking Show

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The Milwaukee Woodworking Show has been a long-standing tradition in the woodworking industry. Starting in 1990, the show started out as a small 2 day event, focusing on bringing together those passionate about woodworking.

For the next few years, it grew exponentially and within the next 5 years had more than 100 vendors showing their wares and providing tips and tutorials. It also had hands-on learning such as chiseling classes, finishing sessions, and luthiery classes.

As its popularity grew, so did its presence in the market; and in 2001, it was moved to its current location at State Fair Park where thousands of people came together to display their work each year. Throughout this time period several other activities were added such as equipment demonstrations, carving competitions and awards ceremonies to honor excellence in skill development achievements.

In 2020, The Milwaukee Woodworking Show celebrated 30 years of higher education with an anniversary bash that featured special programming throughout the weekend surrounding traditional woodworking techniques along with a number of new innovations in design technology.

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The Milwaukee Woodworking Show offers a unique and exciting experience that sets it apart from other woodworking shows. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced woodworker looking to advance your skills, the show has something for everyone.

In addition to presentations and workshops given by experts in the craft, there are also interactive activities for everyone to enjoy. Attendees will be able to participate in hands-on projects to learn different techniques, technologies, and tools for woodworking. There are also vendors at the show offering up special discounts on their products.

The Milwaukee Woodworking Show is the perfect chance for woodworkers of all levels ” from beginners to sophisticated carpenters ” to come together in one place and connect over their shared passion. Join us in Milwaukee this April and tap into a vibrant community of artisans eager to share tips, stories, and experiences with fellow lovers of woodworking!

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The Milwaukee Woodworking Show is the perfect place for anyone involved with or interested in the craft. Not only does it offer a great atmosphere to explore and network with leading experts in the industry, but it also offers access to a variety of exclusive products and materials that can help take your hobby and passion to the next level.

By attending the show, visitors will have a unique opportunity to learn from seminars given by those who have had success in their respective fields, whether they are professional woodworkers, artisans, manufacturers or designers. Furthermore, if attendees wish to discuss further ideas and concepts of woodworking with them, they will be able to take part in organized workshops or gain insights through conversations around one-on-one presentations. Visitors can also enjoy hands-on experiences designed specifically to promote practical skill building and creativity in woodworking.

In addition, attendees will find an expansive selection of things like tools, machinery and supplies related to woodwork. There are usually new products available that are not regularly on store selves ” providing an opportunity for visitors to get great products at reduced prices. Moreover, guests can discuss services offered by major industry brands for comprehensive knowledge related to hardware, software and other technology used in manufacturing furniture.

In sum, visiting the Milwaukee Woodworking Show is an ideal way for individuals ranging from beginners who want to find out more about this craft or need advice on how best to maximize their toolsets – right up till seasoned professionals seeking valuable insight on certain techniques -to gain knowledge and inspiration while exploring a variety of options available exclusively at the show

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Travel Tips

Lodging: The Milwaukee area has a variety of accommodations for visitors to choose from. The area offers numerous hotels, motels, inns, and bed & breakfasts. For those looking for more affordable accommodations, there are also campgrounds available near the Milwaukee Woodworking Show venue.

Transportation: Visitors can reach the event by car or public transportation. There are ample parking spaces at the event venue itself. Public transportation by bus is available through the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS).

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Dining: There are numerous restaurants throughout the city to satisfy any taste. From fine dining experiences to more casual eateries, visitors will find an extensive selection of options just steps away from the show venue. Additionally, food concessions will be set up at the show itself during show hours.

Other Helpful Information: For additional details about visiting the Milwaukee Woodworking Show, please visit their website for information about ticket prices, dates and times of events, as well as general show rules and regulations. Also, be sure to check out their list of exhibitors so you can plan which booths and products to visit once you arrive!

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