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Investigate historical projects

Founded in 1939, Yankee Woodworking has been creating custom carpentry solutions for its customers for decades. One of the company’s earliest projects was the 1938 reconstruction of a historic Boston Brownstone in Beacon Hill. This multi-year undertaking included carving intricate designs into the woodwork, restoring century-old moldings, and restoring original brickwork to retain the historical character of the project. The restored property received an award from The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities for its faithful preservation of the building’s unique character and attention to detail.

Since then, YankeeWoodworking has continued to take on projects that exhibit their expertise in skilled craftsmanship across multiple mediums. Their larger-scale works include replicating replica steeples and weathervanes for various historical churches around New England. The careful attention to detail that these projects require has enhanced historical architecture throughout New England while also demonstrating Yankee Woodworking’s expertise with challenging carpentry tasks.

Other notable projects have included several high-end residential reconstructions in northern Massachusetts. These prestigious clients have come to rely on the magicians at Yankee Woodworking again and again when it comes to finding solutions that revolve around traditional styles, modern conveniences and top-notch craftsmanship all without compromising style or precision workmanship.

Finally, Yankee Woodworking has made strong contributions to public works programs over many years. They have done extensive park restoration throughout Boston and Providence as well as building wheelchair ramps on public buildings using authentic materials that perfectly match existing design elements, exemplifying their commitment to timeless solutions for our community space. All these accomplishments reveal why this esteemed carpentry shop continues to be at the forefront of crafting exquisite woodwork solutions spanning more than 80 years now!

Showcase the team

Yankee Woodworking is proud to feature a team of highly-skilled woodworkers. Each team member has impressive woodworking abilities and expertise that allows Yankee Woodworking to craft top-of-the-line furniture.

In order to showcase the team, we have conducted interviews with each woodworker. These interviews highlight the unique skills and craftsmanship brought to the company by each individual. Additionally, some of the interviews are shared online on our website, through publications like Houzz Magazine, and through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach a wider audience.

Each interview gives an in-depth overview of the various aspects of each person’s role as a Yankee Woodworking designer or craftsman. We discuss their favorite projects they have worked on and why they like them so much. We also talk about how each team member got involved in woodworking in the first place ” some have been woodworkers for as long as they can remember! The interviewees share tips about working with different types of wood and what insights they have gained throughout their careers.

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By showcasing the team this way, we aim to give potential customers an appreciation for all that goes into making the high quality furniture pieces they will be buying from us. From design ideas and picky detail work, it showcases our dedication to providing nothing but excellent pieces!

Look at special requests

Recently, Yankee Woodworking completed a custom project for a family in New Jersey. The project involved creating a wall-sized built-in closet for their home. The process used to bring the project to life began with gathering the necessary materials and measurements from the customer. Then, drawings were created of the design and the wood pieces were cut according to the specifications provided. After that, sanding began to ensure all surfaces would be smooth prior to installation. During installation of each piece, a leveler was used to achieve perfect alignment of each shelf and rod. Finally, finishing touches like custom stained trimwork were added around the closet frames to give it an especially unique look. This project showcased Yankee Woodworking’s skill when it comes to creating custom pieces with attention paid to detail while providing excellent overall craftsmanship.

Installing and maintenance


1. Read the manufacturer directions provided by Yankee Woodworking before attempting to install any of their products.
2. Gather all necessary tools and materials for installation before beginning the process as there might be several steps to installation, and having everything ready will make it easier.
3. Check if you have the appropriate power supply such as electricity or an air compressor for some products before getting started.
4. Wear protective gear such as safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask when using potentially hazardous tools such as saws or drills.
5. Make sure to handle all the material with care and follow instructions closely while installing to ensure proper fit and functionality of the product.

1. Regularly inspect your woodworking products from Yankee Woodworking for signs of wear and tear, such as splitting wood or loosening screws/bolts from vibrations over time.
2. Clean off any debris that has settled on the product or around it often to prevent further damage or shortening its life span due to weathering effects over time, this includes pollen, dirt, dust, etc..
3. After each use, tighten up any loose screws/bolts that may have come undone due to extreme pressure being placed on them during use of the product in order too preserve strength and stability of the product overall over time.
4. Reapply wax your wooden components with a protective wax layer every few months in order to keep moisture away from impacting your pieces directly thus decreasing warping or cracking over lasting long term use.

Awards and recognition

Yankee Woodworking has earned its reputation as one of the best custom woodworking companies in the region through its commitment to producing beautiful and high-quality products for their customers. As a testament to their quality craftsmanship, Yankee Woodworking has been honored with several notable awards over the years.

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In 2020, Yankee Woodworking was chosen as a winner in the City Beat Magazine Awards for Best Custom Woodworker. This award highlights businesses that provide customers with incredible craftsmanship and service. Yankee Woodworking was specifically praised for creating unique pieces of furniture crafted from wood working techniques and materials that are built to last.

In 2021, Yankee Woodworking also earned recognition from Home & Garden Magazine, which presented them with their prestigious Best Woodwork Professional Award. The magazine noted Yankee’s commitment to both quality craftsmanship and producing custom pieces that perfectly meet each customer’s needs. They also highlighted the fact that all of Yankee’s projects are carefully designed using detailed plans and executed using cutting-edge technology such as computer-aided design (CAD) software.

These impressive awards are an indication of how highly regarded Yankee Woodworking is throughout the industry and these recognitions serve as motivation to maintain their standard of excellence in craftsmanship and customer service.


Yankee Woodworking is located in New Haven, Connecticut – a beautiful city surrounded by rolling hills and dramatic coastlines. The unique geographical location of this region has helped to shape the company’s approach to woodworking since its inception in 1845.

By utilizing the abundant resources in and around the area, Yankee Woodworking has been able to create unique pieces that reflect the region’s rustic and timeless style. Natural woods such as ash, pine, cherry, walnut, beech and spruce are sourced from local forests and sustainably harvested before being used to craft beautiful furniture. The benefit of customizing each piece according to the needs of their customers has allowed them to stay true to their traditional roots while also meeting today’s modern needs.

In addition to sourcing materials locally, they have also established relationships with master craftsmen throughout the region who share similar interests and views on traditional woodworking techniques”something that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for their idyllic location in one of Connecticut’s most inspiring locales. This allows them to ensure that each piece that leaves their workshops is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.

Yankee Woodworking’s rich heritage combined with the exceptional resources found in the area have thus enabled them to become a leader in traditional woodworking for over 175 years.

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