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Norm Abrams is regarded as one of the preeminent experts in woodworking and carpentry, renowned for his combination of craftsmanship and engineering skill. He has won numerous awards for his work, including a 2003 Choice Award from Popular Woodworking Magazine for Craftsman of the Year, and a 2001 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from Woodwork Magazine. Norm Abrams has written 20 books over the years, which have been translated into multiple languages with millions of copies sold worldwide. His television series ‘The New Yankee Workshop’ ran on PBS for nearly 20 years and over 300 episodes—the most successful how-to-series ever produced. He was inducted into the New England Carpenters Hall of Fame in 2017.

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1. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery by Garrett Hack
2. Mastering Woodworking Machines by Marc Sommerfeld
3. Finishing and Refinishing Techniques by Jeff Jewitt
4. Green Woodworking Techniques by Michael J. Dresdner
5. The Art of Fine Tools by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
6. Handplane Essentials by Matt Estlea and Andrea Scheer

Website Resources:
1. Norm Abrams Woodworking – Official website of Norm Abrams featuring articles, videos, forums, and more.
2. PopWood Playback – Video tutorials from Charles Mak’s “Popular Woodworking”.
3. Popular Mechanics Shopsmith Woodeworking– Features a wide variety of instructional articles and tips on woodworking techniques from Popular Mechanics Magazine.
4. The North Bennet Street School – A school dedicated to traditional hand-tool woodworking with classes in building furniture and cabinetry construction, as well as hands-on instruction in hand-tool use, sharpening and tool restoration techniques for both amateur and professional woodworkers alike.
5. Wood Talk – Podcast about all aspects of woodworking topics, from amateur projects to professional workflows, hosted by veteran woodworker Matt Cremona & guests

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Some of the woodworking techniques demonstrated in Norm Abrams’ videos include creating dovetail joints, biscuit jointing, mortise and tenon cutting, and machining. Other techniques such as sanding and finishing are also used in various episodes.

For example, dovetail joints can be seen in episode 25 of the series. In this episode, Norm shows viewers how to measure, cut, and shape pins and tails with step-by-step instructions. He also demonstrates how to make half-blind dovetails which is a useful technique for making drawers or frames. Visual examples can be seen here:

Biscuit jointing is another technique featured in Norm’s videos which can be seen in episode 96 where he demonstrating how to build an outdoor storage box using pocket joinery. The video covers not only the basics of biscuit joinery but tips on marking out locations for pocket screws and using a power drill for better precision when drilling holes for pocket screws. Link to the video:

Episode 88 features a tutorial on machining focusing on laminating two different colored woods together using clamps to provide extra strength. This video also explains the concept of processing boards including dimensioning lumber with many types of saws and planers as well as hand planes to create edge finishes perfectly tailored to users’ needs. Video link:

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Norm Abrams Woodworking Videos is an invaluable resource for aspiring woodworkers of all skill levels. But if readers ever find themselves in need of additional assistance or help with a particular project, they are encouraged to reach out to industry contacts who may be able to provide assistance. Industry contacts include experienced woodworking craftsmen and craftswomen, manufacturers and suppliers of the tools, equipment, and materials needed for projects, experts on particular techniques, blogs and publications geared toward woodworking, institutes and centers specializing in woodworking education, online forums to discuss ideas among other woodworkers etc. These industry contacts can provide readers with tips, advice, coaching and support as they work though their projects.

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8 . Tips from Norm on Finishing Wood Flooring, Table Tops and Other Projects:

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