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Pacific Woodworking is an artisanal furniture company based in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in creating custom-made pieces that are both practical and beautiful. Our Design Team works with clients to understand their individual needs and create the perfect piece for them. At Pacific Woodworking, we believe in creating timeless styles that add a special touch to any space without overwhelming it. Our quality craftsmanship goes into everything we make; each piece is designed to last a lifetime. Our mission is to provide quality, attention to detail, originality and customer service with every order we take on. We use only the highest grade materials to ensure each piece we create has superior strength and elegance. At Pacific Woodworking, every project is done with style, love and care.

History of Pacific Woodworking

Pacific Woodworking was founded in 2002 by three woodworking enthusiasts. The founders had recognized a need for high-quality, reasonably priced custom woodworking products in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to fill that gap in the market. They opened a small shop in Oregon and began producing handmade furniture as well as kitchen cabinetry, built-ins, mantels, and other woodwork items.

Over time, Pacific Woodworking’s reputation grew as people realized they were getting quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. As demand increased, the company adapted to its growth by buying larger machines, hiring more workers, and expanding into larger facilities. They also implemented more efficient processes to keep up with their ever growing customer base. This resulted in not only increased productivity but also expanded their range of services to include finishing jobs, custom staining work, crown molding installations and much more.

Today Pacific Woodworking is one of the top custom woodworking companies on the West Coast with over two dozen employees who specialize in all aspects of carpentry from start to finish. Their ever increasing variety of products has earned them a loyal clientele of both residential and commercial customers who rely on their excellent craftsmanship for any job big or small. Despite the impact of ever changing industry trends the company has proven its ability to successfully adapt while still keeping true to its commitment of providing superb quality products at reasonable prices.

Unique Craftsmanship

Pacific Woodworking is a specialist in creating distinct wooden pieces of furniture, cabinetry, and decor. With years of experience and knowledge of the craft, they push boundaries to create timeless pieces, crafted with quality materials and attention to detail. They pride themselves on the precision and accuracy which go into each piece created”from conceptualization right through to production. Pacific Woodworking adheres to world-class standards, inspiring and driving their team to truly master their craft.

The unique craftsmanship that Pacific Woodworking offers is unprecedented in the industry and can be seen in every facet of the process ” from sourcing the highest grade of lumber, milling it with efficiency, warmth and charm before completing each project with fine attention to detail. They ensure all elements are carefully joined and designed – making sure the finished product is aesthetically pleasing or functional for its intended purpose. In addition to these skills, Pacific Woodworking specializes in custom design”tailoring pieces both large and small that not only meet customer expectations but also meet their high standards of quality and excellence. Whether it’s new construction or a remodel project”anything created by Pacific Woodworkers evokes admiration due to its superior vision and execution.

Wide Range of Services

Pacific Woodworking provides high-quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service. They offer a wide range of services including custom woodworking pieces, antique restoration, and wood maintenance. Their skilled craftsmen use only the finest materials to create one-of-a-kind, long-lasting pieces that will stand the test of time.

Custom pieces can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for something unique, Pacific Woodworking specializes in custom designs that capture your specific vision. From bedroom furniture and custom cabinets to decking and outdoor furniture, their experts will work closely with you to ensure your piece is exactly what you had in mind.

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Antique restoration is another major focus of Pacific Woodworking. Their experts are experienced in repairing antiquated items to restore their original beauty without sacrificing any of their vintage charm. Whether it’s an old chair or wooden chest, they have the expertise needed to restore valuable items back to their original state using the traditional techniques that made them great in the first place.

Lastly, Pacific Woodworking offers wood maintenance services such as sanding, staining, refinishing, painting, glue repair and more. This ensures that pieces continue to look their best through regular upkeep or restorations projects completed with precision care and attention to detail ensuring many years of enjoyment from your furniture or décor items.

Showcasing Featured Projects

Pacific Woodworking is a woodworking and furniture design business that produces custom, high-end home furnishings. They utilize their expertise and years of experience to craft beautiful works of art out of natural wood. They have an extensive portfolio of featured projects on their website that demonstrate the wide variety of products they can create. From intricate cabinetry to ornate bed frames, Pacific Woodworking displays their ability to create unique designs from all types of wood with top-tier craftsmanship. Their featured projects also showcase the different finishes and styles available to customers, making it easy to find the perfect piece within their selection. Additionally, Pacific Woodworking is proud to be able to upcycle recycled material into amazing pieces of furniture, giving new life to materials that were previously destined for the landfill or scrap heap. With this commitment to sustainability and preserving the environment, Pacific Woodworking is a model for how green businesses can succeed while utilizing resources wisely and giving back to our planet.

