Modern Woodworks Factory

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The company that is now known as Modern Woodworks Factory has gone through quite an evolution since its humble beginnings. It started out in the early 1920s as a traditional woodworking shop, focusing on making furniture for households and businesses. For more than four decades, the business specialized in creating handcrafted furniture that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Later, when modern production methods became available, the business shifted to manufacturing high-volume products such as cabinets, countertops, doors and windows. This allowed them to significantly increase their market presence with consistent quality at competitive prices.

Today, Modern Woodworks Factory specializes in producing bespoke wooden works of art for corporate offices and public spaces. Utilizing the best of modern technology coupled with expertise gained from decades of experience, they strive to deliver higher levels of craftsmanship and innovation than ever before.

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Modern Woodworks Factory is renowned for crafting the finest quality wood-based items in the industry. They employ a combination of traditional and innovative methods in their woodworking process to ensure optimal consistency and quality in their work.

The factory first uses modern sawing techniques such as precision cuts and custom milling to create exact parts, allowing them to craft complex shapes with accuracy and repeatability. In some cases they also use a computer numerical control (CNC) router which can produce even more precise shapes.

Once the raw materials have been cut, the items can then be pre-built at the factory – either manually or through automated methods like CNC machining. Modern Woodworks Factory then employs an array of shaping techniques such as grinding, shaving, sanding and polishing to finish off each piece of furniture making sure that it lasts for many years to come.

In addition, the factory offers its clients a wide variety of customization options from stains and lacquers to upholstery fabrics so each piece can meet customer demands perfectly. Modern Woodworks Factory believes that attention to details during every step of their intricate manufacturing process is what sets them apart from other woodworking companies – allowing them to craft some of the highest quality wood-based furnishings in the world.

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Testimonial 1:
“We just bought a beautiful dining set from Modern Woodworks Factory and we couldn’t be happier with it! From start to finish they provided impeccable customer service and top quality products. Would definitely recommend them!” – The Smiths

Testimonial 2:
“The craftsmanship of our custom built-in cabinets from Modern Woodworks Factory is outstanding. It’s been a pleasure working with them and the result is better than we could have ever hoped for.” – The Jacksons

Testimonial 3:
“We ordered a bookcase for our son’s room from Modern Woodworks Factory and it looks amazing. Quality materials, excellent workmanship and great pricing – highly recommended!” – The Lanes

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Modern Woodworks Factory is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using sustainable materials and processes. The company utilizes wood that is only sourced from managed forests,lessening the environmental impact and promoting sustainability. All wood usedis certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – a global organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management practices worldwide. Furthermore, any sawdust generated during production is re-used and recycled into particle board,adding further benefits to the environment. Additionally, Modern Woodworks Factory has invested in a range of innovative technologies that allow them to minimize waste while maximizing efficiency and product quality. This includes advanced milling machines which are able to produce detailed cuts with less material waste than manual cutting techniques. By reducing their carbon footprint, Modern Woodworks Factory is upholding its commitment to ecology, sustainability and the environment as a whole.

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Modern Woodworks Factory is a leader in the woodworking industry. They are an award-winning manufacturer, having earned both industry recognition and customer praising for their quality crafted product lines.

Awards & recognitions bestowed on Modern Woodworks Factory include being selected by the Ministry of Economy, Labour, and Technology in Bavaria as a ‘recipient of best design and manufacturing ability’, being named one of Germany’s top 100 most innovative companies in 2018 by Wettbewerbsagentur of Baden-Württemberg for their leadership in green solutions, and winning an Innovative Solutions Award at OFI 2019, which recognizes emerging trends and upcoming technologies in the field of woodworking industries.

Recently they have also been honored with one of Europe’s premier awards given annually to global names, Known Excellence in Manufacturing Award – KEMA 2020. Their spotless reputation among customers also plays an important role when it comes to awards like this one.

Innovation has always been a part of Modern Woodworks(MWF)’s corporate culture as they strive to provide exceptional customer service and maintain a safe working environment. MWF works hard to ensure speed, quality control with their automated cutting machinery, portability thanks to their lightweight StackMeister machine line, accuracy due to their precision wood molds for crafting fine furniture pieces and economy despite the craftsmanship provided through its trained workforce . Its success is testament to not just their hard work but the innovation required from each MWF employee day after day – as well as numerous awards over many consecutive years demonstrate them as a leader in innovation within the woodworking industry.

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