Used Woodworking Machines


Woodworking machines are machines used to shape and cut pieces of wood. Popular types of woodworking machines include saws, joiners, planers and routers. Depending on your specific project or need, one or more of these machines may be necessary for success.

Finding used woodworking machines can be a bit tricky but there are several options available for locating them. One of the most common places to find used woodworking machines is through online auctions or marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist. You may also find both new and used woodworking equipment available at local craft stores or secondhand shops around town. Additionally, you can often find special deals on used tools from manufacturers that might not be advertised on the internet or in store displays. Finally, joining a woodworking forum can prove invaluable in helping you locate hard-to-find items while connecting with others who might have tips and advice to offer.

Pros of Buying Used Woodworking Machines

One of the most significant advantages of buying used woodworking machines is cost savings. Used equipment generally costs significantly less than new products, allowing shops to save money and budget better for other tools and supplies. Used woodworking machines can also offer faster production times since many of them are already broken in or been used just enough to create a smoother operation, decreasing setup times. Additionally, this type of machinery often comes with manuals and other documentation which new options may not have. These documents provide owners with helpful hints regarding repairs, ongoing maintenance, proper machine use and more that they would otherwise need to research or purchase separately. Finally, some used woodworking machines may be easier to find parts for in the event of any repair needs that might come up during use.

How to Spot a Good Quality Used Woodworking Machine

When shopping for used woodworking machines, it is important to do your research and make sure you are getting a quality machine that will last. Here are some tips on how to spot a good quality used woodworking machine:

1. Inspect the machine for any damage or wear and tear. Look closely at all the moving parts and make sure there are no cracks, bends or damage in any of them. Make sure there are no missing components like drive belts, wiring or other tools.

2. Consider how the machine was previously used. If the machine has been heavily used in the past, it may be more likely to require more frequent regular maintenance and repairs. If possible, ask the seller about its previous usage to determine if it is still suitable for your needs.

3. Test out all available features on the machine before buying it. You want to make sure all components work correctly so you can get the best use out of it once you take it home. Take note of any peculiar sounds coming from inside, as this may indicate uneven parts or faulty electrical connections that need attention.

4. Make sure you factor in both cost and reliability when looking at different models of machines available on the market. While cheaper models may seem appealing at first glance, they may not be reliable enough for you to work with long-term if their quality is questionable or suffering from too much wear and tear from prior use. In such cases, it would be better to look for higher quality new machines that come with warranties instead of just settling for a lower priced used model without one

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Different Types of Used Woodworking Machines

Used woodworking machines come in all shapes and sizes, each designed to make working with wood easier and more efficient. The most common used woodworking machines include the table saw, jigsaw, router, drill press, bandsaw, joiner, thickness planer, spindle shaper, disk sander, edge sander and lathe.

The table saw is one of the most versatile tools used by woodworkers as it makes straight cuts in many different materials. Used table saws have a long flat surface on which the board is placed and guided through the saw’s blade while being pushed along the tabletop. Table saws are capable of cutting very precise or wide angles making them great for items such as furniture legs or frames.

The jigsaw is another essential used woodworking machine often used for scrollwork or curves that can’t be created using a circular saw blade. It has an oscillating blade which allows for intricate cuts to be made through thin sheets of material at various angles. This type of used tool is also great for creating curved edges to furniture pieces and scrollwork.

The router is a necessary addition to a toolkit for any serious used woodworking machine enthusiast. It has different bits that allow for different types of cuts from trimming joint edges to creating grooves and holes in multiple weights of materials depending on its size and power settings. Routers can also be useful when routing out components such as chair legs or door frames to help create customized designs.

The drill press is an invaluable asset when it comes to drilling holes in wood or other materials at specific depths and angles accurately time after time., With a variety of drill bits available it can help create smooth angled holes quickly with precision utilizing a hand-held drill combined with the precision control found in this tool.)

The bandsaw uses a continuous looping blade that runs vertically allowing you to quickly cut curves or repeated circles often with greater accuracy than hand-held circular saws are capable of producing. It’s ideal when working on projects that require multiple repeated shapes such as custom picture frames or cutting thrust blocks from thicker pieces of material like plywood or MDF boards without risking unnecessary chipping along sharp corners often associated with other types of machinery like jointers or routers.

Recommended Maintenance Practices for Used Woodworking Machines

Used woodworking machines can be difficult to maintain, so following best practices and tips is essential. Since used woodworking machines may not show signs of wear and tear visually, it is important to remain vigilant when checking for potential problems.

One way to ensure safety or avoid potential issues with a used woodworking machine is to inspect the entire machine thoroughly before use. This means looking for exposed parts, loose wires, any visible damage, etc. After a thorough inspection of the entire machine, it’s also important to look for any worn or damaged parts that may have been missed in the initial inspection. It’s also recommended to clean all moving parts on the machine before use as there can often be residual dirt and debris from prior usage left on those parts which can potentially lead to problems down the line.

When to Paint Woodwork

After identifying any problematic areas during initial inspections and cleaning of the used woodworking machine, it’s a good practice to lubricate all moving components periodically ” though only a light oil should be used as heavier lubricants tend to leave behind more dust and grime which can lead to further problems in the future with the machine’s performance. Additionally, it is highly recommended that owners of these used machines regularly check their electrical connections as wires may become loose over time due to vibration while in use or even just normal wear and tear. If an owner notices any frayed wires or melted wire insulation they should promptly replace them before use of the machine resumes. Lastly, storing your machine in a dry place helps prevent rusting or further damage due to moisture build up.

Famous Brands of Used Woodworking Machines

When it comes to woodworking, the tools used are just as important as the skills of the person using them. Used woodworking machines provide an effective and cost-effective way for experienced and novice craftsmen to get started in the craft. A few famous brands of used woodworking machines on the market today include Powermatic, Delta, Ryobi, Jet, and Grizzly.

Powermatic has continued to be a favorite brand due to its emphasis on quality and durability in their products. Their range of products is vast and they have multiple models available that cater to different budget levels. Delta machinery places an emphasis on versatility with saws, planers, jointers, sanders, and band saws amongst others all capable of delivering precise results. Ryobi prides itself on innovation by regularly updating their product range with new designs in order to meet changing customer preferences. Jet tools also strive for precision in their power tools such as drill presses and table saws making them invaluable for any large scale woodworking job. Finally, there is Grizzly which produces high-performance machinery often favored among seasoned professionals looking for reliable equipment that can handle difficult projects effectively and quickly.


While purchasing used woodworking machines can be a great opportunity to save money, there are certain risks involved. To ensure you make the most of your money and get the best out of a purchase it is important to go into any purchase of used machines with knowledge and information. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the market to determine what price range a machine should be in, depending on its condition and age, as well as research the make and model of any machines that you consider buying. Additionally, ask questions of any seller before buying and always inspect used machines prior to purchase. Getting an authorized repair person or dealer to inspect a machine can also help confirm the condition and value of the machine. Remember, these steps will not guarantee success but they will help reduce risk when purchasing used woodworking machines.

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