What Perks Are Required to Level Woodworking Eso

In the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), the skill of Woodworking plays a vital role in crafting powerful weapons and sturdy armor. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, understanding the importance of Woodworking and knowing the required perks to level it is crucial for your success. This article will guide you through the ins and outs of leveling Woodworking, providing you with valuable information on the perks needed to master this essential skill.

Woodworking is a valuable profession in ESO that allows players to create bows, staves, shields, and various types of heavy and medium armor. By mastering this skill, not only can you equip yourself with high-quality gear but also enhance your character’s combat effectiveness. However, leveling Woodworking can be a time-consuming process if not approached strategically. Understanding which perks to prioritize will greatly expedite your journey towards becoming a master woodworker.

To unlock and level up Woodworking efficiently in ESO, certain perks within the game’s skill tree system are necessary. These perks grant you access to unique abilities and bonuses that enhance your crafting capabilities. By investing skill points into the right perks, you will be able to craft more advanced items at lower levels, reduce material consumption, increase improvement chances, and unlock new designs for woodworking projects.

This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Woodworking in ESO by exploring the different branches and abilities within its skill tree, guiding you through step-by-step instructions on leveling from beginner to master. Additionally, we will break down the essential perks required for efficiently leveling Woodworking and discuss how passive abilities greatly influence your progression.

Furthermore, we will delve into advanced perks that further enhance your woodworking abilities and share tips on gear and equipment necessary for maximizing your potential in this profession.

Woodworking Skill Tree Overview

The Woodworking skill tree in ESO is an essential craft that allows players to create and improve various items made from wood, such as bows, staves, and shields. Understanding the different branches and abilities within the Woodworking skill tree is crucial for leveling this craft effectively.

The Woodworking skill tree consists of three main branches: Sanded, Resins, and Temperings. The Sanded branch focuses on improving your ability to extract useful materials from wood, while the Resins branch enhances your chances of obtaining rare materials when refining wood. The Temperings branch allows you to refine raw wood into usable components.

Within each branch are several passive abilities and active perks that can be unlocked as you progress through the Woodworking skill tree. These abilities and perks can greatly enhance your woodworking capabilities. For example, in the Sanded branch, unlocking perks like “Wood Extraction” increases your chances of extracting additional components from wood resources.

In the Resins branch, perks like “Engraver” improve your chances of finding rare resin materials required for creating higher quality woodworking items. And in the Temperings branch, unlocking abilities like “Resin Expertise” enables you to refine more raw wood into usable components.

Exploring all three branches of the Woodworking skill tree will provide a well-rounded set of abilities that can greatly benefit your crafting endeavors. It is important to plan your allocation of perk points carefully in order to maximize the effectiveness of each branch and ensure a smooth progression in leveling your woodworking skill.

Overall, understanding the different branches and abilities within the Woodworking skill tree is integral to becoming an efficient woodworker in ESO. By familiarizing yourself with these options and planning your perk point allocation wisely, you can unlock powerful abilities that will greatly enhance your woodworking capabilities. With this knowledge, you will be well-equipped to embark on your journey to level woodworking and create exceptional wooden items in ESO.

Leveling Woodworking

Woodworking is a crucial skill in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) as it allows players to craft and improve bows, staffs, and shields. As with any crafting skill in ESO, leveling Woodworking takes time and effort. In this section, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to effectively level Woodworking, starting from beginner to master.

Gather Materials

Before you begin your journey in leveling Woodworking, it is essential to gather the necessary materials. You will need a variety of wood types such as maple, oak, beech, hickory, yew, birch, ash, mahogany, nightwood, and ebony. These can be obtained by harvesting trees found throughout Tamriel or by purchasing them from fellow players or guild traders.

Start Crafting

Once you have gathered the required materials, it’s time to start crafting. Begin by crafting low-level items such as bows or shields using the basic woodworking station available in major cities like Daggerfall or Vulkhel Guard. As you progress and gain more experience in Woodworking, you can move on to crafting higher-level items for greater skill gains.

Research Traits

Researching traits is another important aspect of leveling Woodworking. Traits can be applied to weapons and armor for additional bonuses and effects. To research a trait for an item made with Woodworking, you must deconstruct an item with that trait or purchase it from other players who have researched it already. Keep in mind that each research takes a certain amount of real-time hours to complete.

Utilize Inspiration Points Wisely

Inspiration points are gained when crafting items or deconstructing crafted items. These points can be used to unlock new woodworking skills and perks. It is crucial to utilize these points wisely by investing them in the appropriate perks that will enhance your Woodworking abilities and help you level faster.

