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Introduction to Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki

Scott Phillips, best known for his television show The Woodwright’s Shop, is an esteemed woodworker who has been gracing the airwaves with his work since 1984. His passion for woodworking began in grade school and continues to this day. As a home restorer, he specializes in woodworking of all sorts and creates everything from furniture to decorative wooden items. He is the author of several books on woodworking and teaches workshops all over the world.

The Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki was created to provide a comprehensive resource covering every aspect of Scott’s work as a woodworker. Here you will find detailed information on Scott’s background and accomplishments, extensive listings of projects he has completed over the years, descriptions of his tools and favorite techniques that he uses regularly, and an exhaustive list of seminars and classes available for aspiring woodworkers. You can also read about other makers working in the same field as Scott, find out about smart ways to shop for lumber, or even just learn more about some basic principles of carpentry or joinery. With so much knowledge at your fingertips, it’s easy to become inspired by Scott’s work! Additionally, users can browse through articles written by experts from around the world offering insight into different aspects of woodworking craftsmanship. There are also interviews with other professionals in the industry who have experienced working alongside Scott throughout their careers. Finally the site includes a blog where visitors can post questions that are answered promptly by knowledgeable guest authors who provide helpful tips and tricks on how to better one’s skillset when it comes to working with wood.

Getting Started

1. Create an account: To start editing and creating content on the Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki, you must first create an account. To do this, click the “Create Account” or “Log In” link at the top of the page. Enter your desired username and password and provide a valid email address. Once your account is created, you can start adding to the wiki!

2. Introduction page: It’s important to take a few minutes to read the “Introduction” page on the Wiki. This will provide important information about how to use the Wiki and its features, as well as some tips on navigating around it.

3. Start exploring: After reading the introduction page, explore all of the other pages on the Wiki. You can find most of them listed in the navigation bar at the top of each page. On these pages, you will find more detailed information about woodworking tools and techniques.

4. Get familiar with editing: Before jumping into creating content for the Wiki, be sure to check out Wikipedia’s guide for contributing and editing their Wikis by visiting their help page ( This will introduce you to basic editing functions available in mediawiki software or similar software used by this particular wiki instance being developed by Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki team members

5. Start Contributing: Now that you are familiar with how to use Wiki’s navigation bar as well as some ways for contributing content by editing existing ones or creating new ones -you’re ready to start contributing! To add new content, click “Add New Page” under Create Content in the navigation bar; if making changes or additions to existing pages- look up those entries in search function at homepage then access them through view tab and proceed further there with help from editor’s toolbar located at top of that edit window where appropriate command buttons can be selected upon completions of entering/amending desired text according to each user’s situational needs & knowledge base with respect collective viewership interests same time respecting copyrights terms & conditions where applicable

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Types of Content Available

Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to learn about and practice the craft of woodworking. The site offers an exhaustive amount of information on the art, with content ranging from plans and project templates to tutorials and even forums.

The Plans section allows users to access professionally designed diagrams and schematics needed to undertake any woodworking project; this could include step-by-step instructions, specifications, cutting details and more. Additionally, woodworkers can find project templates hosted on the site which provide guidance on furthering their skills, as well as a range of scientifically built tools.

The Tutorials offered by Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki are also an invaluable resource; these detailed online lessons offer vital instruction on topics such as traditional joinery techniques, location selection, tool use, safety tips and much more. From absolute beginners to seasoned veterans in the trade, these tutorials will undoubtedly aid any woodworker in becoming proficient in their practices.

Moreover, the Forums area is a great way for both experienced craftsmen and amateurs alike to interact with each other. These discussions provide an insightful platform for readers to share ideas about different topics concerning carpentry or just generally talk about projects they are currently working on. Ultimately giving users access to a wealth of tips and tricks from fellow members of the community — all for free!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of Scott Phillips Woodworker’s Wiki provides numerous benefits. As a member, you’ll gain access to some of the most respected and knowledgeable woodworking professionals in the industry. You’ll be connected to peers who have similar interests and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals through exclusive woodworking Q&A website forums.

