Where to Buy Craftsman Woodworking Tools

Craftsman woodworking tools are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry, known for their quality and durability. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a hobbyist, having the right tools is essential for achieving precise and beautiful results. In this article, we will explore where to buy Craftsman woodworking tools, whether you prefer shopping online, visiting physical stores, or searching for hidden gems in specialty woodworking stores.

Woodworkers choose Craftsman tools for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Craftsman is known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship. With decades of experience and a reputation built on excellence, Craftsman woodworking tools are designed to withstand the test of time and deliver exceptional performance. Additionally, Craftsman offers a wide range of tools that cater to different skill levels and needs, ensuring there’s something suitable for every woodworker.

When it comes to purchasing Craftsman woodworking tools, you have several options. Online retailers offer the ultimate convenience with a vast variety of choices available at your fingertips. Physical stores provide an opportunity to see and experience the tools firsthand before making a purchase. Home improvement stores serve as a convenient one-stop shop for all your woodworking needs.

Specialty woodworking stores often carry unique and hard-to-find Craftsman items that can elevate your work. Local woodworking workshops may unexpectedly offer great deals on pre-owned Craftsman tools. And if you’re on a budget, exploring the second-hand market can help you find affordable but still high-quality craftsman options.

In the following sections of this article, we will delve into each option in detail so that you can make informed choices when it comes to buying Craftsman woodworking tools. Whether you’re looking for specific items or want to build up your entire tool collection from scratch, understanding where to find these reliable and trusted tools will ensure success in your craft projects.

Online Retailers

In today’s digital age, online retailers have become the go-to option for purchasing all sorts of products. When it comes to Craftsman woodworking tools, online retailers offer an unparalleled level of convenience and variety. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, online retailers provide easy access to a wide range of Craftsman woodworking tools at your fingertips.

Wide Selection

One of the major advantages of buying Craftsman woodworking tools from online retailers is the extensive selection they offer. From simple hand tools like chisels and saws to advanced power tools such as miter saws and routers, you can find virtually any Craftsman tool you need with just a few clicks. Online retailers often partner directly with manufacturers and distributors, ensuring that they have the latest models and inventory available for purchase.

Convenience and Flexibility

Another significant benefit is the convenience that online shopping provides. With just an internet connection, you can browse through various online stores at any time of the day or night. There’s no need to visit physical stores during specific opening hours or deal with crowded spaces. Additionally, many online retailers offer user-friendly interfaces and search filters, making it easy to find specific Craftsman woodworking tools based on brand, price range, or features.

Furthermore, buying Craftsman woodworking tools online offers flexibility in terms of delivery options. Most reputable online retailers provide fast shipping services right to your doorstep. Some even offer expedited shipping options for those who need their tools urgently. Additionally, if you prefer not to wait for delivery, many online retailers provide the option to buy online and pick up in-store.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

One advantage that sets apart online shopping is the availability of customer reviews and ratings. Before making a purchase decision on an item such as a Craftsman woodworking tool, you can read through reviews from other customers who have already bought and used the product.

These reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality, performance, and durability of the tools you are considering. By taking advantage of customer feedback, online shoppers can make more informed choices about which Craftsman woodworking tools best suit their needs.

Online retailers offer unmatched convenience and a vast selection of Craftsman woodworking tools. Whether you are searching for a particular hand tool or seeking to upgrade your power tools, online shopping provides an efficient way to explore and purchase these essential items.

Furthermore, with access to customer reviews and ratings, you can make confident decisions on the quality and reliability of the tools before clicking that “buy” button. Online retailers truly provide the ultimate convenience and variety for purchasing Craftsman woodworking tools.

Physical Stores

For many craftsmen, there is a unique joy in being able to touch, feel, and test out woodworking tools before making a purchase. Physical stores offer the opportunity to interact with products in person, allowing woodworkers to make more informed decisions about which Craftsman woodworking tools best suit their needs. These stores provide an immersive shopping experience that online retailers cannot replicate.

One popular option for finding Craftsman woodworking tools is home improvement stores. Retail giants like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry a wide selection of Craftsman tools, making them convenient one-stop shops for all your woodworking needs. These stores often have dedicated sections specifically for tools, allowing shoppers to explore different options and compare features side by side. Additionally, knowledgeable staff members are typically available to provide guidance and answer any questions customers may have.

Specialty woodworking stores are another excellent resource for finding Craftsman woodworking tools. These stores cater specifically to woodworkers and enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of high-quality tools and accessories. Specialty stores often attract a niche community of experienced woodworkers who can provide valuable advice and recommendations based on their own experiences with Craftsman products. These stores may also offer workshops or classes where customers can learn new skills and techniques from seasoned professionals.