Benefits to Hiring Pacific Woodworking

Pacific Woodworking offers customers cost savings and time savings, as well as quality assurance benefits when they hire them for a project. The company has invested in the most advanced equipment and technology available in order to provide high-quality services at competitive pricing. Their fleet of CNC machines is capable of cutting complex shapes with great accuracy and speed, allowing for shorter lead times on projects. Additionally, their precision hardware ensures clean and exact cuts, so your final product will be smooth and professional looking. By using Pacific Woodworking’s machinery and skillful staff, you can rest assured knowing that your project is being handled by professionals with an eye for detail.

Another benefit of hiring Pacific Woodworking is their ability to work with materials of any size and complexity. They offer low cost standard stock sizes along with custom orders to fit any size requirement or design demands you may have. Plus, they inspect each piece before it leaves the shop to ensure that the quality meets industry standards. Finally, Pacific Woodworking offers convenient delivery services which will help you cut down on transportation costs and ensure that your project arrives swiftly and undamaged to its requested destination.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Pacific Woodworking prides itself on providing unbeatable customer service to its clients. Their commitment to providing the highest level of support begins with listening and understanding their customers’ needs in order to develop a solution tailored towards them. Pacific Woodworking offers personalized consultations, attentive project management during every stage of production, and post-production support and technical assistance when needed. The company believes that excellent customer service is essential in any successful business, and they are dedicated in providing it to those who hire them for their woodwork services. They believe that by delivering the best customer service they can provide, they are not just building relationships with customers and meeting expectations, but are also exceeding them. Pacific Woodworking invests time, energy and resources into delivering superior quality products to its clients as well as continued customer care after delivery has been made, ensuring that each and every one of their projects is completed on budget and on time with exceptional results.

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Recognition and Awards

Pacific Woodworking, a family-owned business located in the Pacific Northwest, has been creating high quality wood working products for local and international customers for over 30 years. They have developed a strong bond with their local community due to their commitment to giving back. Through charitable donations, volunteering opportunities and participation in local events, Pacific Woodworking strives to be a positive force within their community.

This dedication has earned them numerous recognitions and awards within the community. In 2019 they were awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award from the County Chamber of Commerce in recognition of their work towards improving the lives of those in need through donations to local charities. As part of this award they also received an honorary plaque which was presented to the owner at a special ceremony celebrating their achievements. Additionally, they were named Philanthropic Business of The Year by 500+ Non-Profit Organizations in 2020 thanks to their financial contributions to help support refugee and homeless initiatives. Finally, Pacific Woodworking has been honoured by the National Organization For The Arts as Supporters Of The Arts due to putting on exhibitions showcasing artists from across the country and hosting workshops for aspiring woodworkers and carpenters.

The continued success of Pacific Woodworking proves that businesses can make a positive effect on their local communities through meaningful contributions. In addition to continuing their philanthropic efforts, they are regular participants in community events where they bring joy to visitors with interactive activities such as craft making sessions using sustainable materials sourced from local purveyors like sawmills and wood suppliers.. This is evidence that Pacific Woodworking takes great pride in engaging with members of their communities and making sure everyone has an opportunity to experience artistic expression. Through these various initiatives, Pacific Woodworking continues to be an example of how providing actively engaging resources can not only help those in need but foster appreciation and respect towards craftsmen everywhere.


Pacific Woodworking is a family-owned business that has been creating custom cabinetry and providing quality woodworking services for over 30 years. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality craftsmanship, affordable pricing, and satisfied customers.

At Pacific Woodworking, we specialize in crafting custom cabinetry for both residential and commercial applications. We offer a wide selection of finishes and hardware options to ensure each piece of furniture fits perfectly with your desired style. In addition, each project is personally overseen from concept to completion by our experienced team of designers and craftsmen. With this service level of commitment, it’s no wonder we get such glowing reviews from our many returning clients.

In addition to cabinetry design and fabrication, Pacific Woodworking also provides a variety of other woodworking services including furniture repair and restoration, re-purposing or refinishing pre-existing pieces as well as new builds. All of our work is done with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to create products with enduring beauty and functionality. We are proud that all our furniture is proudly made in the USA using locally sourced materials whenever possible.

At Pacific Woodworking, quality is not just something we promise; it’s something we live by every day. Whether you need help creating custom cabinets for a new kitchen or restoring an antique piece, rest assured that when you work with us you’re getting the best craftsmanship available at an affordable price. We stand behind every job we do and aren’t happy until you’re 100% satisfied with the services we provide.

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