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Walpole Woodworkers has been a leader in outdoor wood furniture since 1933, making quality products with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. For over 85 years, Walpole has been committed to helping people make the most of their outdoor living space by creating durable, beautiful furniture for all seasons. Walpole hand-crafts every product using a proprietary combination of sustainable white cedar and high-grade mahogany woods. This material selection brings refined elegance and structural lifetime durability to each piece. To ensure that each item is constructed with the highest level of quality, every piece of wood undergoes a 5-step finish process which includes sanding and staining twice before it leaves the workshop. Decorative accents such as spindles, farmhouse style trestles, and shaped backs complete these timeless classics to create lasting impressions of relaxation and comfort in any outdoor setting.

The Benefits of Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a great investment for your home. Not only can it increase the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping, but it can also significantly boost your home’s value. High-quality outdoor furniture is sought after by prospective buyers looking for a turnkey outdoor environment.

In addition to providing a pleasant view to visitors and onlookers, outdoor furniture serves many practical purposes as well. Sitting outdoors in comfortable and attractive chairs allows you to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding your home, as well as offering more opportunities for relaxation. When placed strategically, such furniture can also create conversation areas or zones where friends and family members can gather to share stories, meals, and good company.

The health benefits of spending time relaxing outdoors with friends and family are very helpful too. Beneficial doses of Vitamin D from the sun have been known to reduce stress and improve moods; being relaxed and surrounded by nature has been linked with improved concentration, increased creativity and overall mental clarity; exercising in the open space encourages healthier lifestyles; fresh air often helps improve overall respiratory health; and watching birds or other animals in their natural habitat offers sensory stimulation that cannot be experienced through technology-based entertainment media sources. All these factors come together to make outdoor living even more enjoyable!

Choosing the Right Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture from Walpole Woodworkers, you’ll want to consider a few important factors. First, you’ll want to size up your outdoor space. Are you searching for a large set to accommodate an expansive patio or deck? Or are you looking for something small and cozy to furnish a limited balcony or terrace? Measure the space and note any major obstacles that could affect the size of any furniture piece you’re considering.

Materials should also be taken into account in order to ensure that your furniture can withstand the elements outdoors – especially if it’s not protected by an overhang. Walpole Woodworkers carries a selection of naturally-weather resistant woods like cedar, redwood, and teak which tend to hold up well in outdoor settings. Alternatively there are also durable synthetic materials such as vinyl, plastic, and resin which can provide low maintenance yet long-lasting outdoor seating areas.

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The climate in your area should also determine what type of furniture is best suited for your needs. For example, if you live in an area with frequent rain showers then cushions may need to be treated with water repellent or stored indoors when not in use. On the other hand if you live year round in sunny climates, light colors shades may be more practical since it won’t absorb as much heat during summer months. Additional features such as umbrellas are great for providing shade during hot days and come standard on many of Walpole Woodworker collections.

Examples of Walpole Furniture

Walpole Woodworkers offers a wide array of outdoor furniture pieces ranging from traditional to modern, with expert craftsmanship and highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for cozy Adirondack chairs, traditional style benches and gazebos, elegant porch swings, timeless rockers and chaise lounges or modern chaise lounges for any setting” Walpole has it all. The iconic look and attention to detail is visible on every piece of furniture in the collection.

The material choices are just as abundant ” from classic Maine cedar to exotic South American Cumaru, both known for their durability and resistance to rot and insects. Walpole also offers synthetic materials such as polypropylene that are virtually maintenance-free; and even stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum. There is literally a piece for any design preference! Other beautiful options include hand-crafted decorative elements including scalloped end cuts, scroll designs on brigades, arches with slotted top railings, fan shaped armrests on gazebos. And of course all pieces come treated with the company’s proprietary stain formula which ensures the wood remains vibrant through rainstorms and sun exposure yet stays cool even under direct sunlight.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning: To keep your outdoor furniture looking like new, we recommend regular cleaning. For basic maintenance, use a damp (not wet) cloth with warm water and a mild detergent or a non-abrasive cleaner specifically designed for outdoor furniture. Allow the solution to sit for about 10 minutes and then wash off thoroughly and completely. Rinse with clear water until all residue is removed.

Furniture Covers: Outdoor furniture from Walpole should be covered whenever possible when not in use, particularly during the winter months. High quality covers are available in many styles that are specifically designed to protect against weather damage and those made with breathable fabrics that wick moisture away while allowing interior airflow.

Storage Instructions: When the outdoor season has ended, store away your outdoor furniture by using an enclosed shelter such as a shed or garage where it will remain dry. If storage indoors is not possible, cover with waterproof covers made especially for rain and snow protection. Whenever feasible, keep furniture raised off of ground surfaces to avoid contact with dirt and moisture. Also ensure all hardware components are secured tightly before storing away any pieces of furniture you may have purchased from Walpole Woodworkers Outdoor Furniture.

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Q: What warranty do I get with Walpole Woodworkers Outdoor Furniture?

A: Walpole Woodworkers offers a limited 10-year warranty on most of its outdoor furniture. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the material and labor used to produce the furniture. Additionally, it covers any damages that may occur due to normal wear and tear during the course of normal usage.

Q: How does delivery work for Walpole Woodworkers Outdoor Furniture?

A: Delivery for Walpole Woodworkers Outdoor Furniture is handled through a variety of options depending on your location and order size. For local orders, you can pick-up from designated locations or have our professional Delivery Team bring it safely to your doorstep. For out of state orders, we ship via common carrier or palletized trucking services depending on what type and size of product you are ordering. All deliveries will require someone 18 years of age or older to sign for them at the delivery address.


At Walpole Woodworkers, we are committed to providing customers with top-quality outdoor furniture options. We partner with the highest quality manufacturers to offer our customers a range of options that includes dining sets, decorative accents, and more. Our commitment to quality extends well beyond the product selection – we strive to provide our customers with an outstanding customer experience from start to finish. To better meet their needs, we offer a helpful buying guide on our website and design advice from experienced professionals. We also provide clear and concise delivery information so customers understand when their order will arrive. To ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase, we have a generous return policy if something doesn’t meet expectations. Further extending our commitment to excellent customer service, we invite customers to reach out for assistance about anything related to their purchase or even just advice about how best to enjoy the products they received from Walpole Woodworkers. To top it all off, we provide customers with links to other helpful resources such as additional product care instructions or contact forms for customer support inquiries so they can connect directly with us should they need further assistance in any aspect of their purchase.

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