The ability to touch, feel, and test out products before purchasing
Immersion in a hands-on shopping experience
Opportunity to compare different tools side by side
Access to knowledgeable staff members who can provide guidance
Exposure to a community of experienced woodworkers
Possibility of attending workshops or classes to learn new skills
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Home Improvement Stores

When it comes to purchasing Craftsman woodworking tools, home improvement stores are often a go-to option for many woodworkers. These stores offer a one-stop shop experience where customers can find a wide selection of tools and supplies necessary for their woodworking projects. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, home improvement stores provide convenience and accessibility in acquiring Craftsman woodworking tools.

Wide Selection of Tools and Supplies

One of the main advantages of shopping for Craftsman woodworking tools at home improvement stores is the vast array of options available. These stores typically carry an extensive range of tools and supplies geared towards all levels of woodworking expertise.

From basic hand tools such as saws, chisels, and hammers to advanced power tools like table saws, routers, and drills, you will find everything you need under one roof. In addition to the essential tools, home improvement stores also stock various accessories, finishes, adhesives, and safety equipment that play a crucial role in any woodworking project.

Knowledgeable Staff

Another benefit of shopping at home improvement stores is the presence of knowledgeable staff who can assist customers in choosing the right Craftsman woodworking tools for their specific needs. These employees are often well-trained in the products they sell and can offer valuable advice on tool selection, usage techniques, and even maintenance tips.

If you are unsure about which tool would best suit your project requirements or need guidance on how to operate a particular power tool safely, the staff at home improvement stores can provide expert recommendations and demonstrations that can help enhance your woodworking experience.

Affordable Pricing

For budget-conscious woodworkers, home improvement stores often offer competitive pricing on Craftsman woodworking tools. With their buying power and wide customer base, these retailers have the ability to negotiate favorable prices with manufacturers which can be passed on to the consumers.

Additionally, home improvement stores frequently provide promotional offers, discounts, and sales events that further reduce the cost of these tools. This affordability factor makes home improvement stores an attractive option for woodworkers looking to equip their workshop with top-quality Craftsman tools without breaking the bank.

Specialty Woodworking Stores

Craftsman woodworking tools are known for their high quality and durability, making them a popular choice among woodworkers. While online retailers and physical stores offer convenience and variety, specialty woodworking stores can be a hidden gem for finding unique and specialized Craftsman tools. These stores often cater specifically to woodworkers and carry a wide range of products that may not be readily available elsewhere.

One advantage of shopping at specialty woodworking stores is the ability to find rare or hard-to-find Craftsman tools. These stores typically have knowledgeable staff who can assist customers in finding the specific tool they need or provide advice on alternative options. Additionally, specialty woodworking stores often stock a curated selection of handcrafted and limited-edition tools that may not be found in larger retailers.

Another benefit of shopping at specialty woodworking stores is the opportunity for hands-on experience before making a purchase. Many of these stores have display areas where customers can try out different tools and get a feel for their weight, balance, and overall performance. This allows woodworkers to make more informed decisions about which Craftsman tools will best suit their needs.

In addition to selling tools, specialty woodworking stores often host workshops, classes, and demonstrations for woodworkers of all skill levels. These events provide valuable learning opportunities and allow woodworkers to connect with others who share their passion. Attending these events at specialty woodworking stores can also provide insight into new or innovative Craftsmanship techniques or products.

In summary, specialty woodworking stores are a great place to uncover hidden gems when shopping for Craftsman woodworking tools. They offer unique product selections, knowledgeable staff, hands-on experience opportunities, and educational events. Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or just starting out, exploring these speciality stores can lead to discovering new favored tools and resources within the Craftsman brand.

Find rare or hard-to-find Craftsman toolsOpportunity for hands-on experience before purchasing
Knowledgeable staff who can provide expert adviceAccess to workshops, classes, and demonstrations
Curated selection of handcrafted and limited-edition toolsChance to discover new techniques or products

Local Woodworking Workshops

Local woodworking workshops can be a hidden treasure trove for woodworkers looking to find Craftsman woodworking tools in unexpected places. These workshops serve as creative spaces for craftsmen to work on their projects, but they often have an inventory of tools available for purchase as well.

When visiting a local woodworking workshop, you may come across unique and hard-to-find Craftsman tools that are not readily available in mainstream retail stores. The craftsmen working in these workshops often have a deep knowledge and appreciation for high-quality tools, which means they are more likely to stock Craftsman products due to their reputation for durability and reliability.

One of the advantages of purchasing from local woodworking workshops is the opportunity to interact with experienced craftsmen who can provide guidance and recommendations based on their own personal experiences. They can offer insights into which Craftsman tools are best suited for specific projects or applications, as well as share tips and techniques for using them effectively.

To make it easier for customers to locate the desired tools, some woodworking workshops organize their tool inventory by category or type. This allows woodworkers to browse through a curated selection of Craftsman tools that are relevant to their specific needs. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for these workshops to offer classes or demonstrations where you can see the tools in action before making a purchase decision.

