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Awi Woodworking is a unique company that works to support artisans and craftsmen who produce handcrafted wooden furniture and decorations. The company creates opportunities for local artisan craftspeople to practice their traditional skills in creating custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. Awi Woodworking takes great pride in providing quality materials, ethically sourced from sustainability managed forests, as well as offering guidance and consultation on design and materials selection. From its expert joiners to talented finishers, Awi Woodworking is committed to being an advocate of fine craftsmanship that celebrates the living culture of woodworking artisans.

At the core of Awi Woodworking’s mission is supporting authentic craftsmanship. This means utilizing traditional styles such as dovetail joinery and mortise-and-tenon construction to create truly custom pieces with outstanding longevity. Further contributing to the integrity of their work, Awi always provides customers with kiln dried or air dried woods that have been carefully selected from sustainably supplied sources.

In addition to creating exceptional pieces that meet customer’s exact standards, Awi Woodworking also shares their wealth of knowledge about woodworking through workshops and seminars at various places across the country. These educational opportunities provide insight into the dedication required for ancient joinery techniques, antique finishing options for contemporary styles, safety considerations for large scale projects, and special care instructions for keeping each item looking its best over time. Participants leave these seminars feeling empowered with new ideas and a greater respect for time honored methods that ensure each piece has lasting quality .

Awi Woodworking is a family-owned custom woodworking company specializing in high quality wood products for residential and commercial customers. Founded in 1988 by brothers Andrew, William, and Isaac, Awi Woodworking provides superior craftsmanship with an expert staff of experienced carpenters. Their skilled and knowledgeable workforce creates custom pieces of all shapes and sizes that match the customer’s exact specifications. Working with locally harvested hardwoods, they combine modern techniques with traditional methods to yield beautiful results. With a wide range of services – from cabinet making to furniture refinishing – and an artistic eye, Awi Woodworking will give your space the perfect touch.

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At Awi Woodworking, the commitment to quality never wavers: each product is designed to stand the test of time and looks as beautiful as it did on day one. Every product they create is inspected and checked before being delivered to ensure not only aesthetic appeal but also strength, durability, and longevity. Whether you’re building a new kitchen or office lobby space or replacing old cabinets, Awi Woodworking is dedicated to delivering top-notch results. Customers can expect personalized service throughout the entire process; from consultations where ideas are discussed to installation services for any products purchased through their store. In addition to custom designs, Awi Woodworking also specializes in antique restoration using age-old techniques such as steam bending and green woodwork. They take special care to preserve antiques’ original charms while providing them with a second life that will last for generations down the line. Furthermore, if desired such items can receive completely new homages worthy of showing off proudly within your living area. Whether historical accuracy or modern updates are preferred – Awi Woodworking has mastered both styles – bringing every project to life with added flair every single time!

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