Riverbend Woodworks

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Riverbend Woodworks is a family-owned business that specializes in custom woodworking and carpentry. Established in 1983, the shop has been creating unique and exquisite pieces of furniture and crafting materials for over three decades. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted chests, armoires, tables, desks, or cabinets, Riverbend Woodworks has something for every taste and budget.

The woodshop utilizes only the finest woods and the highest quality craftsmanship to create beautiful custom items. From traditional to modern designs, from intricate carvings to elegant inlays, each piece of furniture or crafted item created by Riverbend Woodworks is designed to last generations.

Photos of the masterfully crafted Riverbend Woodworks items show an equally strong attention to detail as well as a commitment to quality. The furniture is made with dove-tailed joinery, precise sanding techniques, warm stains are gently applied before finish is expertly applied by hand. Each piece is unique and sure to be a timeless heirloom that will bring joy and pleasure time–and time again.

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Riverbend Woodworks has a unique approach to showcasing its work that many customers have come to appreciate: videos of behind-the-scenes craftsmanship. These videos provide a glimpse into the intricate process of carving and sculpting wood, from design to completion. They demonstrate the years of knowledge and experience that our expert craftsmen bring to any project.

The videos offer an up-close look at how RiverbendWoodworks’ specialists work with materials such as walnut, mahogany, and cherry wood. Customers can watch as our team sands, shapes, and finishes each piece with exceptional attention to detail. Our skilled machinists showcase methods like digging mortise slots for joinery or chiseling wood for parquet flooring patterns—yielding works that are both durable and beautiful. Additionally, visitors can gain insight into specific elements like edge treatments and veneering techniques in order to gain an appreciation for the skills involved in creating fine furnishings.

Rather than simply showcasing products through photographs and descriptions on our website, these feature videos allow potential customers to see exactly what it takes to build something special every step of the way. With every video shared online or viewed in store, we hope customers gain a deeper understanding of the care and passion Riverbend Woodworks brings to each handmade piece.

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Highlight any collaborations or partnerships

Riverbend Woodworks has a strong commitment to the community and engaging in meaningful collaborations to make a greater impact. Each year, they partner with Habitat for Humanity, allowing them to provide locally sourced and crafted furniture at no cost to individuals who have been identified as being in need. In addition, Riverbend partners with local schools by offering forestry and woodworking programs that give students the opportunity to learn about timber techniques, safe machinery use, sustainable forestry practices and much more. The company also works alongside local businesses in their marketing efforts, providing custom furniture solutions for restaurants, hotels and other corporate spaces. Furthermore, Riverbend donates a portion of its profits to non-profit organizations that are helping preserve the environment’s natural resources. Through these collaborations and partnerships, Riverbend Woodworks is able to positively impact its community on a larger scale than ever before.

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“I highly recommend Riverbend Woodworks for any and all of your woodworking needs. They did an amazing job on my coffee table, using excellent craftsmanship that really brought it to life. Every detail was taken into consideration, which was very important to me. Since the completion of the project, I’ve received many compliments from friends who have seen it in person. I’m so glad I chose them for this project.”

“I wanted a custom-made dining room table with an artistic flair. I chose Riverbend Woodworks because of their reputation for excellence and attention to detail. After a few months of work, the end result was nothing short of amazing! The craftsmanship was superb and the execution of my vision far exceeded my expectations. Everyone who’s seen it is blown away by its beauty and durability.”

“Riverbend Woodworks transformed my tired old deck into a true outdoor oasis! They worked with me every step of the way to make sure I was completely satisfied with the end product and guided me through making some tough decisions regarding materials, style and color options. In just a few weeks they were able to give me exactly the look I wanted in an economical way. Now everyone enjoys spending time there!”

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Feature a Q&A with the craftsman

Riverbend Woodworks is a family-owned business that specializes in handcrafted, made-to-order furniture. Its craftsman have many years of experience crafting furniture and continue to strive to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.

To learn more about Riverbend Woodworks, we’ve asked the craftsman behind the work some questions about their background and journey:
Q1: What inspired you to begin crafting furniture?
A1:I’ve always had a passion for carpentry and design, so when I was given the opportunity to combine those loves by opening my own woodworking shop, I jumped at the chance. I take pride in creating unique pieces of furniture from raw materials that will last a lifetime.

Q2: How has your experience been running a woodworking business?
A2:It’s been immensely rewarding. Creating something out of nothing—designing and crafting beautiful pieces of furniture—is a fulfilling process for me every single day. It’s also been gratifying building relationships with my customers who appreciate my work and return with various requests, which in turn helps me grow and expand my craft.

Q3: Are there any tips you have for aspiring woodworkers?
A3:Stick to your vision! Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or take risks—it’s the only way to truly refine your skillset and gain valuable experience in woodworking. Also, research is key; be sure that you get the proper tools for each job you undertake and stay up-to-date on trends in the industry.

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