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Customer Reviews

Woodworker’s Tool Works has a great selection of quality tools and supplies needed to complete projects. Many customers have found their one-stop shop for all their needs which they believe will save them money in the long run.

One customer shared that the selection is vast, more so than they thought it would be at a single shop, and they could get almost everything in one place. This saved them time and energy as they didn’t have to search around elsewhere for additional tools or supplies.

Another customer forgot a tool when purchasing and was pleased that Woodworker’s Tool Works provided an easy return and exchange system. They also appreciated how friendly and helpful the staff were in assisting with their purchase decisions with helpful questions about what kind of project they were working on.

Overall customers are appreciative of being able to find all the items they need in one place, grow their tool collections as needed, access helpful staff and enjoy an easy return/exchange process when necessary.

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Woodworkers Tool Works provides a wide range of tools for use in woodworking, ranging from saws and planes to chisels and gouges. Saw blades come in a variety of lengths, widths and tooth configurations to select the best combination for the task at hand. Handplanes can help create smooth surfaces on large pieces of wood and edges, while chisels and gouges can be used to shape more intricate details.

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For large projects a circular saw is helpful when straight cutting long boards or plywood, while a jigsaw makes curved cuts easier. Drill bits are needed for drilling pilot holes and special countersink bits are available for creating recesses in different materials such as hard or soft woods and metals. Router bits come in many shapes for profiling edges on molding or cutting dadoes into material. Sanding drums are also available for smoothing out curves or edges that only require minimal shaping. Finally, clamps are invaluable when it comes to holding down workpieces onto the workbench during assembly or clamping individual parts together during glue-ups.

No matter what type of project you have planned Woodworkers Tool Works has the tools to make the job easier!

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Woodworkers Tool Works provides a wide range of tools for use in the home workshop. We prioritize safety and always want to ensure that customers can work safely and effectively with our products.

Safety Tips:

• Always wear appropriate safety gear such as safety glasses, gloves, face shields and ear protection when operating any tool from Woodworkers Tool Works.

• Read instructions carefully before use, and follow all warning labels associated with the product or tool.

• Securely fasten parts down during operation to prevent them from slipping or becoming airborne as a result of vibrations or other forces created by the tools.

• Make sure no objects are in the way that could be thrown, pinch or cut you while using the tools.

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Add an interactive section

At Woodworkers Tool Works, we are dedicated to helping people succeed in their woodworking endeavors. To go above and beyond for our customers, we would like to offer an interactive section. This section could be a live Q&A or a tutorial of some sort where readers can interact with our staff directly and get one-on-one help so they can better understand important topics and techniques related to woodworking. We believe this will improve the customer experience for everyone and could be a great way for beginners to start learning the ropes right away.

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