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Walpole Woodworkers Inc offers a wide range of outdoor structures and products, ranging from traditional and modern decks to pergolas, gazebos, and even furniture. Walpole has all sorts of deck configurations available including multi-level decks and custom designs. They also offer a selection of railing options for these decks as well as specialized baluster options. Pergolas & Gazebos provide a wonderful focal point in gardens and patios alike. Walpole provides many choices from classic painted wood to more modern styles with metal components or cedar open lattices. Walpole also offers a selection of outdoor furniture to complement their outdoor structure products. This includes chairs, tables, benches and swings crafted out of pressure-treated pine or cedar lumber designed to match Walpole’s other products like the pergolas or trellises. Additionally they carry bird feeders, mail posts, garden accents and arbors making them the perfect choice for outstanding outdoor living spaces.

Unique Features

Walpole Woodworkers Inc is a custom furniture business that has been family run since 1934. This commitment to craftsmanship and quality construction materials, combined with their unique assembly systems, set Walpole apart from other companies in the industry. Their pieces are durable and built to last, and they offer customization options to fit traditional or contemporary designs.

The unique assembly systems used by Walpole are designed for easy top-level assembly as well as durability after installation. They use both low tolerance mortise and tenon joints as well as mechanical fastening for each component before polishing for a paint-ready finish with no gaps or spaces. The furniture can be left unfinished or have one of several finishes applied such as oil based stains or paints.

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Customers also have lots of options to personalize the style of their furniture. They can choose from a variety of moldings, panels, trim pieces, gates, and post caps available in both natural woods or select vinyls if desired. Walpole also offers many accessories such as finials, arbors, benches, trellises, pergolas and more to add extra charm and beauty to outdoor living spaces. With such a huge selection of customizable materials available at Walpole Woodworkers Inc., customers can create the perfect outdoor oasis that will last for years to come!

Customer Reviews

Review #1:

I recently bought an outdoor pergola from Walpole Woodworkers Inc and I’m so pleased with it! The structure was built with such incredible craftsmanship that it looks like a beautiful piece of art. Not only that, the customer service team was extremely helpful and nice throughout the entire process. Highly recommend!

Review #2:

I just had to write a positive review about my experience ordering a gazebo from Walpole Woodworkers Inc. The quality of construction is top-notch–not a single detail was missed. The customer service team answered all my questions and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Highly recommend them!

Product Care & Maintenance

Walpole Woodworkers Inc. recommends taking the time to properly care for and maintain newly installed structures. A few simple steps can help protect the beauty of these structures over time:

1. Clean regularly using a pressure wash or basic soap and water solution.
2. Seal the wood surfaces with a layer of marine-grade or top quality sealant every two years.
3. Make sure to check for any potential signs of wear and tear due to extreme weather, pests, or other hazards that may lead to structural damage and take preventive steps as necessary.
4. Inspect all feature’s annually such as gates, railings, lights, etc., in order to identify any potential damage from abrasion or corrosion so that repair can be carried out as soon as possible with minimal disruption.
5. Utilize only approved maintenance supplies when treating the wooden surfaces around your structure, avoiding harsh chemicals which may cause discoloration or premature wear down of paint finishes and treatments over time.

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