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Include the Prices for Sawtooth’s Services

Sawtooth Woodworking offers a wide range of services to suit any customer’s needs. Prices vary by the project and the size of materials needed for the job. Generally, for single projects, there is a minimum fee of $150, which increases based on complexity or extra labor time needed. For larger projects or renovations there is generally an hourly rate of $75/hour with a minimum four-hour charge. For consultation work, such as design or layout advice that can be done entirely online, Sawtooth offers discounted rates starting at $100″a savings of 50% from the standard service fee.

For customers who need to purchase specific tools needed for their woodworking project, Sawtooth offers discounts off the retail price of up to 30%. Additionally if large amounts of materials are required for a job Sawtooth also offers tiered discounts at 10%, 25%, and 50% off materials purchased in bulk quantities.

Sawtooth also runs seasonal promotions on all types of services which can provide significant savings over regular fees when planning ahead.

Add a section on Helpful Resources for Woodworking

At Sawtooth Woodworking, we understand that woodworking can be challenging and there is always something new to learn. With the right resources, however, the task becomes easier. That’s why we’ve compiled helpful resources for woodworking with tips, tricks and tools to help you tackle your projects.

Whether you’re experienced or just getting started in woodworking, our library of books and online articles contain plenty of valuable information on a range of topics from beginner basics all the way up to advanced techniques. We also feature helpful power tool reviews and safety advice, as well as a list of essential tools for any workshop setup, from jigsaws to sawstop blades.

If video tutorials are more your style, we curate popular YouTube videos featuring step-by-step instructions for each task together with expert opinion on different methods and advice for troubleshooting common problems when working with wood.

Woodworking Tools For Visually Impaired

We hope these resources provide everything you need for a successful project tailored to your individual skill level. Remember ” practice makes perfect!

Feature Sawtooth Employees

Sawtooth Woodworking provides beautiful, custom-made pieces that are sure to last”all handcrafted by their dedicated team of woodworkers.

At Sawtooth, every piece made is personally handled and overseen by experienced master craftsman, Steve Smith. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Steve knows exactly what it takes to make perfect pieces that stand the test of time. His keen eye for detail shows in each item he makes.

Kara Hunter has been with Sawtooth for the past five years and is responsible for a lot of intricate details found in every piece. She ensures that all items created are not only well-crafted but also aesthetically pleasing. Her expertise in artistic anatomy makes her an invaluable addition to the team.

Rob Yeager leads the design department at Sawtooth but sometimes pitches in on physical production as well. With more than 10 years worth of experience in various facets of the craft industry, his knowledge sets him apart from the rest and at a very high level when it comes to design!

The Sawtooth family wouldn’t be complete without Josh Myers, who can take any project from concept to completion within days! He is a true problem solver who can make something out of nothing ” utilizing minimal resources and manpower efficiently without sacrificing quality control or function. His resourcefulness sets him apart from many other woodworkers; he always strives to find creative solutions while maintaining perfect precision and accuracy throughout tasks!

Sawtooth employs four other skilled carpenters as well who bring a wealth of various craft skills which contribute greatly to the different prototyping stages during product development cycles frequently seen in this line of work.

Taken together, this small but formidable team can make almost anything out of wood ” with such fervent attention to detail that even perfectionists could be impressed! With skilled experience spanning decades within their walls ” Sawtooth ensures customers have nothing less than the best possible product delivered straight into their homes!

Who Is the Best Woodworker

Highlight Local Sources

At Sawtooth Woodworking, they strive to create quality projects that reflect their customers’ needs and preferences. In order to achieve this, they source their materials as locally as possible. This means finding trusted suppliers in the area who can provide Sawtooth with high-grade lumber, such as hardwood, softwoods, plywood and other specialty woods for projects. Sawtooth also seeks out local sources for specialty items such as hardware, paints, stains and finishes. It’s important to them that the products used are of top quality from companies who are committed to sustainability and focus on reusing and recycling materials whenever possible. To maintain these high standards, Sawtooth works closely with local businesses in order to ensure that the materials used not only meet their exacting standards but also help keep jobs and money in the community.

Showcase Before and After

Sawtooth Woodworking produces beautiful pieces of furniture and works of art that bring the best out of any given space. To show what this experience can be like, Sawtooth should feature a before-and-after showcase on their website or in other advertisements. These could be carefully curated images demonstrating how renovation projects have drastically changed the look and feeling of key spaces in peoples’ homes, using items provided by Sawtooth. For example, before-and-after pictures could show a picture of a stark living room with dated furniture and no character versus an inviting, modernized area featuring bespoke furniture crafted by Sawtooth. This type of showcasing will demonstrate to potential customers the impact that Sawtooth products can have on any given space, underscoring why investing in these pieces is worth it for both aesthetic value and practicality.

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