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Albany Woodworks Inc is a family-owned and operated business. It has been in operation for over 25 years, offering customers custom and handcrafted wooden products such as flooring, furniture, cabinets and counters.

Albany Woodworks Inc stands out from regular carpentry shops due to its attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship and dedication to customer service. The owners provide high quality products that exceed industry standards. Every product is designed with an eye for design and detail, making sure it meets the needs of the customer.

The staff at Albany Woodworks Inc are all highly trained and experienced carpenters dedicated to their trade. They do not use prefabricated materials or machinery; instead they rely on their fine skill sets to create unique custom pieces tailored especially to meet the customer’s needs. In addition, they use only sustainable wood harvested from local forests that has been processed without chemicals or additives.

On top of this, Albany Woodworks Inc offers its clients professional advice and consultation services on any potential woodworking projects they may be undertaking. This includes suggestions on design, budgeting, installation procedures as well as assistance with choosing the right materials for the job at hand. Furthermore, repairs and maintenance of aging wooden products can also be approached with confidence due to their experience in the area.

The reputation of Albany Woodworks Inc extends beyond their own business operations; they are better known for their excellence in craftsmanship throughout the wider furniture community as well as amongst other manufacturers of wooden products. This is backed up by consistent positive feedback from longtime customers who have come back again and again for decades-long relationships between them and Albany Woodworks Inc that continues even after large projects have been completed.


Albany Woodworks Inc. was founded in 1978 by Tom and Mary Johnson, two passionate woodworkers who had a shared dream of creating handmade furniture for their local community. From the beginning, Tom and Mary ran their business out of a small workshop in the back garden of their Albany home. The workshop had just enough room for the few tools they owned to turn out custom pieces from locally sourced wood.

At first, Albany Woodworks operated on a small scale; word-of-mouth referrals provided the family with customers and projects. But before long, the Johnsons began seeing larger orders flowing in as well as multiple requests for shipments across the country. To help meet these demands, they sought out new machinery, invested in additional materials and eventually moved their operations to a larger workspace in town; one that could accommodate full production lines and raw lumber storage.

By 1995, Albany Woodworks was gaining attention all across the United States as one of America’s top furniture manufacturers. The company had grown to employ over 50 people and their portfolio now included several lines of customizable furniture tailored for different areas of the home such as dining rooms, bedrooms and even office spaces. As demand continued to rise through 2000s and onward, Albany Woodworks expanded even more ” opening additional workshops throughout the Northeastern United States ” until finally reaching its current state as a profitable and established business providing high quality products to its many satisfied customers nationwide.


Albany Woodworks Inc specializes in providing custom woodworking services for residential and commercial interiors. They offer a wide range of services including framing, flooring, and millwork installation, as well as carpentry, cabinetry repair and design, and furniture construction. Their team of experienced craftsmen combine traditional methods with modern technology to craft unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only visually appealing but also durable and long lasting. With an eye for detail, Albany Woodworks Inc works closely with clients to make sure their visions become reality using high quality materials while meeting safety requirements and deadlines. No project is too small or too big, so whether you need help installing cabinets in your bathroom or building a new deck in your backyard, Albany Woodworks Inc can help you upgrade the interior of your home or business with their positive attitude and award-winning craftsmanship.


Albany Woodworks Inc is a custom carpentry business in upstate New York. Established in 1998, they specialize in producing high-quality pieces from a variety of exotic woods. Over the years, they have grown to become a leader in producing beautiful products for both residential and commercial clients. In addition to custom joinery, Albany Woodworks also offers a wide range of services, including architectural millwork and furniture restoration. Their portfolio contains many examples of projects that showcase their outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. One such example is their work on the Twelve Trees Cabinetry project, located outside of Saratoga Springs ” their intricate woodworking meant the cabinets had an air of sophistication that was unmatched by competitors. Another impressive job was undertaken at the Roaring Creek Reception Center, where they wholesale supplied interior finishes, wall panelling, bookcases and doors ” all made with the highest quality materials and construction techniques available. With decades of experience under their belts, Albany Woodworks Inc continues to provide exceptional service in all aspects of creating custom cabinetry and items.