As you progress in Woodworking, continue to craft higher-level items, research traits, and invest Inspiration points strategically. By following this step-by-step guide, you will steadily level up your Woodworking skill from beginner to master. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with dedication and patience, you can become a master crafter capable of creating powerful equipment for yourself and others in ESO.

Essential Perks

Woodworking in ESO requires certain perks in order to efficiently level up the skill and unlock its full potential. These essential perks are crucial for any player looking to become a master Woodworker. Here is a breakdown of the must-have perks that will help you level Woodworking effectively in ESO:

  1. Carpentry: This perk unlocks the ability to craft higher-level items at the woodworking station. As you level up your Woodworking skill, you’ll be able to craft more powerful weapons, armor, and furniture. This perk is essential for progressing through the skill tree and unlocking advanced crafting options.
  2. Resin Expertise: This perk reduces the amount of resin required to improve an item’s quality at the woodworking station. As you progress through the Woodworking skill tree, improving the quality of your crafted items becomes crucial for their effectiveness in combat or as decorative pieces. Resin Expertise helps you conserve resources and make the most out of your materials.
  3. Plentiful Harvest: This perk increases your chances of obtaining additional wood materials when harvesting resource nodes in the world. It’s important to gather enough raw materials to support your Woodworking crafting needs, and Plentiful Harvest greatly improves your efficiency in obtaining those resources.
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In order to efficiently level up your Woodworking skill, it’s recommended to prioritize these essential perks early on in your progression. They will not only make crafting easier but also save you time and resources along the way.

By investing in Carpentry, Resin Expertise, and Plentiful Harvest, you’ll have a strong foundation for leveling up Woodworking in ESO. These perks will enhance your crafting abilities, resource gathering efficiency, and overall progression towards becoming a master Woodworker.

Passive Abilities

Within the Woodworking skill tree, there are several passive abilities that can greatly enhance your progress in leveling Woodworking. These passive abilities provide unique bonuses and advantages that make the process of crafting and improving woodworking items much smoother and more efficient.

Keen Eye

One of the essential passive abilities in the Woodworking skill tree is Keen Eye. This ability increases your chances of finding woodworking resources, such as lumber, when exploring Tamriel. With each rank of Keen Eye, the glow of these resources becomes more pronounced, making it easier for you to spot them while adventuring. This is particularly useful when you are trying to gather a large quantity of resources quickly.

Carpenter’s Touch

Another valuable passive ability is Carpenter’s Touch. This ability increases the chance to improve an item’s quality while working at a woodworking station. As you level up this ability, you will notice a significant increase in your success rate when enhancing items, which can save you time and resources in the long run.


The Lumberjack passive ability focuses on improving your efficiency when gathering wood from resource nodes. With each rank invested into Lumberjack, you will receive a chance to obtain twice as many wood materials from each harvest. This not only speeds up your gathering process but also ensures that you have an abundant supply of materials for your woodworking endeavors.


Synergizer is another important passive ability for those who wish to level their Woodworking proficiency quickly. By investing points into this ability, you increase your chances of extracting more resins and tannins from raw materials used in woodworking recipes. This allows you to get more upgrade materials from each deconstruction, maximizing your resource yield and making it easier to improve your woodworking items.

Advanced Perks

In order to truly excel in Woodworking in ESO, it is important to delve into the advanced perks within the skill tree. These perks are designed to further enhance your abilities and provide you with unique advantages as a woodworker. Here are some of the advanced perks that you should focus on:

  1. Master Craftsman (Passive): This perk is an absolute must-have for any serious woodworker. It allows you to craft items with 10% more quality, increasing their value and effectiveness. This can be extremely beneficial when creating high-level furniture or weapons.
  2. Keen Eye: Wood (Passive): As you progress in Woodworking, you’ll find yourself spending a significant amount of time gathering materials from resource nodes. Keen Eye: Wood is an essential perk that improves your ability to spot wood nodes in the world by making them glow from a distance. This enables you to gather resources more efficiently and save valuable time.
  3. Carpenter’s Insight (Active): This active perk grants you a temporary bonus to woodworking experience gained upon successfully crafting an item. It is an invaluable tool for speeding up the leveling process and can help you reach higher skill levels faster.
  4. Resin Expertise (Passive): Resin is an important component in woodworking as it is required for upgrading crafted items. The Resin Expertise perk increases the chances of extracting extra resin from raw materials, ultimately increasing your overall efficiency when upgrading your gear.
  5. Masterful Finesse (Active): This active perk allows you to instantly complete a woodwork project without consuming any resources, granting experience but not producing an item that can be sold or used. It can be especially useful when trying to level up quickly or when experimenting with new crafting strategies.

