2016 Fine Woodworking Archive


The 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive provides an invaluable resource for woodworkers, hobbyists and craftsmen of all skill levels. It is a comprehensive library of insights and in-depth material from the award-winning magazine, Fine Woodworking. The archive offers readers the opportunity to explore hundreds of projects with detailed designs, step-by-step instructions and helpful photos. With issues dating back to 1975, the archive is an essential source for inspiration and reference.

In addition, the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive features articles on specialized topics such as design basics, tool reviews and usage tips, jigs and fixtures ideas as well as workspace organization solutions. Readers can also take advantage of a selection of videos focussing on achieving professional results with hand tools and machinery alike. A searchable index makes it easy to access specific articles or information needed within minutes. Not only that, but the archive comes in multiple digital formats including interactive web pages, PDFs and ebooks making it accessible on any single device.

Overall, no other woodworking archive provides such an extensive collection of reliable content with expert advice from many respected craftspeople. Whether a beginner looking to get started with basic projects or a professional hoping to find ideas for sophisticated pieces – the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive offers everyone something new to explore!

Year in Review

2016 saw a number of noteworthy developments in the Fine Woodworking archiving sphere. New databases and publications emerged, providing resources for woodworkers looking to create better projects and learn more about their craft. Artisans got easier access to fine woodworking materials as new suppliers opened up shop around the world. Finally, tools and techniques continued to evolve, allowing hobbyists to take their skills to a new level.

The emergence of various databases such as FineWoodworking.com’s database helped create an online community dedicated to sharing knowledge of fine woodworking practices around the world. This resource allowed users to search by keyword or browse by category, giving them access to detailed plans, instructional videos and articles written by experienced professionals in the industry.

The publication of several magazines started gaining traction this past year, with titles such as Popular Woodworking offering guidance to everything from beginner projects to advanced skills training. These magazines have become popular among aspiring craftsmen who wish to enrich their understanding of joinery, tool use and finishes application.

The supply chain for fine woodworking materials extended its reach significantly this year with new suppliers emerging around the world that offer specialty domestic and exotic lumber at reasonable prices. These companies scour jungles for centuries-old trees designated for furniture making and utilize state-of-the-art kilns for perfecting grain patterns in exotic species like Mahogany or Mango wood before shipping it out worldwide.

Lastly, tools and techniques continued advancing which gave craftspersons greater opportunities for enhancing projects with more intricate design elements and improved accuracy than ever before. Technology such as laser etching allowed artisans to implement detailed designs that can be easily duplicated across multiple pieces while CNC technology automated quick processes such as sanding core material away from complex surfaces or duplicating entire projects within minutes regardless of size or complexity involved.

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Most Exciting Projects Shared in the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive

The 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive was home to a wide variety of inspiring and creative woodworking projects. Among some of the most exciting projects included intricate furniture designs, finely crafted wooden boxes, precise joinery creations, several turnings that showed off expert skill, and even artistic expressions on wood.

Furniture designers in the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive released a range of styles and forms that pushed the boundary between traditional and modern looks. Tables with intricate carvings along the legs were mixed with modern elements such as lacquer finishes and natural woods. Cabinets featuring unique joinery techniques included doors made out of varying pieces for an added touch of complexity to their simplicity. Many carpenters also ventured out into constructing shelves and TV stands which used geometric shapes like triangles to create an entirely new design language in their craftsmanship.

Finally, turnings displayed some of the most impressive work within this archive, as it included capturing images from nature in 3D figures such as animals or plants. Expertly crafted vases also proved popular in this collection as many show cases featured Japanese inspired vessels with contrasting colors for a remarkable look. Additionally, intarsias decorated many tabletops which imprinted floral motifs into wood by cutting out individual pieces and arranging them together before varnishing or sealing the piece. All in all, these projects presented here showed off incredible skill while demonstrating the potential beauty associated with woodworking craftsmanship.

Expert Advice Inferred from 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive

The 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive provides woodworkers with definitive advice from some of the most respected experts and professionals in the craft. It includes hundreds of articles on detailed project plans, design tips, and techniques that are sure to inspire even the most seasoned woodworker. It also includes step-by-step instructions for starting and finishing a variety of projects, as well as top tips for master carpentry. Furthermore, you can find shop sketches, solutions to common problems, video tutorials, and expert advice from seasoned pros like famous makers like Fritz Kaltenbach and William Ng. With such a vast array of material available in this archive, there is something available to everyone regardless of skill level or experience. This library provides useful insight into how today’s best woodworkers tackle different processes and address unique challenges with their tools and materials.

Key Woodworking Skills Strengthened by 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive

One key woodworking skill that can be strengthened by the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive is planning. Good woodworking projects require comprehensive planning, not just before they start but even as they are unfolding. With the archive, there are lessons from experienced woodworkers and detailed plans that help explain how to properly plan out a project. Doing this will help ensure success for all types of projects, such as furniture building, cabinetry and more.

Another key woodworking skill bolstered by the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive is problem solving. As with any project, things don’t always go as planned in woodworking. While reading the expert advice in articles or trying ideas from online videos can help get through inevitable hiccups, sometimes nothing does the trick like being able to explore troubleshooting questions with someone else who understands the project at hand. The 2016 Archive helps provide these connections allowing access to expert contacts and enabling users to join their peers in finding solutions when problems inevitably arise.

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A third essential woodworking skill fostered by the 2016 Fine Woodworking Archive is techniques mastery, This archive features various articles giving detailed lessons on a wide array of techniques including finishing finishes and crucial steps such as jointing and sharpening saws and tools. Through going over these guidelines and practicing based on these instructions, new skills or existing skills get honed into sharper tools allowing users to become more adept at completing their jobs efficiently and correctly every time!


The Fine Woodworking Archive is a great resource and has grown steadily since its launch in 2016. As of 2017, the archive holds thousands of valuable plans, articles, tips and tricks from the world-renowned magazine. With such an expansive array of helpful woodworking content available all in one place, it’s no surprise that many are turning to the Fine Woodworking Archive as their first resource for all things related to woodworking.

In 2017, the possibilities afforded by the Fine Woodworking Archive seem to be limitless. No longer do artists have to search through various forums or piece together scant information from reputable sources. The Fine Woodworking Archive provides users with one comprehensive source for everything from project plans and instructions to repair guides and planning advice. Additionally, with expert videos highlighting key how-to steps and blogs discussing relevant topics, novices can learn the basics of woodworking or improve upon existing skills quickly and easily.

Moreover, those who take advantage of even more features on its website benefit further from access to a whole community of novice and expert woodworkers alike whose collective experiences expand understanding beyond what traditional books or magazines could offer. Whether it’s learning which tools fulfill specific functions best or finding top selling products within any budget range; seeking much needed advice on techniques like joinery before purchasing materials – the archive lies at the heart of what modern woodworker’s appreciate most – knowledge freely shared with others!

The New Year promises plenty new opportunities for users seeking insight with regards to their forthcoming projects. With specialized challenges like designing detailed momentos or unique furniture pieces made easier thanks to solutions tailored specifically for each situation; newcomers may soon find themselves eagerly welcomed into this thriving network of professionals. As such, 2017 looks to be an exciting year for everyone involved in fine woodworking – taking part in this fantastic growth!

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