Albany Woodworks Inc is a full service custom woodworking company specializing in crafting quality products tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. With decades of experience and a passion for woodworking, they have built a wide portfolio of projects and services that are perfect for any project, no matter the size or scope. From one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, to intricate cabinetry designs, and complex architectural millwork, Albany Woodworks Inc can accommodate all design requests. Along with options such as custom stains and finishes, using eco-friendly materials, and being able to match existing designs for renovations ” AlbanyWoodworks Inc provides innovative solutions for every need.

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A popular service Albany Woodworks Inc offers is their Signature Series ” a collection of handcrafted solutions crafted from premium hardwoods that meet specifications in order to exceed client’s expectations. This series showcases some of their most sought after pieces including entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, bookcases and more -all of which can be perfectly customized with sizes that fit the exact room dimensions you need.

Outside of their Signature Series solutions ” Albany Woodworks also crafts bespoke creations based on individual wants or needs; ideas that “just won’t fit” any standard solution out there. For these items, they will work side by side with clients to create something spectacular while optimizing resources along the way ” thus delivering “bigger bangs for your buck”. They bring together creativity, craftsmanship and quality materials into one complete package tailored specifically to the client’s wishes. All allowing their customers unique concept ideas come to fruition in ways not possible before!

Before & After

Albany Woodworks Inc is a family-run woodworking business in Albany, NY that specializes in transforming spaces. Since opening their doors in 2007, they’ve made homes and businesses look even better with exquisite custom furniture, cabinets, and other pieces. From the outside of homes to the insides of public buildings, Albany Woodworks Inc touches everything with a sense of style and grace.

Albany Woodworks Inc offers high-quality custom solutions to any area of the home or workplace. From small modifications like installing trim or shutters to larger projects like completely custom kitchen remodels and built-in bookcases, no job is too big or too small for them. Their team of experienced professionals have decades of combined experience in the industry working with materials like walnut, cherrywood, teak, pine, oak and poplar. This allows for a truly customized solution for each customer’s needs so that no two projects are ever alike.

Albany Woodworks Inc takes pride in every job they do and enjoys being able to take someone’s old space from dull to dazzling. By using an array of virtual and physical tools – including 3D renderings that allow customers to have a better idea of what the final outcome will be prior to construction – customers are repeatedly amazed at the before & after transformations provided by Albany Woodworks Inc on both interior and exterior structures. Whether it’s adding character to walls or decorating outdoor decks with planter boxes and trellises, Albany Woodworks Inc performs each task with impeccable craftsmanship that never fails to turn heads!

Environmental Sustainability

At Albany Woodworks Inc, we believe that stewardship for the environment is an important part of our mission and commitment to sustainability. We strive to practice eco-friendly business operations by utilizing sustainable wood resources through conscious forest management and sourcing certified forests from forest owners. Additionally, we ensure that all of our products are compliant to current practices with regards to resource conservation, waste management, and carbon footprint reduction.

We have taken steps to reduce the impact of our processes on the environment, such as switching to energy-efficient machinery and equipment, using non-toxic, low VOC finishing products whenever possible, and utilizing reclaimed materials when suitable. This effort also includes reducing scrap production by solely allowing quality pieces produced in line with customer specifications, while also ensuring responsible disposal of manufacturing waste and residues.

We are also committed to educating ourselves on sustainable practices through researching latest developments in green technology and actively participating in educational events focused on environmental protection topics. We raise awareness by developing campaigns that promote sustainability within our community through informational programs and seminars designed for employees. Furthermore, we sponsor local projects that work towards protecting natural resources including clean air initiatives, recycling campaigns, water protection groups and other related non-profit organizations devoted to conserving nature’s beauty.

Awards & Accolades

Albany Woodworks Inc. is an award-winning woodworking company that has been committed to creating high-quality craftsmanship for the past two decades. From traditional cabinetry and furniture to modern designs and custom pieces, Albany Woodworks has set itself apart from other artisan woodworking companies with its impressive attention to detail.