Additionally, paid members get exclusive access to informative webinars providing helpful tips for beginners as well as more intermediate level woodworkers. There are also video tutorials provided by top woodworkers that share their tried-and-true techniques. Members will also be able to take part in upcoming competitions with cash prizes and awards available for those who excel. Finally, paid members receive significant discounts on select tools and supplies from reputable vendors just for being a member.

Steps to Becoming a Member

To become a member of Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki, there are several steps you must complete.

First, you will need to go to the website and select the “Sign Up” option. Once you have done so, you will be asked to enter your personal information including your name, email address, and payment method (if applicable). After submitting this information, you should receive an email confirmation containing a link to verify your account.

Second, if applicable, make the necessary payment for membership. Typically the price for membership can be found on the signup page; this will depend on which plan you choose. The Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki offers basic or premium memberships depending on what type of content access you require.

Third, once your account has been verified and payment has been submitted/accepted then you can access the content within minutes! You may be required to log in with your details before gaining full access; additionally, if there is any extra step that needs to be taken for payment (email forms or other verification), make sure these are completed properly as well.

Finally, take advantage of all of the exclusive content offered via Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki! Newsletters, educational materials and courses providing more detailed insight into woodworking topics are among just some of the benefits available through membership. Make sure to peruse all of the resources listed and start using them today!

Examples of Projects Completed

Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is a place for woodworkers to gather and share ideas, projects, and advice. The community includes professional woodworkers, hobbyists, and those who are just starting out. One of the main features of the site is a collection of completed works of art from across the globe. These pieces provide inspiration and fuel creativity in the workshop. Another area of the Wiki contains detailed instructions on how to complete various projects, from building bookshelves to constructing furniture. Tips from experienced craftsmen about tools, resources, and more are also included for those looking for a little extra help along the way. Finally, there’s an ever-growing list of discussions hosted by members as they talk through their current project or suggest solutions to problems encountered during previous builds. With so much content available at your fingertips, it’s no wonder Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki has become one of the leading online collector’s hubs around!

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Community Involvement

Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is a great resource to build your knowledge and skills in woodworking. It’s an online wiki that offers a wealth of information on topics like carpentry, joinery, furniture making, finishing, tools and much more. The Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is constantly expanding its content and offering new ways to engage with the woodworking community.

In order to get involved with the Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki community, you can attend events such as workshops that are organized by the wiki or join other meet-ups close by where you can further develop your craftsmanship skills. There are also some opportunities to help build the community by contributing ideas for future projects or articles or helping curate existing content on the wiki. Making contributions is always welcomed and appreciated!

Finally, there are plenty of ways to volunteer with this project depending on what type of experience and knowledge you have. You could offer your time helping create videos or articles, assist in maintaining the project website, run focus groups to get feedback from other contributors, participate in educational activities such as tours or classes and much more!

Resources and Support

Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in woodworking. The Wiki provides many different tips, tutorials, and videos to help people understand the basics of woodworking and address common problems that may arise while they are employed. In addition to providing useful information on techniques used in woodworking, the Wiki also serves as an invaluable support to those just starting out with their newfound hobby. The Wiki features articles describing in-depth methods of working with certain materials or tools, as well as basic information such as safety advice or best practices for users to refer to when beginning a project. It also includes detailed problem-solving guides for specific tasks and multi-step DIY projects for tackling more intricate designs. With integrated media galleries, interactive forums, and a constantly growing library of online resources, Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki is well suited for both novice and seasoned crafters alike.


This post has provided an introduction to Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki, a valuable resource for woodworking enthusiasts of all skill levels. Through its comprehensive database of products, articles, and tutorials, the wiki offers users a wealth of knowledge about tools, techniques, and projects. With an ever-growing list of features – including interactive forums and detailed product reviews – it is an invaluable resource for both experienced woodworkers and beginners alike. As such, we encourage all users to take full advantage of the Scott Phillips Woodworker Wiki in order to gain further insights into the world of woodworking.

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