Woodworking Devices To Begin With

    You don’t have to be a professional carpenter to enjoy woodworking. Anyone can enjoy the joys of working with a set of hand tools, from woodturners to weekend hobbyists. But what woodworking tools do you need? Here is a list of the top ten woodworking tools every woodworker should own.


    Hammer – The hammer is the most basic woodworking tool. It’s also probably the most important, as it is used to press nails into wooden surfaces. The hammer should have a long handle to make working on a table or workbench easy. The hammer is also an excellent tool for nailing small pieces to the wall or ceiling. Most of your basic hand tools will already have a handle or are compatible with a hammer, including the screwdriver. Hand hammers can be purchased at hardware stores or made at home.

    Square – The square is used in woodworking to create different patterns. You can build circles, squares, rectangles, and hexagons. The square is also used to create interlocking patterns. Some squares are meant for use on just one side of a project. Other squares can be used in a “U” formation to join two or more pieces together for one seamless piece. A square also makes great use for tiling or carpeting.

    Tape Measure – There are so many different sizes of tape measure that it can be hard to choose which one is right for your particular project. Choose a tape measure that comes with a measuring line, so you can keep all your measurements in one place. Make sure the tape measure you choose is large enough for the area you will be working on. It should be able to accommodate at least two different pieces that you will be working on at one time.

    Utility Knife – This is also known as a woodworking knife, although the actual type of blade will depend on which type of woodworking project you are working on. The utility knife is ideal for cutting through large amounts of heavy material. You can use it to cut through board or plywood to help with making a design or to fit a piece of furniture.

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    Chisel – If you are woodturner, you probably have used a chisel before. These tools will be perfect for getting in between the boards of a table leg to give your creation a nice smooth look. You can use a chisel for getting into tight places and remove rough spots on the wood. They are ideal for getting into those cracks and crevices that are not easy to reach with a nail.

    Utility Knife Sharpeners – You can get a variety of different types of sharpeners for your utility knife. There are electric sharpeners that use electricity to clean and polish the blade and there are manual sharpeners. If you are using your utility knife for projects that involve woodturning, it is a good idea to invest in a sharpener with a rotary feature. A rotary sharpener will allow you to get deep into the wood by rotating the blade without having to worry about scratching the wood.

    Saw – Whether you are working with wood on a table or working on a piece of furniture, you need a saw that will handle large pieces of wood. Some saws come with a table that is a bit longer than others, while some come with the table stand on its side. Tables are usually the best choice for people who are new to woodturning or who are looking to make a lot of large pieces of furniture.