By focusing on these advanced perks, you can greatly enhance your Woodworking abilities in ESO. Whether you’re looking to increase the quality of your crafted items, gather resources more efficiently, or level up quickly, these perks will provide you with the necessary tools to become a master woodworker. Remember to allocate skill points wisely and experiment with different combinations of perks to suit your playstyle and crafting goals.

Gear and Equipment

Woodworking, like many other professions in ESO, requires specific gear and equipment to maximize its potential. Just as a blacksmith needs a hammer or a tailor needs a sewing kit, woodworkers also require certain tools to excel in their craft. In this section, we will explore the essential gear and equipment necessary for woodworking in ESO.

One of the most important tools for any woodworker is the woodworking bench. This specialized workbench allows players to create various wooden items, such as bows, staves, shields, and furniture. The quality of your woodworking bench directly affects the quality of the items you create, so it is crucial to upgrade your bench as you progress in level.

As you level up your woodworking skill tree, you will unlock new types of wood that can be used to craft higher-level items. These woods include maple, oak, beech, hickory, yew, and ebony. Each type of wood has different traits and characteristics that can enhance the performance or appearance of the item being crafted. It is important to have access to these different types of wood in order to create top-tier items.

To efficiently gather wood materials for crafting purposes, it is recommended to invest in an axe specifically designed for gathering resources from trees. These axes usually have bonuses or enchantments that increase resource yield or decrease gathering time. Acquiring high-quality axes will greatly speed up your resource farming process and allow you to amass a substantial amount of raw materials in a shorter period.

In addition to these essential tools, there are various woodworking accessories available that can further enhance your woodworking abilities. For example, using carpenter’s kits can increase your chances of successfully refining raw materials into usable components. Additionally, having access to woodworking motifs will give you the ability to create items with unique appearances that can be highly sought after by collectors or fashion-conscious players.

Overall, having the right gear and equipment is essential for maximizing your woodworking potential in ESO. Investing in a high-quality woodworking bench, obtaining different types of woods, acquiring specialized axes, and utilizing accessories like carpenter’s kits and motifs will greatly enhance your ability to craft powerful weapons, sturdy shields, and beautiful furniture.

Remember to continuously upgrade your gear as you progress in level and always keep an eye out for rare or unique tools that can give you an edge in your woodworking endeavors.

Woodworking BenchA specialized workbench used to craft wooden items
Different Types of WoodVarieties of wood that have different traits and characteristics
Gathering AxeAn axe designed specifically for gathering resources from trees
Carpenter’s KitsAccessories that increase the success rate of refining raw materials into usable components
Woodworking MotifsDesigns that allow the creation of items with unique appearances

Leveling Strategies

When it comes to leveling Woodworking in ESO, having the right strategies and tips can make a significant difference in your progress. In this section, we will explore some proven strategies that will help you level up your Woodworking skill effectively.

One of the key strategies for leveling Woodworking is resource farming. Gathering raw materials such as wood is essential for crafting furniture, weapons, and shields. To efficiently farm resources, consider using the Steed Mundus Stone to increase your carrying capacity. This will allow you to gather more materials before needing to return to a crafting station.

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Another important aspect of resource farming is knowing where to find the best materials. In ESO, different regions offer different tiers of wood which yield higher experience points when crafted into items. For example, Ironwood and Hickory can be found in the Aldmeri Dominion territory while Oak and Yew are more commonly found in Daggerfall Covenant areas. Understanding the specific wood types available in each region will help you maximize your leveling efficiency.

Efficient crafting is also crucial for leveling Woodworking quickly. Instead of creating low-level items repeatedly, focus on crafting high-level furniture pieces or weapons that require more materials but provide a higher amount of experience points. Additionally, utilizing any experience boosters such as scrolls or potions can greatly expedite your leveling process.

To summarize these leveling strategies:

  1. Farm resources efficiently: Use the Steed Mundus Stone to increase carrying capacity and focus on gathering materials from regions that offer higher-tier woods.
  2. Craft high-level items: Create furniture or weapons that require more materials but provide higher experience points.
  3. Utilize experience boosters: Use scrolls or potions to enhance your experience gain while crafting.