Second-hand Market

The second-hand market is a treasure trove for woodworkers looking to find affordable Craftsman woodworking tools without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re on a budget or simply enjoy the thrill of hunting for a good deal, the second-hand market offers a viable option for acquiring these sought-after tools.

One of the main advantages of shopping in the second-hand market is the potential cost savings. Used Craftsman woodworking tools can often be found at significantly lower prices compared to buying brand new ones. This can be particularly beneficial for beginner woodworkers who may not want to invest heavily in expensive equipment right away.

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However, affordability does not mean compromising on quality. Craftsman tools are known for their durability and longevity, and this reputation holds true even in the second-hand market. Many sellers take great care of their tools and ensure they are in good working condition before putting them up for sale. By doing thorough research and inspecting items carefully, it is possible to find high-quality used Craftsman woodworking tools that will serve you well for years to come.

There are several avenues to explore within the second-hand market when searching for affordable Craftsman woodworking tools. Online platforms such as auction websites, classified ads, and online marketplaces provide a vast selection of used tools that can be conveniently browsed from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, local yard sales, flea markets, and tool swap meets can offer unique opportunities to stumble upon hidden gems at bargain prices.

Craftsman Woodworking Tool Distributors

Craftsman woodworking tools have been a favorite among woodworkers for their durability, precision, and innovation. For those who are looking to directly support the Craftsman brand and have access to their full range of products, purchasing from Craftsman woodworking tool distributors is an excellent option.

One of the benefits of buying from Craftsman woodworking tool distributors is that it allows woodworkers to have direct access to the latest tools and accessories offered by the brand. Distributors often carry a wide selection of Craftsman products, including both popular favorites and new releases. This ensures that woodworkers can find everything they need in one place without having to search through multiple retailers.

Furthermore, purchasing from distributors also helps support the brand itself. By buying directly from Craftsman distributors, customers contribute to the success and growth of the company. This support enables Craftsman to continually invest in research and development, ensuring that woodworkers can expect innovative and high-quality tools for years to come.

To locate Craftsman woodworking tool distributors near you, there are a few methods you can try. First, visit the official Craftsman website and utilize their store locator tool. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of authorized distributors in your area. Additionally, you can reach out to local woodworking clubs or forums where experienced woodworkers may have recommendations for trusted distributors.

In summary, purchasing from Craftsman woodworking tool distributors not only provides easy access to their full range of tools but also directly supports the brand itself. Whether you’re an amateur woodworker or a seasoned professional, supporting the brand ensures that you have access to reliable and top-notch equipment for all your woodworking needs.


In conclusion, when it comes to purchasing Craftsman woodworking tools, there are a variety of options available to woodworkers. Online retailers offer the ultimate convenience and variety, allowing customers to browse and purchase tools from the comfort of their own homes. Physical stores provide an opportunity to see and experience the tools in person before making a purchase. Home improvement stores offer a one-stop shop for all woodworking needs, including Craftsman tools.

For those seeking a more specialized experience, specialty woodworking stores can be a treasure trove of hidden gems when it comes to Craftsman woodworking tools. These stores often have a wider selection and knowledgeable staff who can provide expert guidance and advice on choosing the right tools for specific projects.

Local woodworking workshops may also surprise woodworkers with unexpected finds. Many workshops sell or trade their old or unused Craftsman tools, providing an opportunity to score quality tools at affordable prices while supporting local artisans.

For those on a budget, exploring the second-hand market can yield great results. Many individuals sell their gently used Craftsman woodworking tools at reduced prices, allowing woodworkers to acquire high-quality tools without breaking the bank.

Lastly, purchasing directly from Craftsman woodworking tool distributors is a way for customers to directly support the brand and ensure authenticity. By choosing this route, woodworkers can be confident that they are purchasing genuine Craftsman products that have undergone rigorous testing and meet the brand’s high standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has Craftsman tools now?

Craftsman tools are currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker. In 2017, Stanley Black & Decker acquired the Craftsman brand from Sears Holdings Corporation in a deal worth $900 million. As part of this acquisition, the production of Craftsman tools shifted from being exclusively sold at Sears stores to being distributed through a wider range of retailers.

Are Craftsman tools still worth buying?

The value of Craftsman tools today largely depends on individual preferences and requirements. While Craftsman had long been known for its quality and durability, there have been mixed reviews regarding the quality of their tools in recent years.

Some users claim that the overall quality has declined since the brand’s acquisition by Stanley Black & Decker, while others argue that they continue to be reliable and dependable tools. Ultimately, it is advisable to check out reviews and gather opinions from trusted sources before making a purchase decision.

Is Craftsman Lowes or Home Depot?

Before its acquisition by Stanley Black & Decker, Craftsman had an exclusive partnership with Sears for several decades. However, after the acquisition, Craftsman tools became available for distribution through multiple retailers including both Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as other online platforms and hardware stores.

Therefore, Craftsman is not exclusively associated with either Lowe’s or Home Depot; you can find a selection of their products at various retail locations depending on where you prefer to shop.

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