Woodworking Projects That Sell 2021


As the world finally comes out of a long and difficult pandemic, people’s minds are turning to craft projects that will generate income. Woodworking is an excellent option for anyone looking to make money from their hobbies, as it requires basic skills that can be quickly developed through practice. Popular woodworking projects for 2021 include simple furniture pieces, custom cabinetry, cutting boards, DIY pallets, and wall art. Depending on the project type and its complexity, the potential for making a profit from each piece increases significantly. Furniture pieces may require more time investment but have higher potential returns due to their practical nature and ability to be sold in retail stores or online. Custom cabinetry, such as shelves and cupboards, are highly sought after because they save space while providing an artistic touch to any room. Cutting boards year-round favorite items with all sorts of customers since they provide decorative accents while doubling as useful kitchen tools. Popular DIY pallet projects also tend to draw in plenty of attention due to their simplistic yet eye-catching look. Creative wall art is an excellent way of livening up any home or business space while earning extra cash in the process. For 2021, these are some of the most popular woodworking projects that offer tremendous earning potential.

Trends for Woodworking Projects in 2021

There is no shortage of creative woodworking projects that can be created, sold and treasured in 2021. For those looking to invest their time and energy into a woodworking project the possibilities are endless. Popular woodworking trends for 2021 include pieces with modern updates, integrating natural materials with burl woods and mock tortoise shell details, as well as bold geometric designs that bring a sense of drama. Showcase furniture such as tables, chairs and benches are also trending, with metallic accents and hardwood materials creating eye-catching pieces. Reclaimed lumber is also becoming more popular due to its unique look in comparison to new materials while enhancing sustainability awareness. Other trending 2020 projects include updated classic designs such as the Parsons table with metal legs or breaking traditional blocks with artistic design choices. With new trends emerging each year there is always something exciting happening within the world of woodworking!

Where to Look for Inspiration for Woodworking Projects to Sell

One way to find inspiration for woodworking projects to sell in 2021 is to look at the things that people already need and want. What are people looking for? What popular trends exist in home décor? Consider items that serve practical purposes such as furniture-making, storage solutions, or items like birdhouses or planters. Additionally, look around your neighborhood, town, or city and identify a common issue or item that can be solved with a woodworking project. For instance, if you live near a beach, consider making beach umbrellas or picnic tables.

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Furthermore, browse websites such as Etsy and eBay to get an idea of what others are selling in terms of woodworking projects. Look for items similar to yours and determine what makes those offerings attractive to customers. This can help you design projects that provide similar value as well as show you how you could price your goods competitively so you don’t miss out on potential sales opportunities.

Strategies for Pricing Woodworking Projects

When pricing woodworking projects, consider the cost of materials, labor, marketing and overhead. Materials include things like lumber, hardware, finishes and other necessary components; labor includes time spent designing, cutting and assembling the project; advertising includes costs for promoting the product or service; and overhead represents other necessary costs such as electricity to run tools and equipment. Consider also how much profit you want to make on each item.

Additionally, think about market dynamics: who are your target customers and what price point will they be willing to pay? Do some research into what similar products are selling for in the marketplace. Knowing these prices can help inform your pricing decisions.

You might also take into account any extra expenses associated with taking custom orders. If a customer requests a specific design that is beyond your usual scope of work, calculate additional charges to account for the added complexity of the project. Delivery fees may also factor into pricing if you plan to deliver finished projects.” Lastly, keep in mind that offering discounts or package deals on multiple items may encourage customers to purchase more from you. This can be beneficial when biding for large projects or trying to maximize the value earned from selling individual items at once.

Unique Ideas for Woodworking Projects That Sell

With the increasing popularity of DIY projects and a focus on responsible consumption, there is an ever-growing need for woodworking projects that sell. With guidance and careful selection of materials, you have the opportunity to easily create one-of-a kind items. Whether you are looking to start a small home business or simply supplement your income by offering a few select pieces, consider the following ideas when selecting potential woodworking projects that sell.

One type of project you can offer customers is custom furniture. This type of project allows you to tailor the needs of different customer bases while displaying your technical skills in woodwork. Popular woodworking projects in this field include benches, tables, desks, dressers and cabinets. Such pieces are now extremely popular with those who look for unique sustainable additions to their homes that provide immense satisfaction from building it themselves.

You can also offer smaller scale products such as picture frames, signs, ornaments and clocks. Such items take little time for production but allow you to differentiate via customization based on color choice or use of different texturing techniques – like distressing or scorching – which provide an attractive feature in themselves.

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Other worth mentioning projects include birdhouses, planters and pet beds that showcase your woodworking capabilities while using environmentally friendly raw materials. Additionally, shelves are always popular options due to their ability to be both functional (in terms of storage spaces) and decorative due to creative designs like cubbies and overlapping levels that combine interesting shapes and colors. And lastly, don’t underestimate the selling power of various puzzles such as mazes, tic tac toe boards serve as conversation starters – perfect for entryways!

Ways to Promote Your Woodworking Projects Online

Promoting your woodworking projects online is an effective way to increase visibility and make sales. Many channels like social media, websites, and e-commerce platforms can be used for this purpose.

One way to attract customers is through social media. Posting pictures of your projects on Instagram and Pinterest can help get the word out about what you have to offer. You should also join online groups related to woodworking, such as Facebook groups or Google+ communities, where you can showcase your work and engage with potential customers directly. Additionally, many successful woodworkers have started Youtube channels and post videos of their projects in order to gain more followers who may become customers.

Another option is creating a website or store showcasing your work with product descriptions, pricing information, digital galleries, and customer reviews/testimonials. This will provide an easy way for users to purchase your goods without having any physical interaction with you or your company. Finally, if you want to try selling items quickly without creating a site yourself, using popular e-commerce platforms like Etsy or Amazon are great options as well.


Woodworking projects are a great way to create value, bring joy, and make the world a better place. Whether it’s something as simple as a planter box or as complex as furniture, woodworking can be a lucrative way to generate income and showcase your creativity. By doing your research and choosing pieces that are in demand, you can capitalize on the current market trends and make 2021 your year for selling woodworking projects. With hard work, dedication, and some creative ideas, you can turn your hobby of woodworking into a lucrative business. Put in the effort this year and give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you successfully made money from something you love by selling quality woodworking products.

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