Over the years, Albany Woodworks Inc has received many awards and accolades in recognition of their excellent craftsmanship both locally, nationally, and abroad. In addition to countless safety awards and certifications, the company have been honored with some of the highest awards in quality craftsmanship, including multiple Gold Keys Awards by the International Design Guild (IDG). These awards are only given to products that exhibit exemplary design quality and appeal. The company has also been featured in top magazines such as Luxe Magazine’s Home & Interiors publication, Home & Garden magazine’s annual luxury themed issue, Interior Designer magazine’s collection of “Best in Show” winners, as well as a five star rating from Apartment Therapy for their handcrafted pieces. On top of these achievements, Albany Woodworks Inc was recently named one of America’s Coolest Companies by Cool Picks Magazine for its unique take on modern woodworking design. Furthermore, their success has spread outside of the U.S., with their work being showcased internationally at internationally renowned exhibitions such as IDEX Dubai which celebrates innovation in design from all around the world.

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It is clear that Albany Woodworks Inc holds sustainability and incredible craftsmanship in high regard — qualities which have earned them a wealth of acknowledgments over the years both locally and abroad. As Albany Woodworks continues to evolve its operations and increase awareness around its exceptional range of products, we look forward to celebrating new milestones along their journey!

The Team

Albany Woodworks Inc. is home to a dedicated team of passionate professionals, who are committed to creating the finest quality craftsmanship from hardwoods. From the moment one enters their showroom, the appreciation for the skill of their construction becomes apparent, as each piece and project demonstrates an attention to detail and precision that can only be admired. Each member of this highly skilled group brings something unique to the table; from raw materials acquisition and lumber selection, to furniture assembly and finishing touches.

The founder of Albany Woodworks Inc., Mr. Felton, has decades of experience in all facets of woodworking, from sawmilling and joinery techniques through to fine furniture making. His passion has been transmitted faithfully throughout his team and drives them to create works that stand far above ordinary woodworking shops in terms of craftsmanship and detail. As part of the core management team, he sets guidelines for design, production processes and ensures that safety protcols are adhered too during all projects.

In addition to Mr Phillips’s guidance, there is an entire division devoted solely to product development; this way they can remain on top by constantly responding to customer needs while providing innovative design solutions no other shop can offer. Alongside these experts are experienced craftsman such as David Strausser who focus on construction techniques ranging from steam bending wooden parts for larger projects like cabinets or rocking boats, or carving intricate patterns into small pieces like handles or knobs.

The group also includes a sales force whose goal it is to present each customer with the best solutions possible based on individual needs; whether this means outfitting a cabinetry set for a new kitchen design or taking measurements for custom-made furniture pieces such as tables or cabinets Installation teams then ensure correct placement when it’s time for setup in order reduce any homeowner stress due wrong measurements or siting decisions about their purchased items . This level of service allows Albany Woodworks Inc. customers complete confidence when shopping for any type of woodwork project they may need

Customer Reviews

Albany Woodworks Inc is a premier construction and carpentry company in the Albany area. With over 50 years of experience designing and building everything from cabinets and furniture to nearly anything a homeowner might need, Albany Woodworks has earned a loyal customer base who have had exceptional experiences with the company. The customer reviews speak volumes about their satisfaction levels ” hundreds of positive remarks comment on the quality of craftsmanship, friendly customer service, timely delivery and affordable pricing. Homeowners love how closely the end product mirrors their original vision for their space. Even professional contractors rave about how well built everything from Albany Woodworks is, citing it as proof that they still know how to produce quality items at reasonable prices. It’s clear why so many people take comfort in returning to Albany Woodworks when they have a construction or carpentry project; they know they can trust this company and its team to help bring their ideas to life.

Final Summary

Albany Woodworks Inc stands out among its competitors due to their dedication to providing the highest quality craftsmanship, utilizing the latest technology and materials whenever necessary. Their team of experienced craftsmen are highly skilled in creating custom design solutions from a variety of woods, and they guarantee that each work piece is created with precision and crafted to last. In addition, Albany Woodworks Inc offers competitive prices on top-notch services that cater to your style and budget, making sure that you get exactly what you want for your space. Thanks to their commitment to excellent customer service as well as efficient processes for production, delivery and installation, Albany Woodworks Inc makes sure that every step of the process ” from concept to completion ” runs smoothly. When you choose Albany Woodworks Inc for your next project, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive tailored solutions and workmanship built with attention to detail. They prioritize satisfaction over everything else; through communication and very careful considerations they will help create the perfect product suited exactly to your needs.

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