By following these strategies, you’ll be able to level up your Woodworking skill faster and more efficiently in ESO.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to leveling Woodworking in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), there are several common mistakes that players often make. By being aware of these pitfalls and learning how to avoid them, you can save time and resources while efficiently progressing in this crafting skill.

One common mistake is not prioritizing research. Research is a crucial aspect of Woodworking, as it allows you to unlock new furniture plans and traits for your crafted items. However, many players neglect this aspect of the skill tree, focusing solely on leveling their crafting rank instead. To avoid this mistake, make sure to dedicate some time regularly to researching new traits, even if it means not immediately progressing in rank.

Another mistake to avoid is ignoring daily crafting writs. Crafting writs are repeatable quests that reward experience points, gold, and other valuable materials. They are a great way to level up your Woodworking skill while also earning some extra rewards. Many players overlook the importance of completing these daily quests, but they can significantly speed up your progression. Make sure to check the notice board in major cities for woodworking writs and complete them consistently.

Lastly, another common mistake is disregarding deconstruction as a means of leveling Woodworking. Deconstructing unwanted or low-quality items is one of the most efficient ways to gain experience points in this skill line. Some players may be tempted to sell or destroy these items instead, but by deconstructing them, not only do you gain valuable crafting materials but also valuable experience points that contribute to leveling up your Woodworking skill.


In conclusion, leveling Woodworking in ESO requires a combination of essential perks, passive abilities, advanced perks, and the right gear and equipment. The key to effectively leveling Woodworking is to understand the importance of each perk and ability within the skill tree and how they contribute to your overall progression.

Firstly, it is crucial to invest in the essential perks that greatly enhance your woodworking abilities. These perks include things like Carpentry which increases the durability of crafted items, Resin Expertise which reduces the amount of resin required for improvement, and Keen Eye: Wood to help you easily locate wooden resource nodes. By investing in these perks early on, you can significantly speed up your leveling process.

Additionally, taking advantage of passive abilities is another important aspect of leveling Woodworking efficiently. Passive abilities such as Lumberjack’s Craft increase your chances of obtaining extra materials when harvesting wood, while Master Gatherer increases your chance of finding higher quality wood from resource nodes. These abilities not only make gathering resources easier but also improve the quality of the items you craft.

Furthermore, advanced perks provide an additional layer of enhancement to your woodworking skills. For example, Timber Extraction allows you to extract more valuable upgrade materials from raw wood while Resin Extraction improves the chances of obtaining high-quality resins for improving items. These perks are especially valuable for those looking to create top-tier furniture or improve their woodworking creations.

Lastly, having the right gear and equipment is crucial for maximizing your woodworking potential. Look for sets that offer bonuses specifically tailored towards woodworking or those that increase crafting success rates. Having high-quality tools will also greatly improve your efficiency and effectiveness when working with wood.

To conclude, mastering Woodworking in ESO requires a deep understanding of the different perks and abilities within the skill tree as well as investing time into acquiring appropriate gear and equipment. By utilizing essential perks, leveraging passive abilities, exploring advanced perks, and optimizing your gear choices, you can level Woodworking effectively and unlock its full potential in the world of ESO. So sharpen your craft, gather your resources, and embrace the art of woodworking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you level up woodworking skill in eso?

In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), leveling up the woodworking skill can be achieved by actively engaging in woodworking activities. One approach is to gather wood materials found throughout the game world, such as maple or oak logs, which can be obtained by exploring forests or purchasing from guild stores.

With these materials in hand, players can then utilize woodworking stations, found in cities and player housing, to craft a variety of wooden items like bows, shields, or staves. By consistently crafting these items and deconstructing any unwanted ones, players can gain experience towards leveling up their woodworking skill.

How do you level up woodworking?

Leveling up woodworking in ESO is primarily accomplished through practice and repetition. The key to increasing your proficiency is to engage with various woodworking activities regularly.

A beneficial strategy is to focus on creating higher-level items as you progress through the game since they tend to provide more experience points than lower-level creations. Additionally, participating in daily crafting writs provided by certain NPCs allows players to complete specific woodworking tasks that not only reward valuable resources but also grant an experience boost towards their skill progression.

How do you train woodworking in eso?

Training the woodworking skill within ESO involves a combination of actions aimed at enhancing one’s abilities as a woodworker. Initially, it is important to invest skill points into the Woodworking line under the crafting section of the character menu.

These skill points can be obtained as you level up your character or from specific achievements within the game. Once invested, these skills enable players to create specialized wooden weapons and armor sets while also unlocking passive benefits that increase efficiency and improve item quality during crafting.

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